How is Lal Kitab linked to Astrology and Life?

By: Future Point | 12-Mar-2018
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How is Lal Kitab linked to Astrology and Life?

There are many ancient sciences of astrology in the world that are looked up to today due to their ability to withstand the test of time, documented proofs of their success, and just having a perfect amalgam of science, positions of planets, and how the human body functions.

A few of them include – Vedic, Chinese and Western Astrology with varied branches like palmistry and face reading. While Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology deal with planetary positions, Chinese Astrology is all about using animals as their icons.

Every science of astrology holds an importance in the lives of people, depending on their way of determining one’s personality, behaviors, suitable profession, right time to get married and also details about their past, present and future.

Vedic Astrology, that is supposed to be the oldest form of astrology in the world, takes into considerations sun signs, and places of important planets like Rahu</> and Ketu.


Also known as Jyotish Vidya, it looks at the positions of planets and their effect on the twelve zodiac signs. In other words, Vedic Astrology considers man to be a microcosm and an important part of the macrocosm, with his personality and psyche being influenced by celestial bodies like planets and stars.

A person’s birth chart and how each planet effects his career, health, home, marriage, love life is what is given importance in Vedic Astrology. Ancient Sanskrit texts are the base of this renowned astrology.

The Lal Kitab is said to be one of the branches of the Vedic astrology and focuses mostly on solutions or ‘upay’ for problems that people are facing in their life. It is a set of five books.

Again taken into considerations is the position of malefic planets and remedies are given to decrease or eradicate their effect on the individual’s life. Child birth, education, health, relationships, property, parents, children, love marriage, professional growth are the few sectors of life that are almost always miraculously solved using this precious astrological text.




Its remedies are how it differs from the traditional Vedic Astrology. It gave us a new way to analyze and prepare the horoscope keeping in mind the “upay”. Astrology in relation with palmistry forms the main part of these books. The Lal Kitab has been growing in popularity in India and abroad as well.

It is believed that during 1932-54 the Lal Kitab was written Pandit Roop Chand Joshi and Gurudev GD Vashisht are said to be those who have done their bit in developing its content.

There are some who are of the opinion that Ravana was the original author of the Lal Kitab. It is the most consulted book for definite life predictions. It also throws light on those aspects of human life that have not been touched upon and is in view with the modern outlook of today’s world.

The remedies given by the Lal Kitab are easy to perform, affordable and not too time consuming.

A few common Lal Kitab solutions include:

  • Disposing of unused things and thus preventing any kind of cluttering.
  • Applying saffron head.
  • Using silver utensils.
  • Give yellow coloured food to beggars.
  • Offering yellow coloured sweets to in temples.
  • Not harming dogs.
  • Giving respect to elders.
  • Feeding cows for better relations with wife.
  • Feeding monkeys to enhance your financial position.
  • Giving oil to Shani dev for peace and harmony.

The remedies of Lal Kitab are divided into trials, remedy and good conduct. They do not require any kind of bhajan, havan and yagnas or mantras, tantras or yantras. You are not even required to wear a stone. All remedies have to be followed for 43 days continuously, where if one takes a break for few days, the entire process has to be started again.


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Upays of the Lal Kitab have a definite scientific base to them and have a reason behind them. These remedies are based on the science of balancing energies.

The Lal Kitab is based on four pillars – worshiping the planets, offering or donating articles for the planet, seeking pardon from the planet and breaking the friendship between two rival planets and placing a common friend.

The most common reason why people look for Lal Kitab remedies is a successful and peaceful love marriage and a fruitful career. For career, it is Lord Saturn that one has to work with and please with all the stated remedies.

A few of these include – offering water mixed with jiggery and yellow flowers to the sun in the morning and chanting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ 108 times, offering bananas to cows every Thursday, giving food to the handicapped, applying tilak on your forehead, and having curd before leaving home for important work.

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