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Astrological Remedies for solving problems in Life

By: Future Point | 12-Mar-2018
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Jyotish is an ancient art of evaluating the situation one is going through. When studied in proper manner it can unlock the past, present and future of an individual.

Life is a mystery. Sometimes we human being fail to understand the difficulties of our life. Why certain situation is out of once control? Is the question we face when our doors of spirituality open the path towards the astrology. Astrology is a guidance and knowledge through which one can see beyond the life. A better guidance through astrology from astrology consultants can offer a great relief to an individual who is going through depressing conditions.


Rudraksha which is considered as a Gift from lord Shiva to a mankind comes from Elaeocarpus tree which meant to exhibit the healing properties. Various Hindu scripture have in-depth explained the importance and benefits of Rudraksha. The bio magnetic nature of rudraksha can positively benefit the person by bringing the unimaginable changes in one’s personality and character. After wearing a right Rudraksha one can overcome the harshest calamity of life by attaining the required tranquility and peace. Difficulties are nothing but negative conditions in one’s life which need to be death with. The divine power in these beads cannot be neglected. According to Indian mythological scriptures there are twenty-one types of Rudrakshas which are present in nature like one mukhi, two mukhi, three mukhi etc. There are different types of Rudrakshas and significance of each one differs. One cannot wear any Rudraksha as per one’s own choice. This is when an honest astrological guidance come to the rescue which can help you to choose a correct Rudraksha bead for you after studying your right date of birth.

An individual cannot fight or get rid of one’s destiny however astrology can certainly prepare him or her to overcome the harsh situation. What astrology does is, it predicts a future and prepares the individual to face the awaited outcome with maturity.

Sometime people relate astrology to certain hocus-focus or magic which is 100% wrong way to perceive the science of cosmos. One of the major reasons behind growing disbelief towards the astrology in the society is ignorance or half knowledge. People with half knowledge generally spread insecurities and fear in the mind of people. Which in turn does not helps but spoils the situation for worse. Hence people have to be extra couscous while selecting an appropriate astrologer.

Similarly, like Rudraksha, Gemstones also have special importance in astrology. During olden times only, kings or people of high society were permitted to wear gemstones but now a day’s anyone can afford them as per astrological recommendations. Gemstones are also used during medical therapies in ayurveda. During astrological guidance gemstone is suggested by astrologer to be worn on particular finger. The fact is we are surrounded by various cosmic energies which rule over different parts of our bodies. After wearing a gemstone, it will activate the particular energy which our mind and soul longs for thereby establishing proper balance in one’s body.

We are well aware with the beauty of gemstones like ruby, pearl, yellow sapphire, coral and diamonds, now days anyone can buy these gemstones. No one wants to miss the opportunity to look attractive and beautiful. Due to its easy availability gemstones can be easily purchased by people with money. Hence, many a times people come on buying something that is not appropriate to wear for them and could be absolutely harmful. Such action could only backfire.

When gemstones are worn out of ignorance or out of any necessity it creates unwanted pressure over the body parts. There on sometimes making people sick. Therefore, an appropriate guidance of gemology holds the significance. The light, energy and color of gemstones leave the effect over the aura of its bearer by balancing the energies in the body.

In astrology we need an authentic responsible authority from an acknowledged source who can prescribe much needed remedy which intern can heal. So, if you like and want to wear particular gemstone then first you need to consult a experienced astrologer before you wear them in order to reap the beneficial results.

Similarly, Yantra are representation of our divine being in a diagramed form. But what is right for you? Which one is appropriate? How to worship them? How to set these energies in a motion so that they positively enhance our life? Are some questions we face once we buy them?

Rudrakshas, Gemstones, and Yantras are form of energies which can work for either or bad. Before using than one needs to do the proper ‘Pranprathistha’ to gain the maximum benefit. Therefore, consultancy from trusted and approved source is a prerequisite for best astrological solutions.