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7 Effective Vastu Tips for Wealth

By: Future Point | 26-Apr-2019
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7 Effective Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu Shastra is the traditional way of enhancing your luck by integrating architecture with nature. Vastu is important as it attracts and allows the positive energy to flow all over your work or residential place which brings good luck to your fate. Vastu adds value to the lives of people and is backed and supported by scientific facts. The whole Vastu is based on “Ohm”. This Pranava Mantaram is such, that it controls three worlds by which human beings, animals and plants exist with Water, air, fire, Earth, and space.

These 5 elements -fire, water, earth, air, and space are a combination of all the cosmic energies. If the balance between any of these elements is disturbed it will attract a lot of negative energies which then become very difficult to eliminate. Vastu helps us to know what to keep and what to avoid to attract good vibes and positive energy in order to live in a peaceful and harmonious way.

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Money and wealth, being one of the most important parts of life, is needed by everyone and when one comes to think of it- Money is the sole reason we humans have based off our happiness on.

Financial troubles can bring a lot of stress and strain in one’s life. Some of the basic Vastu tips for money are :

  • The placement of Kuber Yantra in the North, East, and North-East of your house.

Lord Kuber who represents glory and gold is the deity of wealth and prosperity in our country. Any of the things kept in the northeast direction which act as an obstruction for Kuber should be immediately removed such as toilet, shoe racks or bulky furniture must be immediately removed. However, if obstacles cannot be removed an aquarium should be placed in the north side of the house, this acts as a good remedy for the obstruction that is caused in any way. The placement of Kuber Yantra or even a mirror in the north direction of the house opens many other opportunities for wealth to flow in.

  • South-West zone for Lockers and Safes

According to Vastu Shastra, the best place for setting up a safe or vault in your house is the South-West direction and having its openings towards the other directions which are North and East which is considered to be the fortunate directions for wealth to enter into your fortune. All your money, jewellery and important documents must be kept in the south-west direction at your home. Anything in the above direction tends to multiply quickly and results in a better financial position for anything. Financial problems and most of the expenses can be controlled by placing the Safe in south-west direction and facing the north-east direction.

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  • A nice and clean home

According to the Vastu Shastra, a house which is neat, clean and without any clutter attracts the good energies and keeps it flowing always. The energy flowing in your house is responsible for how you handle relationships, health, and finance so ensuring that your place remains clutter free will give you a lot of benefits.

  • Repair free main doors

The most essential thing that you can enhance in your home is your Main door. The main door is the space which attracts prosperity, wealth and good luck to your house. That is one of the major reasons why the main door built in your house should look amazing and attractive. If needed the first thing that should be repaired must be your main door. Placing plants at both ends of the door will also help you enhance your luck.

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  • Water leakages to be addressed immediately!

Water leakage is directly concerned with money leaking and if the water is leaking in your bathroom or kitchen that signifies a big financial loss! If the water is leaking in your place and you’re aware of it, you must do something to address the problem and immediately resolve it as water leaking is not considered lucky and might cause many problems such as leaking of money, etc.

  • Never have a toilet in the South-West corner of the house.

As per Vastu Shastra if a toilet or a washroom is not built in the correct direction it will not only lead in Financial losses but also ill-health of the people residing in the house. Toilets and bathrooms must be constructed separately and must be placed either in the northwest or northeast side of the house. But never build your toilets and bathrooms in the southeast and southwest corner of the house.

  • An overhead tanker must not be placed in the northeast and southeast corner

Placement of any water element in the northeast or southeast corners of the house can lead to many pressures and also the ill-health of people in the house. Some of the problems that might face severe headaches, pain in the chest along with the heart and stomach issues.

If you want to attract financial abundance, one must understand the flow of positive energy and how it may affect you.

The easiest way to attract financial abundance is following the Vastu for getting rich Vastu plays an important role in our lives, not only relating to monetary problems, but it can solve various other problems as well. Construction and maintenance of your house according to Vastu for the house can solve most of your problems. Vastu consultation for finding the best tips for increasing your Vastu wealth and health is needed.

If Vastu for the house is followed in the correct way, there won’t be any need to dwell on the past, but to live happily for the impending future!

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