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Mars Transit in Leo - What will be the Effect on your Zodiac Sign?

By: Future Point | 28-Jun-2021
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Mars Transit in Leo - What will be the Effect on your Zodiac Sign?

Mars Transit in Leo: In Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets and each of them has given a role to play in the planetary cabinet. Today we will talk about the Mars, who has assumed the title of commander in chief. Mars represents the fire element hence it is called Angarak. It is also called Bhauma, meaning son of the land. Mars represents qualities like fire, physical energy, self-confidence, ego, anger, valour and courage.

People influenced by this fiery planet don’t shy away from taking risks and are firm in their decisions. They work without tiredness and admit pride, power and authority. They prefer masculine and well built bodies with physical attraction. They desire their life partner to be honest to them and can’t stand dishonesty. 

In astrology, however, Mars is considered as a malefic planet but we need the zeal, strength and enthusiasm which mars provides to its natives to accomplish any task. For all prosperous and auspicious work, the blessings of Mars is very important. If Mars is well placed in the chart then native can reach heights of courage and thus progress in life. 

Mars signifies energy and the positive or negative use of energy depends upon the placement of Mars in a chart. Every movement of Mars is of paramount importance from astrological point of view. The malefic effects of Mars cause diseases of blood, muscle and bones. Mars is also a symbol of auspiciousness. 

The fundamental tendency of this planet is to procreate and make big changes. It is the influence of Mars that gives every person his physical and mental strength. Mars is related to bones and blood, so people with strong and beneficial Mars are likely to become good surgeons.

According to the Future Panchang, on July 20, 2021, at 17:55 pm, Mars is transiting from Cancer to Leo sign. What changes this transition can bring forth in your zodiac? Let us know the effects of this transit in all zodiac signs:

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For the people of Aries, the planet Mars will transit in the fifth house of your zodiac. There may be some changes in your job or you may leave your ongoing job during this transit. At this time you will be trying hands in another field or job. This is the time for new opportunities and switching of jobs. As a result of this transit, your married life will be good but your children may suffer some physical problems. This transit will not be very favorable in the case of students because Mars situated here will disturb your concentration and will create obstacles in studies. If you are in love with someone, then also this transit is not much favorable in terms of love life. However, in some special circumstances, this transit will also create a situation for love marriage. The transit of Mars may trouble you physically but financially it will give you sound results and there will be gains in business.

Remedy:-  Perform shivlinga abhishek with honey on Tuesday.


For Taurus people, the planet Mars will transit in the fourth house of your zodiac. You may have to face troubled relations with your family during this transit which may give you mental stress. Family members may fight for trivial matters causing disharmony and bitter environment in the surroundings. Mother is also likely to face health troubles and slight fierceness or restlessness will be evident in her nature as well. Try to handle the situation patiently. With the effect of this transit, property disputes will be resolved resulting in some financial gains to you. Apart from this, you may also invest in some new movable or immovable property. Your morale will remain high due to professional success and progress in job or business. The income will grow as well as there are chances of getting unexpected profits from foreign sources.

Remedy:- Feed jaggery and wheat to bull on Tuesday.


For Gemini people, Mars will transit in the third house. With the influence of Mars, new energy and enthusiasm will be infused inside you. You will feel a thrust of energy inside. You may also travel to pre-determined places. Apart from this, you will dominate the opponents and rivals. This transit of Mars will not prove very beneficial for your brothers and sisters. You will achieve success in the field due to your skill and technical ability. Your efforts will earn you success and will also get full support of luck. Excellent results in the field of education are foreseen. You will be appreciated for your hard work, determination and dedication at the workplace. From the business point of view, time is favorable too and you may get engaged in some new work and policies. If you have invested in any project in the past, then this time will reap you benefits from it.

Remedy:- Feed green grass to the cow and recite “Ganesh Atharvashirsha”.


Mars, the lord of fifth and tenth house of your zodiac, will transit in your second house. During this, the doors of your economic progress will open and you will get good financial success even with less efforts and your social status will also rise. The weak side of this transit is that there may be tension in the family and some bitterness and anger will be clearly visible in your speech, due to which you may have to face some problems. This transit will be favorable in terms of property and you will get benefit from it. There will also be health troubles and due to weak immunity, you can fall prey to diseases soon. Avoid eating spicy food during this time and try to establish peace in the family. The health of the life partner may fall. Students are likely to get unexpected results in examinations, although if you put in a little more effort, the results will be even better. With the influence of Mars, you will continue to make efforts to achieve the goals and will certainly succeed.

Remedy:- Offer Bilva leaves on Shivling regularly.


For Leo people, the change of Mars is going to happen in your own zodiac. With Mars in your sign, you may feel aggressive in your nature. Try to avoid getting angry. This time is going to add to your comforts. You will also get good benefits of this transit in your field of work. You will complete your work with great agility and discipline, which will earn you praises.This effect of transit will make your family life somewhat disturbed and the health of elders in the family may suffer, especially your mother may fall sick. Married people may have to face some misunderstandings in married life; you should try to resolve the issues of married life peacefully. Your behavioral changes may create stress in family life.

Be careful while traveling. If you are driving the vehicle yourself then special care will be required.

Remedy:- You should chant the mantra Om Kujay Namah on Tuesday.


For Virgo people, Mars will transit in the twelfth house from your zodiac. As a result of this transit, you will get benefit from foreign sources and you can travel outside the country for specific work. This transit can give you a lot of benefits in foreign lands. Health-related problems may arise, especially the possibility of blood-borne diseases is more prominent. As far as possible, avoid taking mental stress, work with patience even in bad times. During this, some people may also have to face legal disputes; although you will turn victorious in such disputes. You may have to make some trips even if you do not want to due to business reasons. Good contacts will be made abroad which will be very beneficial for you. Income will increase in general due to the effect of this transit, but expenses too may increase slightly making you financially unstable, so you are advised to take care of your expenses and formulate a right budget plan.

Remedy:- Give sweets and sweet dishes to the girls every Friday.


For Libra people, the planet Mars will transit in the eleventh house of your zodiac, due to the effect of this transit, there will be success and progress in job and business. The rights of the employed people will increase and they will achieve new heights. With the influence of Mars, your nature will be disciplined and influential and its effect will be seen in the work. Your work will be appreciated at work place. The students preparing for higher education will get favorable results. Along with this, those students who were willing to take admission in foreign universities and institutions are also likely to get good results from their efforts. However, there may be some upheaval in family life during this period.

Remedy:- Gifting red colored bangles to a married woman will be beneficial.


For Scorpio people, Mars will transit in the tenth house. This zodiac change of Mars is showing signs of promotion for you. This time is also likely to be positive for the people who want to start their own business. Along with your rights and duties, you will also get salary hikes. You will dominate your office and your authority will further be increased, due to which some people working with you may conspire against you and will try to tarnish your image. To avoid this, you have to avoid pride and overconfidence. Time is also favorable for learners. There are chances of success for those appearing in competitive exams and interviews. Health is likely to be better. Relations with spouse and children will be good. Though you may have a rift with the father, you may also be worried about the health of the mother.

Remedy:- You should recite Sundarkand by lighting a lamp of jasmine oil on Tuesday.


For the people of Sagittarius, the planet Mars will transit in the ninth house from your zodiac. This change of Mars will strengthen your luck, and will bring you financial benefits, which will strengthen your financial position. You will put more efforts towards increasing your income and explore new opportunities. You will also get an opportunity to go on long journeys during this time period, which you will do with some special thought in the future. During this transit, your decision-making power will be strong and your self-confidence will increase, which further boost the chances of getting success in work. If you are planning to buy a house for a long time, then its the time to invest or buy property. You are likely to get full support and benefits of luck during this transit.

Remedy:- You should recite "Shri Ram Raksha Stotra" on Tuesday.


Mars, the lord of the fourth and eleventh house of your zodiac, will transit in your eighth house. This transit will boost the morale of Capricorn natives. The position of Mars in the eighth house is considered auspicious anyway. This time can be called very fortunate for earning name and fame. Even in romantic life, if there is any misunderstanding with partner or spouse, then it will be resolved. Problems in your domestic life are also likely to diminish. However, at this time you will need to pay some attention to your health. If planning to buy a vehicle, then stop for some time as this time is not very favorable for you. You may face some crisis in your family life or there may be some misunderstanding among the members. You should avoid getting into any kind of quarrel with family or outsiders.

Remedy:- To get good results, wear ek Mukhi Rudraksha.


For Aquarius people, the planet Mars will transit in the seventh house of your zodiac. During this, anger and excitement will prevail in your behavior. Marital life will also be affected due to misunderstandings and differences. As much as possible, do not get into any kind of argument with your partner, nor say anything harsh hurts their feelings. There is a need to take care of the health of the life partner. If we talk about career and professional life, then there are chances of getting good success in both the fields. The income of the employed people will increase as well. This transit of Mars will be beneficial for your siblings and they will make productive use of this time. You are advised to be careful with your health, especially stomach related problems may occur quite a few times.

Remedy:- Worship Shani Dev regularly.


For Pisces people, Mars will transit in the sixth house from your zodiac. You may suffer from any physical problem related to blood during this time period. The favorable aspect of this transit will make you get some financial gains and you will succeed in repaying any kind of loan or debt taken earlier. During this time, you will win over your enemies and if any court case is going on then, the result may also come in your favour. In personal and professional life, you will be able to face the challenges and threats posed by your competitors or enemies. But at the same time you will also need to remain cautious from blood related diseases.

Remedy:- Take blessings of your guru, father and elders before starting any important work.

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