By: B.P.Vishwakarma | 10-Aug-2018

The sade-sati or adhaiya of transit saturn is considered to be the most inauspicious time in a native’s life and is generally considered as a terror among the public. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is known to be a malefic planet and Saturn malefic effects are always severe and are capable of creating a havoc in a native’s life suffering from this dasha and particularly public affrighted by sade-sati of saturn.

The long duration of 7.5 years of sade-sati sufficient to give malefic or benefic result and one can experience & witness every type of sade sati effects during this time. To know, when the sade-sati of shani will give good or bad result we can estimate it by following short procedure as an astrology solution. Following are the basic three methods which we follow:



When the transit saturn enters previous sign of moon of natal horoscope, the sade-sati of saturn starts to candidate. The saturn transits 2.5 years through each prefix and suffice sign of natal moon , including moon sign.

Note down the sign of transit moon when the transit saturn crosses the natal moon at same degree. When the transit moon passes through 1,6,and 11 house from natal moon , the saturn enters in gold step ( sone ka paya) , which gives mental tension and sickness if there is presence of Sade sati in Kundali.

When the transit moon passes through 2,5,and 9 house from natal moon , the saturn enters in silver step ( chandi ka paya) , which gives money in abundance, wealth, property and respect.

When the transit moon passes through 3,7,and 10 house from natal moon in the Online Kundali , the saturn enters in copper step (tambey ka paya) , which gives auspicious life .This sade-sati fulfil all the desires.

When the transit moon passes through 4,8,and 12 house from natal moon , the saturn enters in Iron step ( Lohe ka paya) , which gives Troublesome life and malifics effect .This sade-sati does not fulfil the desires.


The saturn gives good or bad result or the sade sati effects according to friend or enemy relation to lord of sign in which it transites during period of sade-sati. When saturn passes through its friend or self-sign ,it gives benefic result during the period of sade-sati.

When it passes through Taurus ,Gemini ,Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius ,Capricorn and Aquarius, it gives benefic result during sade-sati. When it passes through Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces it gives malefic result. It should be noticed that saturn gives good result during transition in mool trikon sign of jupiter sagittarius ,but during transition in pisces it gives malefic result.


Note down the point of ashtak-varg of saturn is transiting through sign .If the ashtak varg point of saturn is 4 the effect of sade-sati will be neutral .If the ashtak-varg point is more than 4 it will give benefic result and if the point is less than 4 it will give malefic result in the online kundali of the native.

If Saturn gives result at least in two method out of above three ,the sade-sati become benefic , otherwise malefic . For example – according to first method – Let the moon situated in virgo at 27-15-13 degree in natal Horoscope of native.

The transit Saturn reaches at same sign and same degree on 03.09.2011 at evening 16.50 PM. At this time moon transit through scorpio sign, which lies at third house from natal moon. So Saturn enters in copper steps (tambey ka paya ) . Therefore this sade – sati gives him auspicious life.

According to second method – the transition of Saturn in virgo sign on 03.09.2011 is benefic and gives sade sati effect on career as well. According to third method – the ashtak-varg point of Saturn in virgo sign of natal horoscope of candidate is 6 which is more than 4 point. So this Saturn gives good result.

Above in all three method the sade-sati Saturn gives good result .It should not worship .If the ascendant be Taurus ,Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius and Saturn does not lie at 6,8,and 12 house of horoscope then the candidate should wear the BLUE-SAPHIRE for more benefic as an astrology solution for Saturn malefic effects.