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Venus - its placement in your kundali chart

By: Future Point | 26-Sep-2018
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Venus - its placement in your kundali chart

In the Vedic astrology, every Planet in the Nav-graha, plays a very important role. Each planet is so important that they offer certain change in the native’s life. For instance, Planet Moon is a kundali or horoscope is the reason for a person’s mind.

Similarly, Mercury is the reason for effective communication in a kundali chart. Thus, the nav-graha plays a very important role in every horoscope, both individually and collectively.

There is one such planet which is important of romance, love, and marriage. This planet happens to be Venus. There a Strong Venus in horoscope of a native is responsible for romance, marital bliss, happiness in all walk of life and certainly a luxuries life.

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There are other benefits of a Strong Venus too. Such as, it supports a handsome personality to a male horoscope and extreme beauty to a female horoscope. Thus, when a learnt and expert astrologer would analyse every planet strength in astrology, they would assess this in great detailed.

In fact, other than assessing the combination of good yog or dosha in a native’s horoscope, they would check for individual planet strength.

For the benefit of the readers, we at Future Point have brought an empirical study on the various placements of planet Venus. Especially considering in different Bhava (houses from ascendant). This will give some understanding to the effects of Venus in different house.

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Venus in the 1st bhava:

When Venus is placed in the 1st house or bhava, which is the ascendant, the native would very good looking and attractive. But at the same time, they would be attracted towards opposite sex too. They would demand luxury in every walk of life, and shall be particular of their taste.

Venus in the 2nd bhava:

This is the house for family and wealth. Therefore, the native would be pet of the female members of the house. Such as Mother, Sisters, Aunty, Grand Mothers etc. They would be loved by every one in the family and shall extend support in all walks of life.

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As far as earning is concerned they earn through artistic means or they trade in feminine related products and make good money.

Venus in the 3rd bhava:

When Venus is placed in this house, native is very loving toward their younger siblings. Especially towards their sisters. A native is very sweet in their talk and mannerism. This pleases one and all.

Usually, a native with strong Venus in the 3rd house or Bhava are excellent to undertake journalistic related work. Especially that deals with anchoring. They would be highly impressing and presentable towards the Television.

Venus in the 4th bhava:

When Venus is placed in the 4th house or bhava in the horoscope, then the native is mummy’s pet. They would get affection and tremendous from their mother.

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Here, the native is blessed with a certain taste and there would be admirers to their taste. Again, the native would even own a luxuries house. The native would ensure every nuances of the house is well constructed.

Venus in the 5th bhava:

This is the best placement for Venus. When Venus is placed in the 5th bhava, then the native is highly creative. The native would be a world-famous artist and their fame spreads even after their death.

This is also a placement where the native would be blessed with multiple female issue. But the native is blessed with Purva-punya, or good deeds accumulated in the earlier birth.

Venus in the 6th bhava:

This is not an auspicious placement of planet Venus. When Venus is placed in this house, the native suffers from some health issues. Especially in the form of sugar and blood pressure. Again, if Venus is afflicted in this house, then the Impact of Venus in horoscope can be very sever. This is also a placement where the native can suffer from unhappy married life or constant disputes in married life.

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In such a case, the native should take astrologers constancy. Only after detailed analysis one should take appropriate remedies.

Venus in the 7th bhava:

Venus placed in the 7th house is very auspicious for marital relationship. Though some believe that the native will have multiple partners, however, this is not always true. But the best part is that the native would get a very good-looking spouse (especially wife) and they shall be working and support family through their income. Thus, this is a good placement for romance and blissful relationship.

Venus in the 8th bhava:

Venus in the 8th bhava and house is not a good for personal life. The placement of Venus in this house has seen that the native would have secrete relationship. Sometimes every extra marital relationship.

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The results are sever, when Venus is exalted in this house. Therefore, a native would need to be careful in this placement. But the good part is, the native enjoy family legacy and wealth from their maternal side.

Venus in the 9th bhava:

This is the bhava is the house of spirituality, fortune and good luck. This is also the house for foreign travel. Therefore, when Venus is placed in the house of 9th bhava, then the native is fortunate and also highly spiritual.

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The native is usually a follower of female deity. The linage in the family is particularly believer in the power of shakti and Laxmi. Again, it has been seen that the native would frequently travel to foreign place, with the divine strength.

Venus in the 10th bhava:

This is a house where the native will be fashionable and have extravagant life style, he will be fond of extravagant gifts, personal purchases, flashy dresses, ornaments and accessories, perfumes, wines and musical instrument etc.

They are usually spent thrift and shall hardly save any money. However, this is a placement where the native would deal in cash and black money. They would be cash rich.

Venus in the 11th bhava:

This is the 2nd best placement of Venus. This is house of Fulfilment of desire. When Venus is placed in this house and if exalted then the native would achieve every thing in life. Here the placement ensure that the native is intelligent and very happy in life. Career progress is excellent and achievements is always at the door step of the native.

The native is very fortunate when Venus is paced in this house.

Venus in the 12th bhava:

In this house or bhava, when Venus is placed in this house, the native not be so popular among friends or have less friends. Therefore, the native is usually seen to live in seclusion.

Many a time it has been seen that the native would live in far away land than their birth place. This can even be in a foreign country and they would do well in the foreign land.

Thus, Venus in astrology is very important planet. To know more on Planet Strength in Astrology or Venus in Kundli or on any other planet in horoscope, the native can write to us for detailed analysis.

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