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Shape the future for healthy family bonds with astrology services and spiritual guidance

By: Future Point | 26-Sep-2018
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Shape the future for healthy family bonds with astrology services and spiritual guidance

Hinduism as a religion is based on several spiritual practises. Since, the religion is based on polytheism, meaning belief in more than one god or goddess. People amongst Hinduism are free to choose their ishta devata.

Thus, if one would analyse the entire country into four zones, one can see, that there is preference of almighty across India. Such as, the North, it is a combination of god and goddess. Like Lord Shiva and Parvathi or Lord Vishnu and Rukmini etc., In the Eastern parts of the country it is usually Devi in the form of Shakti.

In the western parts of the country, the preferred deity is lord Ganesha. Again, to the southern parts of the country, it is again mixed, though more importance is given to deity based on hilltop: Such as Lord Karthikeya in Tamil Nadu and Lord Ayyappa in Kerala. Therefore, the preference does differ from region to region.

Yet, there are many in our country who have a Ishta devata, but they also have a Kul-devata or Devi (family deity). In fact, a Kul devata or Devi are worshiped for generations and then the legacy is passed on from one generation to the other.

It is believed if that if the Kul devata or Devi is not given due importance’s, then the family does suffer the wrath of their family deity. Therefore, it is very important to give importance to the family deity first.

In fact, this practise is very much seen in the Western, Eastern and Southern parts of India. Where for generations a family would offer worship to their family deity first and then to their Ishta devata or Devi.

How does astrology would help in this case?

In Hinduism, it is believed that the religion follows the following four pillars of philosophy. These are Dharma, Kaama, Artha and Moksha. It is further believed if a native does not attain the first three, the final journey of moksha is never attained. In fact, it is here that astrology comes handy.

In astrology, when a horoscope or kundali is examined, one of the aspects which is checked in detailed is whether there is divine grace in the respective horoscope? In case, if this is missing, then there is a need to investigate its reason?

This is usually checked in the form of a common Dosha in the entire family members horoscope, infant deaths, someone in the family would turn insane, or there can be series of suicides, or there can be repeated miscarriage forming Pitru dosha, repeated denial of marriage of eligible in the family, Women in their family may not be loyal, Men too having multiple affairs and then leading to family disputes, no harmony amongst siblings, lack of believe in the divine grace, talking ill about the existence of God, again no spirituality etc., These ae some of the first indications which one should take note of.

If such indications are seen, then you would first need a Family problem solution specialist. Since, this is not suffered by only one individual in the family. It is suffered by all in the family. Therefore, only astrology can help you in this case.

How can these problems be solved?

As one would know, astrology is considered as the eyes of the religious text called The Vedas. Therefore, this is the only science which can check out for the problems and suggest remedies.

Usually, the problems mentioned above, is experienced mainly due to lack of divine grace. It is so possible that the deity who is suppose to bless the native, with good health, family harmony and peace, wealth and overall spiritual upliftment, would be missing.

This cannot be otherwise easily found, mere by simple investigations. It has been seen that usually a family does not know their legacy beyond past three generations. Then their present generations find it difficult to get answers and wonder what should be done?

In that case, the only solution would be astrology. In fact, to find the best astrologer in India readers have come to the correct destination. Here we at Future point would examine the individual horoscopes and the horoscopes of the family to find the exact deity to be worshiped. This would open the doors of the native and then they can experience bliss in their life.

Benefits of this

  • Know the true potential of individual horoscope though worshiping the principle deity as mentioned in your horoscope.
  • By worshiping the principal deity, you can attain maximum spirituality and then remain happy for life. This can also bring families together.
  • Ensue there is overall prosperity in the family and the lineage is also released from the bondage of ignorance.

To know more, please reach out to us as we are a team of expert and learnt astrologers for the past three decades. We have been offering solutions to every seeker at our centre.

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