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When will the Pitru Paksha start?

By: Future Point | 24-Sep-2018
Views : 2574When will the Pitru Paksha start?

The most important duty or obligation of a person towards his/her ancestors is- performing the Shradh ritual, so that Souls of the departed should rest in peace.

Even after leaving the physical body, the deceased posses a subtle body and move to different dimensions to spend their time in the after-life.

In those dimensions, in order to attain peace and contentment, they are dependent on the members of their family to perform a ritual called Shradh.

The period of Shradh or Pitru Paksha is observed in the month of Ashwin every year, during the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of Moon), which comes out to be 15-16 days commencing from Poornima (Full Moon) to Amavasya (New Moon).

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This year, Shradh period or Pitru Paksha will be observed from 24th September to 8th October 2018.

As per the ancient Vedic Scriptures, it is not only the top most duty of a person to perform the Shradh ritual to make sure that his/her ancestors dwell in peace and contentment in the after-life, but if he/she fails to perform the Shradh, then that native is cursed with Pitru Dosh (an extremely bad infliction on the native's life).


The significance of the Pitru Paksha is such, that a person who performs the Shradh of his/her ancestors during this period, gets the blessings of his/her ancestors and those blessings are incredibly powerful to vanquish even the most severe problems that are slated to arrive in that person's life or the problems that are ongoing in that person's life.

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That's because the blessings of our ancestors are the most effective and easily available boon that we can receive, if only our ancestors are at peace.

In the Pitru Paksha, Shradh Puja for the deceased is performed on a specific tithi (date from the Lunar calendar) which is the same tithi on which the person died. Suppose if a person died on the Tritiya tithi (3rd date) of the Lunar calendar, then the Shradh Puja for that deceased will be performed on the Tritiya tithi of the Pitru Paksha and so on.

However, there is a different approach that is suggested in case of people who died on Purnima tithi (Full Moon). By general logic, Shradh for people who died on Purnima tithi should be performed on the Purnima tithi of the Pitru Paksha.

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But since the Purnima Shradh falls on the Purnima tithi of the month of Bhadrapda and the Pitru Paksha falls in the month of Ashwin that starts from the Pratipada tithi (tithi after Purnima), so technically Purnima tithi of Bhadrapada is not considered in the Pitru Paksha.

Another salient feature of Pitru Paksha is:

People who:

  • Do not know the tithi of demise of their ancestors.
  • Want to perform the Shradh of all their known and unknown ancestors or.
  • For some reason, were not able to perform the Shradh on the designated tithi.

Can perform the Shradh on Amavasya (New Moon tithi).

Amavasya of the Shradha Paksha or Pitra Paksha (Shradh period in the month of Ashwin) is known as Mahalaya Amavasya or Sarvapitri Amavasya.

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