Virgo: The Sun transit on September 17, 2018

By: Future Point | 15-Sep-2018
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Virgo: The Sun transit on September 17, 2018

As per Vedic astrology ancient beliefs and working methodology, the very important planet in our horoscopes, the sun transits in every zodiac sign every year and stays in a particular zodiac sign for a time period of 30 days. This very movement of Sun in different signs of zodiac is known as Sun transit in astrology. The sun is a strong and influential planet and holds a significant place and role in analysing and reading a horoscope.

The presence of sun in astrology and an individual’s horoscope signifies father and son/daughter relationship, one’s soul, is responsible for increasing one’s dignity, pride & honour in life, and makes a possibility that one will attain high government service. When it transits in a particular zodiac sign, it makes the life of the native highly significant and worthy as compared to other signs in the zodiac system. Also, there are high chances of getting a high profile job be it in a private or government sector in the period of sun transit in the horoscope.

This year the sun is transiting in the sign of Virgo on September 17, 2018, Monday at 07:01 AM and will remain in the same sign for 30 days that is till October 17, 2018, Wednesday till 07:00 PM. This will be highly auspicious and beneficial time period for the natives of the sign of Virgo and they will experience a good time of their lives during this time phase. This sun transit will help the Virgo natives to make progress in their career and job life and it may also happen that they will get a promotion at workplace. Now let us see how it will influence all the zodiac signs of Vedic astrology:

Aries: In Aries, the Sun is moving in 6th house which makes it a good and favourable time for its natives. With this, you will win over your enemies and each of your opponents will become weak. This is a time of great success and if you are a student, success is guaranteed of you are appearing in competitive exams.

Taurus: Here in Taurus sign, the sun is transiting in the 5th house which makes it difficult for natives to make a right decision, with a state of confusion followed. Health of children may get weak. You may experience some tiffs and conflicts in your family as well with the difference of opinions.

Remedy: Offer and donate red clothes on Sunday at a lord Vishnu temple.

Gemini: The sun in Gemini is moving in the 4th house which means there will be an increase in the mental stress and tension and there could also be some health problems. Your spouse or partner may get benefits and good results at workplace. A disturbance and stress in marital bliss and life is predicted.

Remedy: On Sunday, offer wheat grains.

Cancer: Here, the sun is moving in the third sign which is indicative of great health and immunity. It could happen that your chronic and past illness may get cured during this time. You are likely to get the support of govt. officials and your seniors at workplace. Overall, this is a good time for its natives.

Remedy: On Sunday. Chant the mantra, “Aum Ghrini Surya Namaha”!

Leo: The sun in leo is moving in the 2nd house which means that there is a need to keep a check on your speech otherwise you may end up hurting your loved ones. You may experience headaches and some eye related problems. Diffrences and issues in family is also predicted.

Remedy: Donate medicines to the needy and poor on Sundays.

Virgo: Here, the sun is transiting in the 1st house which is indicative of slight loss in wealth, name and fame. The native may also suffer problems like headache, upset stomach, thickness of blood, fever, minor eye issue etc in this time. Travelling is indicative on the cards and you might travel on forieng lands.

Remedy: On Sundays, donate jaggery.

Libra: The sun will enter in 12th house in libra. The natives will travel abroad and will stay away from families. You will feel close to nature earth and will be inclined to make visits to forests and serene places. However, stay away from spending too much.

Remedy: Daily read Shri harivansh puran.

Scorpio: Here sun will move in 11th house and there will be a significant increase in wealth. You will win over your enemies. During the period, you may also get inclined towards spirituality and religious deeds. You will outshine in your career.

Remedy: Worship and offer red flowers to Lord Sun Every day.

Sagittarius: With the sun moving in 10th house, you will gain position and authority at workplace. Govt. benefits are most likely to happen. It will be a favourable period where you will enjoy good health and wealth. You will make friends with higher officials.

Remedy: Daily offer water to Lord Sun in a copper vessel.

Capricorn: Sun is moving in 9th house and you will have to experience some downfall in your social image. Little decline in wealth and health is also indicated. Relationship with father may also get distorted in this time.

Remedy: On Sunday, donate copper vessel to poor.

Aquarius: Here, the sun will move in 8th house and you will have to face your own past karmas. There may also be some strong quarrels with your enemies. Your health might also get weak and issues like stomach ache and eye problems will be confronted.

Remedy: On Sunday, offer jiggery to an ox.

Pisces: With the sun moving in 7t house, there will be a tiff and conflict in family matters and with your spouse. There is a chance that your spouse will become egoistical and there will be a power struggle and battle between both of you.

Remedy: Donate copper vessels to poor on Sundays.

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