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Vastu Tips for Living Room- Make Your Home a Fortune Magnet!

By: Future Point | 28-Sep-2020
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Vastu Tips for Living Room- Make Your Home a Fortune Magnet!

Vastu is an ancient & sacred science that deals with the effects & behaviour of cosmic energies along with the five primordial elements upon a structure based on its architecture & functional design. Vastu also offers remedies to negate or pacify an underlying Vastu Dosh which is basically a flaw in energy terms arising due to a wrong architecture or functional design of the house.

Our home is not just a physical structure that provides us shelter, but is a space that attracts & stores certain immensely powerful energies. The five elements which are associated with specific directions, also cast their incredible effects upon the residents of a house and it is the location of different functionalities inside a house such as Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom etc. that determine the state of these five elements inside that house.

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The Significance of Living Room in a House

While each and every place/functionality inside a house is vital  and has an importance of its own, but the living room as per the principles of Vastu has a huge significance in channelizing the flow of positive & auspicious energies inside the house. This is because the living room is a common place that not only witnesses the presence of each & every member of the family multiple times in a day but also entertains outsiders/guests that bring along a ‘baggage of energy’ with themselves when they enter our house and interact with us in our living room.

Therefore, take the smart step of consulting with a Vastu Expert to get effective & result oriented Vastu Tips for Living Room and attract energies that promote success, wealth, sound health, bliss and prosperity in your house.

The highly beneficial science of Vastu offers remedies that ward off malefic energies from our homes and open up the celestial doorway for bringing in positive energies inside. Make no mistake, based on the overall physical architecture as well as the functionalities inside, there are certain Vastu Remedies for Home that when applied properly have the potential of turning the wheel of fortune in the favour of people residing in that home.

Interestingly, it is the sheer efficacy of Vastu that has always encouraged people to learn this amazingly beneficial science. Going with the flow of the current trend of online learning, we offer you an opportunity to Learn Vastu Online from the comfort of your home and acquire the sacred knowledge that have the potential of bringing unforeseen positive changes in the lives of the people associated with a structure; be it a house, flat, apartment or even a place of business!

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However, coming back & further extending to our fundamental topic of discussion, below are some basic Vastu Tips for Living Room that you can adopt in your home to attract positive & prosperous energies inside:

  • It is best to have a living room in the North or North East direction in your home because these directions have the power of warding off the negative energies that might come along inside your home with some guests.
  • Having a living room in the West direction promotes late night culture in the home and disturbs the health & routine factor in the lives of the family members.
  • Put on the painting of a Lion or a running Horse in your living room as this promotes leadership skills & confidence especially among the family members who are either pursuing a job or running a business.
  • Place an aquarium in the Eastern direction of the living room with a pair of Goldfish in it to attract energies that provide abundant wealth in life.
  • Avoid having unnecessary, big and heavy furniture in the North direction of the living room as it blocks the energies that bring professional success & good health in our lives.
  • You should keep a flower pot with fresh fragrant flowers in the North West direction of your living room to ensure peace & harmony in your family.
  • Place an idol of Lord Ganesh in the North direction of your living room and offer incense & flowers to that idol on a daily basis to ensure wisdom, growth & success in life.
  • Having dysfunctional electronics in the living room increases inertia maong the family members, hence, you should keep your living room free of electronic clutter.
  • There must not be a shoe stand/rack right at the entrance of the living room as it creates an opportunity for negative energies to creep inside your house.
  • Having light & pleasant colour schemes on the walls of your living room such as peach, light pink, cream etc. would ensure that you and the members of your family enjoy a happy, soothing & peaceful state of mind.
  • The architectural concept of ‘False Ceiling’ that is marketed as creative & beautiful should be avoided at all costs in the living room as well as other parts of the house as such ‘voids’ in the ceiling store negative energies.
  • Avoid artworks that symbolize violence, gloom or sadness as they bring chaotic energies in the house.
  • Try to place a heavy set of furniture in the South or South West direction of your living room as it will block certain malefic or problematic energies that often tend to come from these directions.

These were some basic yet highly effective Vastu Tips for Living Room that you can adopt. However, we would urge you to take a more comprehensive approach by consulting with a Vastu Professional and get the Vastu based Tips & Remedies that would deliver maximum gains to you.

So, be smart and benefit from the sacred knowledge of Vastu by incorporating the tips & remedies that are known to invite energies that bring success, health, wealth, joy, bliss, abundance & prosperity in life through the living room of one’s home!

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