Unbelievable effects Gemstone casts in one’s life

By: Future Point | 10-May-2019
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Unbelievable effects Gemstone casts in one’s life

All planetary bodies influence everyone's' life in some way or the other. There are certain planets that influence one’s life in a good way and some planets which influence a person’s life in a not so good way. In Astrology, it is stated that the planets and stars that aren’t strong often get influenced by wreckless planets. And the result of that is quite alarming.

However, these planets are more powerful in their negative manner which means the ill-effects will reach at its peak continuously. But sometimes it can even last for life. As a result, your health, mental well-being, personal relationships, and finances can be affected. And this is where you need the help of an astrologer to know what plans are made by these stars and the planet for your life so that you can get ready to face whatever comes in your life and lead a happy and prosperous life. You can online buy gemstones to know the perfect one that suits the purpose you are wearing it for.

Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits

In order to release your loved ones from the ill effects of these stars and planets, it is advisable to wear a suitable gemstone according to your zodiac sign. These gemstones generate positive rays that fight against the negative energies and help to get rid of forces that act against prosperity and happiness.

As per this horoscope astrology, wearing the suitable gemstone as per your zodiac sign in the form of a ring, bracelet, or pendant will affect your life in a positive manner. These gemstones are either found in the deep oceans or near the rivers and seas.

How do gemstones work?

Gemstones consist of energies based on colours. You can wear these gemstones as per your zodiac sign in different shapes, sizes, and hues just the way you like it. Gemstones have the power to influence the human mind and body in a different manner.

There are nine planets in the universe and each planet responds to a different colour, every planet is associated with specific gemstone which observes all the light rays and allows only one energy to pass through. There are specific Gemstone for Healing which people often keep at home to energise the surroundings or wear it around their neck to get cured of certain diseases. The body will experience the effects of this gemstone after some time. Eventually, the wearer will get the desired result from the horoscope that they decided to wear.

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Planets and their corresponding Gemstone

There are nine different planets in Indian Astrology and each of them is associated with a unique gemstone that possesses the energy to bring positive changes in the life of the wearer. Mentioned below is the list of all the planets in Indian Astrology and the gemstone associated with each of them.


The planet Mercury represents thinking, intelligence, and wisdom. Emerald is the stone for Mercury and its green hue represents the creative energy the planet bestows upon its wearer. Those who suffer from a weak or debilitated Mercury in Kundali can be advised to wear Emerald as a ring. The Gemstone offers the native creative quality, great memory and a sharp and acute ability to communicate effectively.

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The most suitable gemstone for the planet Venus is Diamond. This stylish and elegant gemstone is known for improving qualities like attractiveness, artistic qualities, good luck, and glamour. It will be helpful for you in improving your social status and defeating your enemies.

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The planet Mars is also called by the name of the red planet and the suitable gemstone associated with this planet is Coral Red. The planet Mars responds to the gemstone that is in perfect chorus with the essence of the planetary body. It helps in increasing courage and defeating our rivals.

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Jupiter is the symbol of mental strength, it helps in improving our sense of judgment and intelligence. It will help us in making our lives stable. Hence, the best suitable gemstone for Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. It will help us in making our personal and professional life progressive.

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The best suitable gemstone for the planet Saturn is Blue Sapphire. It will help you to maintain flexibility in your life and will help you to remain calm, improve logical foresight, will strengthen your trust and maintains your professional status. This gemstone of Blue Sapphire will also help you in raising health acquisition and maintain stability in life.

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This is the most neglected and disregarded planet. And the best suitable gemstone for this planet is Hessonite Garnet. This gemstone is quite popular as it influences the life of the wearer in such a surprising manner within no time. The gemstone Hessonite Garnet will help in bringing clarity and peace, and also helps in restoring lost dignity at work and at home.


Ketu is known for its gloomy appearance and the same thing goes with its characteristics. And the suitable gemstone associated with this planet is Cat’s Eye gemstone which is also called by the name Lehsunia. This gemstone helps in building our morals strong, helps to improve our concentration power, and helps in improving our decision-making skills. The gemstone Lehsunia has the power to draw sudden wealth in one’s life.

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Moon is the representable figure in many mythological stories as well as in our tradition. The house of this planet is Cancer. Hence, the most suitable gemstone for the planet moon is Pearl. It brings peace, love, satisfaction, and respect for others. The planet moon is said to be the ruling planet of emotions and it brings calmness and peace in one’s life.


Sun represents the symbol of strength. And the gemstone associated with this planet is Ruby, the beautiful piece of nature. This gemstone will help you in achieving true values, increasing your courage, dedication, physical strength, and success. The planet Sun is said to be the king or the administrator. So, the gemstone Ruby is said to be the king of gemstones.

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What Gemstone You Should Wear

There are several perspectives that are taken into consideration while deciding the most suitable gemstone. Some people use gemstones for betterment in their lives. while some use it for getting rid of the negative impact of the planets. Before deciding on a particular gemstone, you should consult an astrologer for the correct analysis and prescription of the gemstone so that you can get the maximum beneficiary results. In case a particular gemstone is not suitable for you, it may have some terrible effects on your life. So, this is the high time when you can take the benefits of Talk to an Astrologer Service, where you can get the advice to wear suitable gemstone to achieve success in all walks of life.

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