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Top 10 benefits of wearing Ruby/Manikya

By: Future Point | 27-Oct-2018
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Top 10 benefits of wearing Ruby/Manikya

Astrology is an ancient predictive science of calculations using horoscopes of an individual. As a predictive science, it has always helped the man kind as being the torch bearer that would shed light on the dark and inconclusive areas of one’s life. Thus, the origin of Mathematics as a scientific subject was introduced through astrology. In fact, due to this, Astrology earned the title of Being the Eyes of the Hindu Script, The Vedas.

Thus, astrology has always been a helpful tool which helped the individual native who sought for answers with a divine grace. The science of astrology even went further where the subject did provide for solutions to every Individual. Thus, the importance of gemstone was given to the mankind.

How many types of Gemstone exist?

In fact, there are many gemstones which are used in the present age. They can be for the purpose of ornamental benefits or for astrological purpose. However, from the point of view of astrology, the following are the nine important gemstones which are used for the benefit of human being.

English Name Hindi Name Planet
Ruby Manika Sun
Pearl Moti Moon
Red Coral Moonga Mars
Emerald Panna Mercury
Yellow Sapphire Pukharaj Jupiter
Diamond Heera Venus
Blue Sapphire Neelam Saturn
Hessonite Gomedh Rahu
Cat's Eye Vaiduryam Ketu

Among these gemstones, each of them has a certain significance too. Each of them is recommended only after thorough examination of a native’s horoscope by a learnt and expert astrologer. For instance, A Ruby gemstone is suggested only if a native is suffering from poor position of Lord Sun in the horoscope or if Sun is debilitated in Natal chart of in the Navamsa Chart, an ideal remedy which is suggested is wearing a Ruby as a gemstone.

Though there are many methods of suggesting or prescribing remedies. However, while prescribing, two fundamental questions would be answered by any remedy. 1. will the remedy give temporary solution and 2. Will the remedy warrant permanent solution. If it is the latter, then Remedies of Gemstone is usually preferred.

Now, In the above example of Ruby, which is prescribed for lord Sun, the following are the benefits of wearing the same.

Following are the 10 Benefits of wearing Ruby Gemstone:

  • Ruby improves Skin problems. Especially if Sun is helped in between Rahu and Ketu and Conjoined with Ketu. Since this remedy would warrant a permanent solution, Ruby gemstone is recommended.
  • By wearing Ruby as a gemstone, it would improve the self-confidence related issues. Try to wear the gemstone with the appropriate carat, weight, size and shape. This would improve one’s fortunes.
  • Ruby gemstone, would also increase intuition power of an individual. It would make the person very bold and confident which has not been seen in their life for long.
  • Also, by wearing this Gemstone, it makes the bones stronger. Usually if any one suffering from Bone’s related Tuberculosis then recommending Ruby is the best solution.
  • By wearing a ruby gemstone which is red in colour and it is often associated with passion and love. The gemstone actually improves bonding in relationship.
  • The intensity and heat of ruby is said to revitalise the system of an individual who is prone to depression and is lack lustre. Thus, such native is recommended to wear a ruby stone.
  • Ruby was worn by kings and royalty as a mark of authority and luxury in earlier times. In today’s context, an individual with a favourable Sun in natal chart wearing a natural ruby can achieve kingly status and trappings of luxury. This is usually the recommended gemstone for career.
  • One of the notable effects of Ruby (Manikya Stone) gemstone effects is that it is able to dissolve confusion and give alert, sharp and focussed eye. Thus, it is associated with theoretic remedies too.
  • A well-known ruby gemstone astrology benefit is progress in self-awareness, realisation of truth and steady movement towards life path.
  • An ancient secret of Ruby as a gemstone is that it is a gemstone for success in competitive exams, for practitioners of medicine, agriculturists, politicians and government personnel.

Thus, to know more about Ruby as a gemstone or on any other stone, readers can write to us at or Visit our website We at Future Point are a team of expert and learnt astrologers for the past three decades. We have been providing solutions to various individuals on several astrological solutions.

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