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Tips to clear space by Vastu Shastra

By: Future Point | 26-Feb-2018
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Tips to clear space by Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra?

Our Indian Rishis and Munis were great at understanding the human nature, what influences it and how to safeguard its interest so keeping the same in mind a system was invented which is called Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra deals with architecture and its roots are embedded in Hindu Dharma.

People in those times realized the sheer importance of keeping things in right order in regards to their corresponding qualities, for example, The kitchen, the fire should be in the direction of fire i.e. south-east direction, a girl who is to be married off should be given the room in air direction i.e. north-west as air is unstable and cannot be contained within confined walls so likewise there were different directions that dealt with different qualities, elements, emotions, and energies.

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Vastu Shastra also deals with the measurements, designs, shapes, sizes of various elements that are to be kept in mind while designing a space that has potential to affect a human for better or worse.

Vastu Shastra was designed by keeping nature in mind. Its works as naturally as breathing comes to us. It’s scientific in nature. Just like in olden days it was much in vogue, it still has not lost its value. Vastu Shastra was used in designing of temples, monuments, minarets etc and Nowadays also most people consult a Vastu Shastra Consultants before building a house or a building or an office.

If rightly followed it can not only bring much peace and clarity to someone's life but also prosperity. Space is a place that makes a person as one spends a lot of time in the area so care should be taken to make it as pleasant and positive as possible.

So let's see some tips from Vastu Shastra to clear our space and purify our environment and gear up for success.

  • Clean the Floor with Himalayan rock salt or with simple salt if former is not available. Salt has the power to absorb negativity, emotions. It's a good absorbent and carrier. So if we mix one handful of salt in a bucket full of water and use this salt water to mop the floor while giving intention to water to clean away the negative energy then it can clean the floor and also makes the room little lighter in energies which will make a person feel much better.
  • Do not keep heavy objects in the very center of the house as it’s a place that is supposed to be empty or to only have a tulsi plant or a diya. So make sure you do not clutter this corner with too much stuff as this will block the energy flow and affect negatively.
  • Burning a dhoop batti and smudging it all around the house also purifies the space and makes the environment positive and pleasant.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, a house should never be decorated with spooky or unpleasant looking pictures. These days there is a trend going on among people to visit art galleries or museums and bring back home things like a sad face mask or a painting showing women in distress? Well if these things will be put to display on walls, the people will look at it and absorb similar sad and distressful energies. So it should be avoided.
  • Antiques. Objects are passed on through many hands containing different energies. So before using these or decorating, one should clear them off any negative energy by reading a prayer or mantra over them. But still advisable not to go for them as many things have spirits lingering over them due to attachment and also many are cursed.

So keeping some points in our mind we can safeguard ourselves from many unpleasant experiences.

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