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Is Sridevi’s Horoscope to be blamed for her untimely Death?

By: Future Point | 26-Feb-2018
Views : 12621Is Sridevi’s Horoscope to be blamed for her untimely Death?

The nation and the fans spread across the globe woke up to the sad news of Sridevi’s untimely demise in Dubai. This news shocked everyone and made us feel that life is truly unpredictable and fragile. Owing to the mechanical & hectic daily routines with chaos & stress scattered all around us, we as humans are forgetting the importance of liveliness and unpredictability attached with life.

Between the moments where we try to balance the life, so much of it slips in midway that we only are left with moments of shocks and despair and with the moments on which we don’t owe and control anything. On such moments, there is said to be one such controlling power, which is the Almighty God and the next is the planetary placements and positions of comic energies and planets in our horoscopes.

These placements and strong yogas in our Kundali can account for such miseries, unpredictable & shocking life events. Considering this as true, now let’s get to know certain important facts about Sridevi’s horoscope:


Horoscope Analysis of Sridevi:

Born on 13 August, 1963 at Tamil Nadu, Sridevi is considered to be one of the finest actresses in Bollywood and is labelled as the first female superstar of India in the Bollywood industry. The unpredicted and untimely demise of the yesteryear’s super actress left the whole nation in grief and shock and brought shock waves in the entire Bollywood industry.

She is one such actress who is known for her eternal beauty, charisma and her talent in acting, she always made the audience to say wow for her unique acting performances in every film. But, who knew that she will bid adieu to the world so early at a young age of 54 years.

The Planetary Placements of Planets in Sridevi’s Horoscope:

The horoscope of the Sridevi had Sun and Venus placed in the ascendant house. It can be analysed that the Sun is acting as lord here, while Venus is the 4th and 11th lord in the horoscope.

The combination of all these planets accounted for all success, fame & most importantly wealth that she acquired in life. It is because of these planetary influences in the horoscope that made her become so famous, rich and bestowed her with immense wealth and limelight. However, it also should be noted that the 2nd house of lord Sun is also the maraka house lord in the horoscope.

Detailed Analysis of Planets:

Further analysing Sridevi’s birth chart, it can be seen that the Mercury is in 3rd and the 12th lord and is placed in the 2nd house. Also, 5th house and the 10th house in the horoscope is Mars and it is placed in 4th star, which is the reason that accounted for her illustrious career as a superstar in Bollywood industry.

Analysing deeper, Ketu is placed in the 8th house and the lord of the 8th house which is Saturn, is placed in the 7th house of the horoscope.


Horoscope of Sridevi


The reason for her untimely and early demise:

It is also to be noted that het major Saturn period stared in the mid of 2016 and during this Saturn sub period she died. Further analysing the horoscope, it is seen that Saturn is aspect by Sun, which is another maraka. Also, it can be analysed that the 8th House has low Asthakarvaga too. The placement of planet Rahu is also in the 12th house, which is again a not very good sign considering of longevity of life of the native. Saturn is also seen to be in retrograde position in the horoscope.

Owing to all this astrological calculations, it can give us a fair amount of idea for the reason of Sridevi’s untimely death. It may be the reason that her life’s longevity curtailed to Madhya Ayu (Middle age).