The transit of Venus in Aries 2022- Love meets passion!

By: Future Point | 18-May-2022
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The transit of Venus in Aries 2022- Love meets passion!

Venus transit in Aries on 23 May 2022: The planet of romance and luxury, Venus will change its sign from Pisces to Aries on May 23, 2022. Till now, Venus was present in its exaltation sign Pisces where it was at the most comfortable position to bestow good results to the natives.

Now, Aries is owned by Mars which is a planet of energy, enthusiasm, courage and boldness. When the soft planet, Venus will transit into fiery Aries, the natives will feel a spark of energy and passion blooming inside. Venus is a planet of romance and Mars shows passion and energy, thus their conjunction or influence on each other generally raise sexual tendencies and intimacy in the natives.

There would be enhanced inclinations towards adventures, entertainment and exploring new avenues in life. Venus in Aries will promote a spontaneous attitude in people and they will feel more energetic in life.

At the same time, the negative traits of Mars like aggression, jealousy, selfish attitude, ignorance and restlessness will also be aggravated in the natives. 

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Venus Transit in Aries: Date and Timing

Venus will transit in Aries on May, 23rd 2022 at 08.39 pm and will stay in this zodiac sign till June, 18th, 2022 at 08.28 am before moving into Taurus.

Let's understand the impact of transit of Venus in Aries on all twelve zodiac signs.


Venus rules the second and seventh house of the zodiac for Aries natives. The transit of Venus will occur in the ascendant and thus all sweet and soft qualities of Venus will be imposed on your personality giving you attractive and calm appearance for this time.

You will turn empathetic towards others and will try to solve their problems with your balanced approach. There would be harmony in relations with the family and spouse.

The transit is very good from the career point of view, those working in the fields ruled by the planet Venus like beauty products, jewelry, precious stones, fashion accessories, trendy clothes, luxury items and aesthetic products will witness rise in their business and trade.

Those who do a job under these categories will also get impressive perks for this time. New opportunities are waiting for you to touch heights of success during this transit. Time is good to upgrade your appearance and skills.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


The transit of Venus will take place in your twelfth house. The lagna and the sixth Lord Venus will be placed in the twelfh house which is particularly good for the natives in service industry.

Those employed in MNCs or other foreign services will also see excellent time. Those who were planning to go to foreign lands for work may move to a foreign country now. However, take care of your expenses and big investments involving high risks should be avoided for this time.

All plans that have been chalked out for expansion or inclusion of new product line should be taken with much care as chances of mistakes are likely. Take care of your health and sugar patients have to be more careful than before.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For Gemini sign, Venus rules the fifth and twelfth house of the zodiac. Venus will stay in the eleventh house during the transit which is an excellent position for making several financial gains.

The transit will bring acknowledgement and respect to you with noticeable increase in your social circle. You will earn abundantly through foreign sources or people overseas. This is a very good period to start a new business venture or expand the existing one.

Your children will do well and you will hear good news from their side. Those awaiting progeny will also get the good news. There would remain harmony in your love relations but at the same time save yourself from getting involved in love affairs beyond your present relations.

Employed people will be benefited tremendously for this time. Those who wish to study abroad may proceed to fulfill their dreams as many of you may go abroad for studies, work or leisure. 

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope


For Cancer sign, Venus rules the fourth and eleventh house of the zodiac. Venus will transit through the tenth house of your horoscope. Period is good for making gains through your business, job and career.

The sincere efforts will bring fruits bringing you praises and incentives throughout. You might get special attention and support of female colleagues at the work place for this time. However, you have to work harder to attain your financial goals.

The cash inflow may remain less than desired. Time is good for attaining social recognition. You will spend comfortable time at home as well as the environment at home will remain calm and happy.

You may also spend in upgrading your lifestyle at home or buy a new vehicle. Take investment related decisions carefully for this time period. Health would be fine with little mental stress at work which can be effectively dealt with meditation and exercise.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo sign, Venus rules the third and tenth house of the zodiac. Venus will transit through the ninth house of your horoscope. Venus in the house of fortune will bring positive results to you.

You will be recognized for your skills and determined efforts at work. Promotions and salary hikes will give you mental relief and many may find new job opportunities for this time. Business people will also grow and prosper during this period.

Your family especially your younger siblings will support you in your decisions. There would be increases inclinations for religious activities and charities.

You will spend quality time with your family and your relations with everyone will remain sweet during this transit. Your father may bring favors in terms of financial or property gains for this time. You may invest in property during this transit period.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For Virgo sign, Venus rules the second and ninth house of your zodiac. The transit will take place in your eighth house of your horoscope.

The period marks transformation in your personality. You may also get some sudden gains through inheritance or otherwise. There are chances of change in job or getting a promotion.

Money gains through unforeseen sources like stock exchange or lottery are likely. Your long stuck money may revive during this time period and you may also make some short term investments which will bring beneficial results.

You may receive benefits from your ancestral property as well during this period. Arguments in the family may give you mental stress. So, take care of your words and behavior towards your family and friends.

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Virgo Weekly horoscope


For Libra sign, Venus rules the eighth and first house of the zodiac. The transit will occur in the seventh house of the horoscope.

Venus in seventh will motivate you towards a better version of yourself through upgrading your physical appearance. You may spend in clothes and apparels to improve your looks. You may travel for work related purposes and will be benefitted from them.

Business people may plan some expansion or entering a new business venture during this transit period. Service people will get recognition and popularity for their excellence in their profession.

Those in partnership business will also flourish for this time period. Those awaiting marriage may get good news and someone special will enter your life during this time. You will be surrounded with prosperity, love and happiness.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For Scorpio natives, Venus is a Lord of the seventh and twelfth house of the zodiac. The transit will occur in the sixth house of the horoscope.

The period may pose some challenges at your work place. Your opponents may trouble you for this time period. You may also travel abroad but that will not prove successful.

It is advisable to keep your communications sweet during this time else fights will follow at the work place. Business people should take investment decisions wisely and stay cautious of their competitors.

Health needs to be taken care as some minor health issues may trouble you for this time period. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


For Sagittarius sign Venus rules the sixth and eleventh house of the zodiac. Venus will be transiting through your fifth house of the horoscope.

The transit will bring moderate results to you. Those is service industry will prosper for this time period. Business people have to stay careful of the competition and risk involved in investments.

It is advised to postpone investment plans for some time. Borrowing money will also become burdensome for this time period.

Your love life will prosper for this time period and there would remain passion and intimacy in your relation. Time is excellent for students as well and they would successfully achieve their academic goals. 

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For Capricorn sign, Venus is a Lord of the fifth and tenth houses. The transit will occur in the fourth house of your horoscope. The transit will bring extremely beneficial results in your life.

The period will prove promising for your profession. Many good opportunities along with promotion and salary hikes are foreseen.

Time is very good for planning expansions and new ventures. Those working in beauty, apparels, luxury items, automobiles etc. will grow during this time period. You will share happiness and harmony in your personal relations.

You will spend quality time with your family members. You may spend on beautification of your house or may buy a vehicle as well. Your love life will blossom and those single will find their life partner. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For Aquarius sign, Venus rules the fourth and ninth house of the horoscope. Venus will stay in the third house of the zodiac for the natives.

The transit time is very good for career prospects and all natives belonging to different area of work. Especially those working in service industry will perform extremely well. You will be benefitted by the influential personalities during this time.

You will gain recognition and fame in your work with your excellent communication skills. Yogkaraka Venus will support you throughout with its transit and your fortune will shine for this period. You may plan a short adventurous journey with your friends or family.

Your siblings will support you during the transit and your love for them will increase manifold during this time period. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces sign, Venus rules the third and eighth house of the horoscope. The planet Venus will transit through the second house of the zodiac.

The period will bring some sudden and unforeseen events in your life. Your competitors may plot a conspiracy against you during this period.

Business people have to face tough completion or losses during this period. Don’t invest in stock market as speculative activities may bring financial harm to you.

There may remain some discomfort in your domestic life and chances of arguments with the family members are predicted.

Some family member may fall ill causing unplanned expenditures and mental stress. Take care of your expenditure for this time period. You may make unnecessary expenditures draining your bank savings.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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