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Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology and their influence on our lives

By: Future Point | 17-Aug-2021
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Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology and their influence on our lives

In Vedic Astrology, Nakshatras refers to the stars/constellations. Our ancient seers divided the 360 zodiac system into 12 zodiac signs. There are 27 Nakshatras in astrology, and the value of each star is 13 20’. Long back in historic times, Nakshatras were the means of divine worship. 

These 27 constellations are formed on the basis of the movement of the Moon. The moon takes approximately 27.3 days to move around its orbit. Hence, the janam nakshatra of an individual is calculated on the basis of the position of the Moon in any of these stars.

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Meaning of Nakshatra

The word ‘Nakshatra’ signifies a not destructible one. Certain Nakshatras such as Pushya, Ashwini, and Revati have been mentioned in ancient texts and Vedas – Rig Veda and the entire list of Nakshatras has been mentioned in Yajur and Atharva Vedas.

Nakshatras and Moon in Mythology

The 27 Nakshatras spread across the 12 zodiac signs and each sign contains two and a one fourth of a nakshatra. Each nakshatra has four padas. Some Nakshatras lie entirely within a sign, whereas some nakshatras overlap in two zodiac signs. Each Nakshatra has a ruling deity and powers, which puts a significant influence on the characteristics of a native. Every individual has a birth star depending upon the placement of Moon in one of the 27 stars in their natal chart. Each Nakshatra is further divided into 4 Padas (quarters) at 3 20’ each, which represent the a specific trait of each star.

Qualities of the Nakshatras

The nakshatra are classified in to Chara, Sthira, Mrdu, Ugra, Tikshna, Kshipra and Mishra. The qualities that every nakshatra possesses make them suitable for different activities. These are extensively used in muhurtha. For instance, for planting of trees or getting married etc. the Sthira Nakshatras are favourable as they offer stability. On the other hand, activities of commercial use, taking medicine, travels etc. should be done in Kshipra Nakshatras, as they are meant for short duration. It is the Nakshatra occupied by Chandra, Lagna, Chandra Rasheesha and Lagnesha, make the native interested in certain kinds of activities or give fondness for them. The Nakshatra of Chandrama and its Rasheesha indicate the mental pursuits of the native (Chandra means our mann or inner side), while the Lagna and Lagnesha nakshatra indicate what the native likes to do (Lagna represents thought and action).

  1. Chara Nakshatra: Movable: Saravana, Dhanishta, Satabhisha, Punarvasu and Swati are movable. They are considered auspicious for the activities requiring movements such as buying vehicles, travelling and  gardening etc.
  2. Sthira Nakshatras: Fixed: Rohini, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadra are fixed. They are favourable for activities that require stability such as initiation of the construction of the buildings, laying the foundations of cities, sowing, planting trees etc.
  3. Mrdu Nakshatras: Tender: Chitra, Anuradha, Mrigashira and Revati are soft. They are favourable for subtle activities such as wearing new clothes, dancing, music and fine arts, sexual union, performance of auspicious ceremonies etc.
  4. Ugra Nakshatras: Violent: Bharani, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Purvashadha, and Purvabhadra. These constellations are favourable for violent activities requiring force and weapons like confrontation with an enemy etc. Demolition activities, setting fires, seizures and battles etc. come under this Nakshatra.
  5. Tikshna Nakshatra: Sharp: Moola, Jyeshta, Ardra and Ashlesha are sharp. They are considered supportive for destructive activities such as invoking spirits, imprisonment, murders and separation etc.
  6. Kshipra Nakshatra: Swift: Ashvini, Pushya, Hasta and Abhijit are Swift constellations. They are considered good for the activities that involve swiftness such as wearing ornaments, pleasures and sports, administering medicine, undertaking journeys etc.
  7. Mishra Nakshatra: Mixed: Krttika and Vishakha are mixed constellations. They are good for activities like offering prayers, fire ceremonies, purchasing furniture and electronics.

Birth in different classes of nakshatras bestow following traits on the native:

  • Dhruva Nakshatra: Stable, forgiving
  • Chara Nakshatra: Fickle minded, eat indiscriminately
  • Ugra Nakshatra: Fierce, torture, confine others
  • Mishra Nakshatra: Mixed, equal treatment to friends and foes
  • Laghu Nakshatra: Limited enjoyment
  • Mrdu Nakshatra: as opposed to its name, it promotes quarrels, speak ill and dirty 


Symbol- Horse head
Ruling planet- Ketu
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- Rajas/rajas/rajas
Presiding Deity- Ashwini Kumaras, the horse headed twins
Animal- Male Horse
Indian Zodiac- 0° – 13°20′ Mesha

It’s considered ‘The star of Transport’. The natives born under this star tend to be adventurous and energetic. They are always ready to take risks and are adventurous. They cannot sit still and are always restless and impatient. They like movement and prefer to do something all the time. They are irresponsible and behave in an immature manner. This star governs all form of transports. 


Symbol- Yoni
Ruling planet- Venus
Gender- Female
Gana- Manushya
Guna- rajas/rajas/tamas
Presiding Deity- Yama
Animal- Elephant
Indian Zodiac- 13° 20′ – 26°40′ Mesha

It’s considered ‘the star of restraint’. Under the influence of this nakshatra the native has to undergo through various struggles for personal growth and transformation. They suffer from jealousy and self-criticism. They are honest and disciplined people and give more importance to their own perceptions.

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Symbol- Knife or razor
Ruling planet- Sun
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- rajas/rajas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Agni
Animal- Female Sheep
Indian Zodiac- 26°40′ Mesha – 10° Vrishabha

It’s considered ‘the star of fire’. The influence of this nakshatra makes the native ambitious. They have passion and determination in whatever they do. They tend to get success in their endeavours. They have to face various troubles in life. They make great protectors and take good care of their loved ones. 


Symbol- Ox cart or chariot

Ruling planet- Moon

Gender- Female

Gana- Manusha

Guna- rajas/tamas/rajas

Presiding Deity- Prajapati

Animal- Cobra

Indian Zodiac- 10° – 23°20′ Vrishabha

It’s considered ‘the star of ascent’. People born under this nakshatra are beautiful, charming and live up to moral standards. They have materialistic inclinations and enjoy high standard of living. They criticize others and look down others. They are talented and creative people. 


Symbol- Deer’s head
Ruling planet- Mars
Gender- Female
Gana- Neuter Deva
Guna- rajas/tamas/tamas
Presiding Deity- Soma
Animal- Female Serpent
Indian Zodiac- 23° 20′ Vrishabha – 6° 40′ Mithuna

It’s considered ‘the star of searching’. The people born under this nakshatra are travellers. They are always looking for trying new things and acquiring knowledge. They like to add to their wealth. They are very intelligent and are extremely good at uncovering things. They travel a lot in order to make explore different cultures. 

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Symbol- Tear drop
Ruling planet- Rahu
Gender- Female
Gana- Manusha
Guna- rajas/tamas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Rudra
Animal- Female dog
Indian Zodiac- 6° 40′ – 20° Mithuna

The symbol suggests grief. The nakshatra gives destructive nature to the natives. They grow through the destruction. They take benefits of immoral things and make money through it. They tend to be rude and emotionless when it comes to others and show cold attitude. They constantly suffer and overcome obstacles which help in their inner growth.



Symbol- Quiver of arrows
Ruling planet- Jupiter
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- rajas/sattva/rajas
Presiding Deity- Aditi
Animal- Female cat
Indian Zodiac- 20° Mithuna – 3°20′ Karka

It’s considered ‘the star of renewal’. This nakshatra influences people in a positive way. They overcome each trouble with their positive and inspirational outlook. They have a forgiving nature and are liked by everyone. They like travelling and remain content with whatever they get. 


Symbol- Wheel
Ruling planet- Saturn
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- rajas/sattva/tamas
Presiding Deity- Brihaspati
Animal- Ram
Indian Zodiac- 3°20′ -16°40′ Karka

Under its influence the people tend to be extremely religious and give high importance to their beliefs and traditions. They tend to have a sense of over confidence in whatever they do and sometimes show arrogance towards people who disagree with them. They are generous and helpful.


Symbol- Coiled Serpant
Ruling planet- Mercury
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- rajas/sattva/sattva
Presiding Deity- Nagas
Animal- male cat
Indian Zodiac- 16°40′ – 30° Karka

It’s considered as ‘the clinging star’. Natives born under this nakshatra tend to have high intellect. But they often use their wisdom in wrong means. They tend to be cunning, cheaters and liars. Eventually they suffer the consequences of their deeds and they don’t like getting humiliated or criticized at the hands of others.

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Symbol- Royal throne
Ruling planet- Ketu
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- tamas/rajas/rajas
Presiding Deity- Pitris
Animal- male rat
Indian Zodiac- 0° – 13°20′ Simha

People born under its influence tend to be great leaders and good at taking charge. They like power and wealth and work for the attainment of the same. They like to be recognized in masses. They are loyal to their closed ones. They have high self-esteem and sometimes tend to be arrogant towards others. 


Symbol- Hammock, front legs of bed
Ruling planet- Venus
Gender- Female
Gana- Manusha
Guna- tamas/rajas/tamas
Presiding Deity- Bhaga
Animal- Female rat
Indian Zodiac- 13°20′ – 26°40′ Simha

Under its influence the people tend to remain chilled out and care free. They like fun in life and have good communication skills. They are loyal and generous towards others and have long lasting relationships. They often show lethargic tendencies but are extremely talented and creative.


Symbol- Hammock, four legs of bed
Ruling planet- Sun
Gender- Female
Gana- Manusha
Guna- tamas/rajas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Aryaman
Animal- Bull
Indian Zodiac- 26°40′ Simha- 10° Kanya

It’s called ‘the star of Patronage. The people born under this nakshatra are sweet natured and love others. They love social gatherings and making friends. They are at their best when in a relationship. They are kind and helpful towards everyone. They tend to feel insecure when alone. 

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Symbol- Hand or fist
Ruling planet- Moon
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- tamas/tamas/rajas
Presiding Deity- Surya
Animal- female buffalo
Indian Zodiac- 10° – 23°20′ Kanya

Natives born under this nakshatra are good with their hands. They make good healers and artists. They are highly intelligent and talented people. They grasp things quickly. They can’t just let go of things and feelings. They refer the occupation where they can help others with their skills.


Symbol- Pearl, gem
Ruling planet- Mars
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- tamas/tamas/tamas
Presiding Deity- Vishwakarma
Animal- female tiger
Indian Zodiac- 23°20′ Kanya – 6°40′ Tula

It’s called ‘the star of opportunity’. Natives born under this nakshatra are charming and beautiful. They are good at expressing themselves. They communicate very well and have artistic pursuits. They are good at innovations and make great artists. 


Symbol- Sword, coral
Ruling planet- Rahu
Gender- Female
Gana- Deva
Guna- tamas/tamas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Vaya
Animal- male buffalo
Indian Zodiac- 6°40′ – 20° Tula

Under its influence the people make good communicators and express their thoughts and ideas in an impressive manner. They make great artists. They remain curious to know and learn about new things. They are intuitive and have great instincts. However, they can sometimes be egoistic.


Symbol- Decorated archway, potter’s wheel
Ruling planet- Jupiter
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- tamas/sattva/rajas
Presiding Deity- Indragni
Animal- male tiger
Indian Zodiac- 20° Tula – 3°20′ Vrishchika

It’s called ‘the star of Purpose’. Under its influence the people have prescribed set of goals and ambitions. They are determined and work hard to achieve their goals. They like competitions and never take a back step easily. They get jealous of others easily and often get angry when things don’t fall their way. 


Symbol- Triumphal archway, lotus
Ruling planet- Saturn
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- tamas/sattva/tamas
Presiding Deity- Mitra
Animal- female deer or rabbit
Indian Zodiac- 3°20′ – 16°40′ Vrishchika

Under it influence, the individuals make very good leaders. They are good at organizing things. They balance their work and personal relationship well. They have adjusting nature when in a relationship or in a group. They are good at sharing and make great friends. 


Symbol- Umbrella, earring
Ruling planet- Mercury
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- tamas/sattva/sattva
Presiding Deity- Indra
Animal- Male deer or rabbit
Indian Zodiac- 16°40′ – 30° Vrishchika

Natives born under this nakshatra are wise and intelligent. They believe in gaining experience at work and are good at dealing with power and wealth. They are possessive for their family and usually lead the house. They face a lot of struggles in life. They are not very social and have few loyal friends. 


Symbol- Bunch of roots tied together
Ruling planet- Ketu
Gender- Female
Gana- Neuter Rakshasa
Guna- sattva/rajas/rajas
Presiding Deity- Nirriti
Animal- Male dog
Indian Zodiac- 0° – 13°20′ Dhanus

It’s called ‘the root star’. Under its influence the people make for good investigators and detectives. They face various ups and downs in life giving a sense of pain to them. They tend to have a resenting nature and always blame others for their troublesome situations.

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Symbol- Elephant tusk, fan, basket
Ruling planet- Venus
Gender- Male
Gana- Manusha
Guna- sattva/rajas/tamas
Presiding Deity- Apas
Animal- Male monkey
Indian Zodiac- 13°20′ – 26°40′ Dhanus

It’s called ‘the invincible star’. Natives born under its influence are independent and strong. They are always trying to improve their situation by improving their status. They are good at manipulating and influencing others and have commendable communication skills. They often remain aggressive.


Symbol- Elephant tusk, small cot, planks of bed
Ruling planet- Sun
Gender- Female
Gana- Manusha
Guna- sattva/rajas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Vishwadevas
Animal- Male mongoose
Indian Zodiac- 26°40′ Dhanus – 10° Makara

It’s called ‘the universal star’. This nakshatra makes its people patient, soft and kind. They have immense endurance power. They are responsible people and perform their duties with great diligence. They are sincere and never lie. They tend to have lazy tendencies sometimes.


Symbol- Ear, three footprints in uneven row
Ruling planet- Jupiter
Gender- Male
Gana- Deva
Guna- sattva/tamas/rajas
Presiding Deity- Vishnu
Animal- female monkey
Indian Zodiac- 10° – 23°20′ Makara

It’s called ‘the star of learning’. The natives born in this nakshatra are intellectual and wise. They are always looking for new things to learn. They are good at listening as well as teaching others. They tend to remain restless and always travel to far off places to explore life.

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Symbol- Drum or flute
Ruling planet- Mars
Gender- Female
Gana- Rakshasa
Guna- sattva/tamas/tamas
Presiding Deity- 8 Vasus
Animal- Female Lion
Indian Zodiac- 23°20′ Makara – 6°40′ Kumbha

It’s called ‘the star of symphony’. Under its influence the people possess a lot of wealth and materialistic possessions. They are inclined towards music and dancing. But similar to the musical instruments they tend to be hollow inside and are always trying for things to fill this void. This often makes them self-centered and lost in themselves.


Symbol- Empty circle
Ruling planet- Rehu
Gender- Female
Gana- Neuter Rakshasa
Guna- sattva/tamas/sattva
Presiding Deity- Varun
Animal- Mare
Indian Zodiac- 6°40′ – 20° Kumbha

It’s called ‘the veiling star’. Under its influence the people remain secretive and have philosophical tendencies. They make good healers. They can be moody and lonely as they are not so good at communication. They tend to think highly of themselves in terms of knowledge.

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Symbol- Sword, two front legs of a funeral cot, Man with two faces
Ruling planet- Jupiter
Gender- Male
Gana- Manusha
Guna- sattva/sattva/rajas
Presiding Deity- Aja Ekapada
Animal- Male lion
Indian Zodiac- 20° Kumbha – 3°20′ Meena

It’s called ‘the star of transformation’. This nakshatra gives passion to its natives and they indulge well in whatever they do. They are two faced and are secretive about themselves. They have to face hardships and accidents in life and hence have to be careful. They are good at communication and influencing people.


Symbol- twins, back legs of a cot, a snake in the water
Ruling planet- Saturn
Gender- Male
Gana- Manusha
Guna- sattva/sattva/tamas
Presiding Deity- Ahir Bhudyana
Animal- Female Cow
Indian Zodiac- 3°20′ – 16°40′ Meena

It’s called ‘the warrior star’. Under its influence the people are good at controlling their emotions. They tend to be lazy. They are generous and cheerful in nature. They are extremely protective for their families and seek pleasure through their happiness.


Symbol- drum, pair of fish
Ruling planet- Mercury
Gender- Female
Gana- Deva
Guna- sattva/sattva/sattva
Presiding Deity- Pushan
Animal- Female Elephant
Indian Zodiac- 16°40′ – 30° Meena

This is the last Nakshatra. It indicates a journey, the final milestone of this life and moving from this life to the next. Under its influence the people have loving, kind and helpful nature. They have happy and positive attitude. They love social gatherings and getting to know new people. They are creative and imaginative. They make great artists.  They care for others and always help others.

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