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Sun, Mars and Mercury conjunction in Leo- Results and Influence on your life!

By: Future Point | 17-Aug-2021
Views : 7427Sun, Mars and Mercury conjunction in Leo- Results and Influence on your life!

An astrological event of amalgamation of the three main planets i.e. Sun, Mars and Mercury is taking place in the zodiac sign of Leo. Mars and Mercury are already present there and the king of the planets-the Sun will be transiting its own sign on 17th of August in 2021. Every year Sun comes to its own sign only once and is considered an important phenomenon as a planet coming to its own house is always welcomed. 

Mercury is neutral to Sun whereas Mars is its friend. So, in a broader sense this is a desirable conjunction as far as valor, self esteem, courage and respect in society is concerned. But astrology is about digging deep and to see the repercussions in its tiniest details. Today in this article we will discuss about the effects of this conjunction in generic terms as also on each specific zodiac sign. 

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First of all we have to understand what each of these planets forming conjunction stands for:

Mercury: It is a prime karaka of intellect, speech, wit and communication skills in a horoscope. 

Sun: It is a prime significator of father, authority, government, self respect, pride or arrogance and most importantly our soul.

Mars: It signifies anger, energy, enthusiasm, brother, blood, land and property in a chart.

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Actual meaning of conjunction

Sun and Mars both are fiery planets that give tendencies of aggression, quarrel, stubborn nature, arrogance and fight. Whereas Mercury is an earthy planet and represents our resources as earth element shows whatever we have or possess. So, when there is a combination of fire and earth, there is a rush for resources. The native may wants to hoard every possible materialistic thing. As a result, this conjunction may have a positive or negative impact on the natives’ lives.

August 2021 has brought multiple variations in planetary positions, and this would certainly interrupt your daily life routine. The ongoing conjunction in Leo seems suitable for Lovers and students appearing in government exams. Mercury in conjunction with fiery planets may give fiery speech and those with speech-related problems may notice certain improvements.

During the conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Mars in the Leo sign, Jupiter will be sitting opposite of these three planets. Jupiter is called the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. So, Jupiter may shower blessings on you too. Hence, there is a good chance to enhance your knowledge and wisdom during this phase. 

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In general, this conjunction may bring favourable outcomes for those living an isolated life like for a monk or nun or hermit. Three planets under one sign would be a treat to watch for lovers of astrology. But, with the union of Mars and Mercury, one may not expect extremely positive results. This is because Mars and Mercury share enmity between themselves. Therefore, we approached our best astrologers to record their views on the upcoming transit. Let us understand what exactly to extract from the union of these three planets.

Effects of the conjunction on all Zodiac Signs


You may have a decent time as far as your health is concerned. If already suffering from some long term disease then you may slowly recover from it during this phase. Singles will get an excellent chance to mingle up with the desired partner. For career also, this would be a suitable time. The students may go forward to pursue some new course. Those who are preparing for competitive exams can expect excellent results. You may have to face challenges in handling your financial matters. There are chances of indulgence in illegal activities, which are likely to affect your income.


Natives suffering with heart ailments may feel better and sound health is foreseen in the coming days. But, you must continue to take good care of your health. You are likely to get the partner of your choice. You and your partner will have fun time together and also plan some short trip or may alternatively visit new restaurants. Times are conducive for achieving higher education, while your spouse may get promotion and growth in career. You may plan to go abroad for education. Individuals under Taurus zodiac may find difficulties in achieving resources for stable income. Your uncontrolled expenditures may make you run out of cash or savings. So, spend mindfully.

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Stability in health is indicated and you will remain calm inside. You may decide to perform yoga and meditation activities to achieve your fitness goals. There prevails a harmony in relations with the life partner and love will flourish. You may get the desired response from your partner to build trustworthy connections. The students may get a fair chance to enhance their knowledge and learning skills these days. You may use it to pursue higher education and would get excellent results. Career goals would be in reach giving satisfaction both mentally and financially. Your main focus would remain on earning more and more money. You may discover varied ways to increase your income. You may also decide to invest in property or land.


You may have a normal time in terms of health. However, you must stay alert regarding your health. Otherwise, a need to see a doctor may arise. Students would succeed to crack tough exams with concentrations and focus in their studies. You may enroll for some new course and acquire new skills. Times are perfect for attaining education and knowledge. You may also get rid of your past financial troubles or debts. Chances are there to receive your stuck money back. There are chances of pay hike and increment in income. Those cancer natives awaiting marriage may get their desired partners. Singles may find their soul mates and get ready to start the wedded life.


Moving into this phase, a thrust of fresh energy will help you stay calm and healthy. It would be a decent time for your mental and physical health. Sun transit in Leo may make your ego go higher which may result in ego clashes with your spouse. You should keep check on your inflated ego and must not indulge in arguments or fights. Leo aspirants will have good time in terms of work and get closer to success easily. Your hard work and determination will bore fruits giving you success and praises. Job professionals may not meet their expectations in terms of finance. You may have to settle for less than what you would have expected. No pay hikes are indicated so just stick to your present earnings and wait for favourable time.

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Individuals under Virgo signs would focus on their physical health and have a suitable time to begin some physical activity and yoga activities. You should follow a nutritious diet and exercise regime to maintain fitness. Individuals may have a fair time moving ahead and may plan a holiday to your desired destination. Virgo individuals may have to work hard on their strategies to get the wishes fulfilled. Otherwise, you may have to settle for less or average results. Virgo investors may have moderate time to indulge in stock market activities. You may earn nicely from your past investments.


Minor health issues may trouble you at the initial stage. You may complain of body weakness due to seasonal changes. Singles may get support of their partners and may propose their desired life partner. Lovers may decide to take their relationship to the next level. Libra students may meet hurdles in achieving their academic goals. Those who are aiming for higher studies may need determined and focused efforts to get admission in top universities. The upcoming phase may bring suitable opportunities to achieve your financial goals. You may prefer to save money rather than spending it.


Your health is likely to be affected as Mercury and Mars’s conjunction may not turn out to be auspicious. Therefore, you should keep a close watch on your fitness and health. There may be misunderstandings with the spouse, but will not last for a long time. You may resolve issues mutually and look after each other. This phase may make you ambitious to achieve your best results in desired field of work. But, there are chances that you may not get the expected results. Scorpions may earn money through government jobs and authoritative positions. You may have to wait a little longer, but after that, you may expect a smooth flow of cash.

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Sagittarians may have ups and downs in terms of health. But after some time, you may feel well. It is advisable that you should refrain from unhealthy eating. This conjunction of three planets in Leo may work for you in terms of love relationships. Sagittarius Lovers may plan to tie a knot with their partner. Students may go abroad to accomplish their higher education goals. You will succeed in completing your post-graduation due to this supportive conjunction in Leo. Natives may spend more money on travelling and holidaying to have fun with pals. Your expenditures may remain higher than your earnings during this phase.


You need to take utmost care of your health else you may face sudden health troubles due to planetary changes. You may spend intimate time with your loving partner. You would be happy to spend time together in each other’s company. Capricorn natives may find troublesome period due to unexpected changes in their educational field. Health issues may further prevent your career progress. Those Capricorn natives who are involved in the medical or research field are likely to accomplish their financial goals. Also, you will succeed to have stable source of income.

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You may attain decent time in relation to your health. Past health issues may also get resolved, and you would feel fitter and healthier. This union of three planets may bring happy time for lovers to enter new phase of their life. Singles may receive proposals for wedding from their hometown. You may plan to settle abroad after completing your higher studies. Aspirants preparing for competitive exams may not get the desired scores. Individuals may invest money in new projects or new business. Those who are in partnership business should take care of their financial matters while dealing with others.


You may have to visit a hospital for health check-ups. You may stay physically active or may spend more time in the gym. You may plan to make alterations in your food habits. During this time, those seeking for a marriage should think twice before making any commitments. You may have a decent time in your love life. Students may need to make more efforts and stay more focused in their studies to achieve their goals. You may join new educational courses to gain knowledge and learn new things. Pisces natives may find difficulties in their financial status due to several health issues. Investors may have to bear loss of money. You may not benefit from previous investments. So, you are advised to take your investment decisions after much analysis.


Below are the remedies suggested by the experienced astrologers to follow during the triple transit of Sun Mars and Mercury. Through these you may easily overcome the ill effects of the transit.

  • Wear suitable gemstone to strengthen your weak planets.
  • Recite Gayatri mantra and offer arghya to Sun.
  • Donate red clothes 
  • You may also read Durga Chalisa on Wednesday.
  • Worship lord Ganesha with devotion.