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Transit of Sun in Leo on 17 August 2021- Know what’s in store for you!

By: Future Point | 17-Aug-2021
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Transit of Sun in Leo on 17 August 2021- Know what’s in store for you!

The king of all planets and the most powerful planet i.e. sun retains a prominent position in the world of astrology. It is known as atmakaraka or the planet signifying your soul. It is also a significator of Authority, Government, Self-confidence, Immunity, Fame, etc. So, its placement in a chart and also its transit are vital in predicting any events. Sun is currently placed in the water sign from where it will transit to Leo on 17 Aug 2021. Sun God will enter Leo sign from Cancer at 01:05 a.m. and will remain in this zodiac till September 17, 2021, and then move to Virgo.

Leo is the own sign of Sun and hence it will gain full strength while placed in its own sign. So, this transit is really important for those engaged in authoritative and management fields.

The In the month of August, Sun God will enter Leo sign from Cancer at 01.05. The Sun will remain in this zodiac for 01.02 minutes late on Friday, September 17, 2021, and then move to Virgo.

The placement and the strength of the Sun in kundali or natal chart along with the running Dasha, play an important role in deciding the effects of the transit.

A well placed Sun gives positive effects in terms of carrying authoritative powers for the welfare of the people. On the other hand a negative placement may give rudeness and arrogance to the person.

A well placed Sun assure fame in the life of the native. Hence, the transit result may vary from person to person.  Get expert guidance on various aspect of life by the best astrologers in India

This change of the sign of the zodiac by Sun will bring fame and prosperity to some people while others may have to face troubles regarding the significations of the planet Sun.

The planet Sun signifies fame, respect, authority, father, soul and self-confidence. The Sun will transit its own zodiac after 1 year, which is going to impact all the zodiac signs in a noticeable way. 

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Transit of Sun and its impact on different Zodiac Signs 


The sun will transit to the 5th house of Aries natives and will deliver mixed results. This position is neither too good nor too bad. You are likely to face troubles in your professional life but your increased self-confidence and courage will help you to overcome these troubles easily.

In fact you may turn these difficulties into opportunities for you. During this phase, there would be enhancement in your creativity which will help you in forming creative yet effective future strategies. Students will have to work hard to gain excellence in academics.

The time is not favorable for personal and love relationships as ego issues may surface creating troubles in understanding and love life. You are advised to handle the matter smartly and calmly to maintain harmony in relationships.   


For Taurus natives, the sun will transit to 4th house of your zodiac. There are bright chances of acquiring property in partnership. But you are advised to remain alert and read the papers carefully before signing them.

There might be some arguments in the family regarding the matter of wealth which may ruin your mental peace. Your mother may gain some authoritative post earning her prestige and prominence.

Your inflated ego may bring troubles and disharmony in married life. Calmness is the key to maintain harmony in relations during this transit. Leaders will gain popularity through their work. Your intellectual abilities will act as a guidance force in your studies and will bring you success. 

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For Gemini people, the sun will transit through your 3rd house. The transit of power packed Sin in your house of valor will enhance your enthusiasm and energy towards work. You will work with strong determination and focus in your work which will reap benefits in terms of appreciation all over. You will take decisions involving high risks in your professional life, and that, in turn, will prove successful. This period is financially sound and shows immense growth potential. The transit will also usher in great communication skills. People in the field of marketing/social media will gain new opportunities. Your soul will act as a guiding force and your subconscious will show you the right path. This period promises a positive transformation of your professional life. You may also plan a short work related trip which will provide a new professional opportunity. If you are waiting for approval regarding any government related task then there are bright chances to get it.


The sun is transiting the second house for Cancer natives. In this period, family security and accumulation of wealth will remain your primary focus. This is financially a good period for you with good potential for growth. You will tend to focus more on investments. People looking for new jobs may succeed in getting authoritative posts and those with leadership skills will earn prestige in their work. People engaged in family businesses may earn recognition in their efforts. The social status of your family will raise bringing fame. You might spend money on your own comfort. Stay conscious of your words while speaking; your false pride may earn bad name to you. Drive carefully. Your escalated levels of energy may bring arguments with your children, don’t force them to follow what you say. Children’s professional success may satisfy your ride during this transit.

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Your sign Lord will transit your Lagna which itself is a good news. You guys may expect some positive changes in your life due to this transit. The transit will make your leadership skills even more sharer and brighter. Your dedication and energy in your work will earn accolades and big chunk of money to you. Everyone at work will be impressed by your skills and decision-making ability. Your high energy levels and sound health can help you to complete your work before stipulated time. Workloads may be high but you will perform as per your abilities without thinking what others are thinking about you. Your generosity will gain you popularity in your workplace. Investment in the property is indicated, and it may prove fruitful in future. It is an excellent time to fall in love or initiate any serious relationship. Ego clashes in the family are foreseen, so take command of your harsh speech. With luck by your side, you will make materialistic gains during this phase.


For Virgo natives, the sun will stay in your 12th house. Virgos employed in MNCs or those engaged in import/export businesses will enjoy a good phase. The Work-relationship will become sound too. You will work hard to prove yourself, and there is a possibility of unexpected obstacles and challenges in the workplace. If you are a student or engaged in research work, you are likely to taste success. Try to avoid unforeseen circumstances and take good care of your health. You must maintain good hygiene and eat balanced diet. This transit may increase your expenditures, so take care of it with the help of a proper budget. You may rather make some fruitful investments during this time to save yourself from undue expenses. Legal issues are foreseen, so follow the rules and regulations. It is the time for professional transformation and you are likely to change your job.

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For Libra, the sun will transit to the 11th house of the zodiac. The 11th house is called the house of gains. There is a good possibility of getting a promotion leading to financial gains and enhanced social status. Your desires will be fulfilled during this period. Promotion will also add to work load and responsibility. At work, the stress will be there and at the same time take good care of your health. This is a good time to investment with a prospect of regular income. People in business will also be benefitted with big business deals. Your partner will support you throughout which will help you to perform better in your field. You will be appreciated for your excellent work. Take good care of your mother’s health. There are fair chances for the unmarried people to get married. 


The sun will transit to the 10th house of profession for Scorpion natives. This transit will support you professionally. You will be bestowed with new opportunities in authoritative posts. This phase will strengthen your financial and social status. Your boss will remain happy with your work and will appreciate your working skills and decision-making capabilities. Opponents may get weak and will not harm you. But don’t let this positive period fill your mind with ego as that may create problems in the future. Your chances of success are very high in whatever you do and you will overcome every competition with convenience. Intellectual capabilities will enhance, and students will perform well in competitive exams. You will try to balance your professional as well as personal life. 

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The sun will transit to your 9th house, the house of luck and religion. This transit of the Sun will definitely prove lucky for Sagittarians. This transit brings with it a favorable time for your career. Your colleagues and others at work will seek your guidance which will enhance your image as a philanthropic and intelligent person. Your strong personality will help you throughout during this period. You will achieve your set goals with hard work and strong dedication, which will provide you name and fame. Time is conducive for consultants and mentors to influence others. Students planning for foreign studies may see favourable outcomes. Others will work hard towards their higher studies and achieve success. Your Intellect will impress others and you will gather much knowledge. You tend to have religious inclinations and will focus on good karma through helping others or making donations. You may also plan an adventurous trip in this period.  


For Capricorns, the sun will transit to your 8th house which is not an appreciating position. You will have to work hard to get success in your professional life. Your luck will not support you and mental restlessness will follow, so practice spiritualism to remain cool and calm. You will face challenges in a personal relationship, Dominance of in-laws will increase. This is the time of transformation in your thought process. However, it is a favourable transit for research students and practitioners who may easily understand the core of the subject and perform exceedingly well in their findings. You may face government issues related taxation. Pay your dues on time to avoid any late penalties. Avoid arguments with authoritative people. Take very good care of your health and focus on nutritious diet. You are likely to get ancestral property. Avoid unnecessary expenditures or you might have to go through financial crisis. 


The sun will transit to your 7th house of partnership and spouse. Businessmen can be benefitted from this transit; their business may flourish. You may take some high-risk involved decisions which will help you get success. This period is financially good for you and shows tremendous growth potential. Your spouse will get new opportunities in authoritative posts and increase social status. But her inflated ego and dominance may create problems in personal life. People in service might have to work hard to prove their mettle in the office. You will try to be more assertive in your workplace, which will lead to an unnecessary mental burden and argument. A sense of anxiety or uncertainty will follow during this period. Take guidance from your friends and colleagues to resolve anxiety issues. Singles have a good chance to get a perfect match.   

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The sun will be sitting to your 6th house. This transit signifies good times for Pisces natives. Your working capabilities will be appreciated in the workspace keeping you at the top of the ladder. It will increase their social status in the company as well as in society. Your relationship with your boss will remain harmonious and rather improve. Your punctuality and time management skills will help you to finish your work before the stipulated time. Competition at work will motivate you to perform well to gain the desired results. The opposition will try to create difficulties but they will not succeed. Your health will not remain its best shape, so stay physically active to avoid any such situations. Channelize your hyper energy in a positive way else you may land in arguments with others.

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