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Raksha Bandhan and its Astrological Significance

By: Future Point | 18-Aug-2021
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Raksha Bandhan and its Astrological Significance

Raksha Bandhan is an affectionate festival of brothers and sisters. The festival talks about love, fraternity and sublime sentiments of sisters towards their brothers. This is an occasion to strengthen the bond of brothers and sister even tighter through selfless and sacred feeling of love for each other.

On this day, sisters prepare the puja thali while placing diya, roli, chawalrakhi and favourite sweets of their brothers. The tradition involves praying for the prosperity and long life of the brothers while the sisters tie rakhi at their wrists. The brother acknowledges the love with a promise to stand by his sister through all good and bad times. A sister ties rakhi on the wrist of her brother and also chant auspicious mantras, puts tilak and rice on his forehead and prays for his all round well-being.

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Astrological significance of the festival

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 22nd August in 2021. Astrologically, this day is called Shravan Poornima and it marks the ending of Shravan month. 

On religious grounds, a sacred thread is considered a symbol of protection, commitment and good luck. Interestingly, four planets are connected with raksha bandhan namely Jupiter, Mars, Sun and the Moon. These four planets signify an elder sibling, a younger sibling, father and mother respectively. 

 Mars is empowered in the birth chart when a brother gets the rakhi tied on his wrist and vows to protect his sister. Likewise the love and affection that the younger sibling or say sister shows towards her brother empowers Jupiter in the natal chart. Also a younger sister looks up to the elder sibling in a Fatherly or Motherly notion. In that case Sun that signifies a father and Moon that represents a mother are also influenced in the kundali.  

This is the beauty of astrology that relationships play an important role in propitiating or strengthening the planets. They can influence our nine planets better than any other remedy. The respect, love, care and affection that we show for our closed ones strengthens or weakens our planets also. This is a special day not only to garner blessings but also to rectify the problems in the birth horoscope without any need to perform any specific remedies. Everyone should make most out of this festival to assure the benefits year long.  

Similarly, the priests in the temple also tie the sacred thread to their religious clients (Yajman) and the subjects tie the 'Raksha Sutra' on the wrists of the kings with a view to protect them from all the evils. 

This year the Shravan nakshatra ruled by moon will be present throughout the day on Raksha Bandhan making it more auspicious than other times. You can expect the bond of motherly love in the relation. If you celebrate the day in right manner, the affection of brothers and sisters will improve with every passing day, and your nine planets will also find good reasons to bless you in the times ahead.

The Historical Significance of Raksha Bandhan 

It is believed that the tradition started after an incident mentioned in the Mahabharata. Once Shri Krishna got an injury at his finger by a sharp weapon, at that time, Draupadi tore the loose end of her sari and tied that around Shri Krishna's finger without even thinking anything. Shri Krishna accepted it as 'Raksha Sutra' and promised her to help in terrible times.

He kept his promise by helping her when Duhsashan tried to stripher clothes off in the darbar of Duryodhan, Sri Krishna protected her from extreme disgrace by supplying her with endless cloth.

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Raksha Bandhan 2021 Muhurat Timings

The suitable time to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan is during Aparahna which is late afternoon according to Hindu division of the day. If Aparahna time is not available then Pradosh time is preferred to perform the traditions related to Raksha Bandhan. 

The proper time to tie the thread on August 22, 2021 is from 06:19 AM to 05:31 PM

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Prohibited time

Raksha Bandhan 2021 rituals should not be performed during Bhadra kaal. Bhadra is a malicious time which should be avoided for all auspicious work. This kaal is published in news papers, online astrological apps like Future point mobile app too. 

It is suggested that it is good to consult an expert astrologer and then give the best gift to brother or sister that will bring prosperity and good luck in life.

For Example:

Suppose if Moon or Venus is malefic in the brother’s chart and if a sister is tying a silver rakhi to his wrist then it may create problem in his life. In the same way if brother is gifting something related to negative planets in sister’s kundli then it may create problem in her life. This may happen unknowingly as ordinary people are not aware of this concept. So it is better to consult an experienced astrologer who may guide you better.

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The Popular Mythology

Puranas narrate few instances of Raksha Bandhan. Once there was a war between the Gods and the demons, which continued for 12 years in which demons turned victorious and seized the reign of heaven. The defeated Gods were stranded and were forced to lead a precarious life. Indra, the king of Gods, went to devguru Brihaspati, the preceptor of God. 

They narrated how terrible their situation was, to which it was decided that there was no other alternative available than to wage war against the demons. This conservation was being heard by Goddess Indrani. 

She assured them of necessary help to overcome such dangerous situation. This day was the Shravan Purnima. Early in the dawn, the goddess took one sacred thread and after the recitation of the sacred hymns by the Brahmins, she took it and tied around the right wrist of Indra and told him to support and fight from the side of the devatas against the demons. 

As the sacred thread was purified by the holy mantra, it became powerful and protected the Gods against all evils and this vanquished the demons. 

The holy mantra reads:

|| येन बद्धो बलिराजा, दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः तेनत्वाम प्रति बद्धनामि रक्षे, माचल-माचलः ||

This is the Vedic recitation of the Raksha Bandhan mantra. Since time immemorial, this mantra has been chanted by the Brahmins when they tie Rakhis around the wrists of the natives. 

The same mantra should be chanted during tying of rakhi by the sisters to protect life of their brothers. On this day, the Brahmins are offered money and new clothes, and brothers give gifts to their sisters. This is the day of pure love between siblings.  

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Rituals concerned with the festival

The houses are cleaned and lord hanuman and forefathers are worshipped. They are served flowers, sweets, incense sticks etc. special dishes are cooked and Brahmins are fed and given some donations. 

In Bengal, the Jhulan Utsav starts five days prior to Purnima day and culminates on the day of Purnima. The idols of Krishna and Radha placed on a swing are worshipped and the females sing bhajans for Radha and Krishna. 

It is believed that the Shivlinga of Lord Shiva at the Amarnath cave of ice gains its full size through a natural process. A pair of white pigeon is believed to come there since time immemorial. 

Legend narrates that when Lord Shiva was narrating the story of immortality to Devi Parvati, she fall asleep and could not listen to the whole story while the pair of white pigeons heard the full story. 

It is said that since that time pigeons have become immortal and appear before the holy devotees of Lord Amarnath on the day of Shravan Purnima i.e. Raksha Bandhan day. 

As per the Puranas, goddess Lakshmi tied raki to King Bali on this day too. It is stated that on the day of Shravan Purnima high-speed frequencies trigger in the universe and high frequency elements are generated due to friction. These particles are then discharged into the atmosphere and they scatter around to form a cover on the ground. This is known as Raksha.

Nowadays, various types of rakhis are available in the market and it is a general practice that they are thrown away after few days anywhere however it should be stopped. These should not be dumped just anywhere as it is a sin. Hence, one must either immerse them or put them in the plants. These days organic rakhis too are in rage.

Astrological guidance for rakhis

Every person has a lucky colour deending upon his horoscope. It is believed that when a sister does a specific tilak on brother’s forehead and ties a sacred thread of a particular colour in a suggestive direction, the ritual proves even more effective and strengthens the position of Jupiter in your horoscope. The process rectifies the negative energies and gathers positive energies throughout the year.

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Tilak: Sindoor or roli

Thread: Red 

Direction: West

Benefit: To become responsible and control anger.


Tilak: White chandan

Thread: Blue 

Direction: North

Benefit: Comfortable life.


Tilak: Kesar

Thread: Green 

Direction: North

Benefit: To gain intellect and knowledge.


Tilak: Kajal

Thread: Black

Direction: South

Benefit: To overcome sudden problems in life.


Tilak: White chandan

Thread: Violet 

Direction: South

Benefit: To gain sharp memory


Tilak: Haldi

Thread: Yellow 

Direction: East

Benefit: To strengthen monetary aspects

Astrological suggestions

If brothers and sisters are not staying in the same city and are unable to meet in person, a sister should tie a yellow thread on the wrist of Lord Krishna and pray for the longevity, welfare and prosperity of her brother. She can also recite vedic Krishna mantra too.

Another tip to assure prosperity and wealth in life is to getup early in the morning and free from daily routine. Now firstly perform dev tarpan and worship your business place and things which you use in your business. Tie the holy thread at the doors of your office and home. Also tie the rakhi on items which you use in routine chores of business.

Also don't forget to worship your safe or the place you keep your cash. Installing siddha shree yantra or other yantra for protection is also suggested. 

Hearty wishes for this wonderful and affectionate festival of brother and sister bond. May this festival bring all round prosperity and luck in your life! 

Best wishes- Team Future Point   

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