Sun and Mars Coming Together in Virgo in September 2021

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 11-Sep-2021
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Sun and Mars Coming Together in Virgo in September 2021

Sun and Mars are the fiery planets in Vedic astrology. Sun is called the king while Mars is known as commander in chief in the planetary cabinet. Before understanding the conjunction of Sun and Mars, it is important to understand their specifications individually. 


Sun is represents our soul, immunity, father, government, politics, authority, ego, self esteem, creation ability, health, purity and education. Sun adds a lot of directness, restlessness and a quick-to-anger kind of energy to the native.


Mars represents our courage, energy, enthusiasm, will power, how we take action, how we do our work, how we get angry and how we assert ourselves.

When you combine Jupiter, it tends to expand, and sometimes overdoes, anything it touches, there is a potential for an anger-driven, very aggressive person.

To understand how are planets are responsible for what we are and how do we behave? It is interesting to talk to astrologer to get a deep insight into our personality.

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Sun and Mars conjunction

Astrology lovers know that the Sun and Mars share a friendly relation. None of them is suppressing the other rather supporting the specifications of the other. In a way, their conjunction brings a lot more energy to the house they have been placed in together. Sun likes to order and Mars like to follow, there is no suspicion and the combo wants to win over the specifications of the house they are placed in conjunction at any cost. The house they are affecting is probably the most focused area of your life. One should talk to the best astrologers in India to know the focus or aim of your life. 

For example, if this conjunction is taking place in the third house then you will wish to dominate your siblings or friends with all your might. This conjunction can’t accept defeat and infuses the native to get the desired goal by hook or crook.

Natives with this conjunction are great entrepreneurs and love to take their own decisions. They just can’t work for or follow orders of the others.

However, one should keep in mind the nakshatra, sign and house altogether to come to a precise conclusion. The distance measured in terms of degrees between them also matters and more intimate they are more they will affect each other. If sun and Mars are very close and Mars gets combust then also we can’t expect good results out of this conjunction.

Some traits if Mars is combust and conjuncts with the Sun

  • The native would become very angry/dominant/anxious/possessive in nature.
  • The native would face health troubles mainly related to fire, electricity, radiation and thunderstorms.
  • The native would face health issues impacting their brain/blood systems in the body.
  • The native would remain angry, dominant, possessive and moody in nature.
  • The native would possess high level of intelligence and would be able to decode even toughest secrets (or) possess toughest talents/skills.
  • The native would remain mildly depressed (or) remain less communicative; and would remain slow in taking quick decisions.

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What their conjunction in Virgo means:

Virgo is an analytical sign which strives for perfection and wants everything in orderly manner. They are critical of others and hardly do anything without giving a thought or in haste. The conjunction in Virgo tamps down the directness, and extremely short temper. Virgo is very analytical and careful. 

Mars is in the sign of enemy when placed here while Mercury is neutral towards Sun. So, Sun is in better position here than Mars. Their placement in the chart will further decide the dignity and the auspiciousness of the planets. Sun in Virgo makes the person skilled and intelligent. His intellect powers get a boost through this placement. 

Mars in Virgo makes the person detail-obsessed in all his activities and tasks, with a preference for perfection. But at the same time, Mars is energy driven and just wants to take action without much thinking. So, there is a constant struggle between the intellect and energy. This person remains confused between perfection and action. This person tends to think and think before bursting out in aggression. There may also be a tendency to correct others in an aggressive manner. As Virgo wants things in meticulous manner and the placement of Sun and Mars here may add harshness to the speech and the ways of expression.

This combination also makes for influential writers, journalists, publishers, you tubers and debaters. So, although this planetary combo could be useful for getting a lot of things done, Virgo will have to deal with the fiery energy of the planets in combination of perfectionism.

Sun/Mars is great for physical vitality, and adding that to Virgo give this person a pretty hale & healthy body. If this combination lies in the sixth house of your kundali then it is better for the native. 

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Sun and Mars conjunction in Virgo in different houses

First house: If the conjunction is in the first house, the native is a strong headed person with determined goals. However, his mind will remain energetic and he doesn’t think much before reacting. But whatever comes to his mind, he just wishes to accomplish it.

Second house: With sun and Mars in the sign of Virgo in the second house of wealth makes the person extremely indulgent in family and wealth. The person wants to accumulate more and more money with focus on materialistic gains. He dominates his family and may resort to harsh speech.

Third house: If the conjunction is in the third house, the native tend to have an influential social circle and powerful friends. The native dominates his siblings and wants to assert his power in all his acquaintances. He might be an influential writer, debater or media person.

Fourth house: This conjunction in the fourth house disturbs the domestic happiness as the native wants to keep everyone under his control without caring for their emotions. This position gives a successful mother or on the contrary the native may have bitter relations with the mother.

Fifth house: You are an intelligent student who wishes to grab attention all the time. Your competitors are scared of you as you will go to any extremes to highlight yourself and gain accolades. You want your kids to be equally influential too.

Sixth house: You are a terror to your competitors and colleagues in office. You apply every technique like wisdom, power and strength to win over your opponents. You may arrange funds systematically and most of the time will remain free of diseases.

Seventh house: This placement in the seventh house gives ego hassles with the spouse and the business partner. However, you are born to do business only but not in partnership.  

Eighth house: This combination in the eighth house is not at all apprehensive for marital relations and the outer world. You tend to face obstacles in all your work targets but at the same time may be a great occult practitioner.

Ninth house: This position gives religious inclinations and the native may enjoy blissful relations with his father and teachers depending upon the dignities of the planets.

Tenth house: This is a favourable position for someone in politics or government sector. He might enjoy recognition at the work place and will do anything to gain status and respect of his seniors or boss. He has immensely polished skills.

Eleventh house: This placement gives name and fame along with monetary gains. This position may also help the native to gain awards and recognition. 

Twelfth house: The native is strong headed and spends mindfully. He may have religious pursuits depending upon the placement of other planets. 

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