Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn 2021- an important phenomenon

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 10-Sep-2021
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Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn 2021- an important phenomenon

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn: Jupiter and Saturn are the two most important and slow moving planets of astrology. Jupiter is gigantic in size and is capable of influencing a person in each and every way regarding his wisdom, religion, intelligence, prosperity and wealth. 

On the other hand, Saturn is known to be the hard task master that gives results according to the karmas of an individual depicted through the placement of the natal planets in his kundali. Saturn rules two signs consecutively i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius. 

It is the only planet that controls 60 degrees of the whole zodiac on a continuous basis. Second sign gives the results according to the deeds done by the native while it was transiting through its former sign. 

There is always immense importance attached to the conjunction of two slow-moving planets. On 18th September 2021, the world is going to witness the union of Saturn and Jupiter in the Capricorn sign. Both the planets will be in retrograde motion when they meet in the Saturn-ruled Capricorn sign. Saturn, the strict disciplinarian and judge of our past karmas, is already in retrograde motion there from May 2021.

On the other hand, Jupiter, the most benefic planet of our cosmic world, is also going retrograde in the Aquarius sign as well. So, the biggest planet will enter the Capricorn sign in mid-September thus causing the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. The combination of these two planets suggests supportive time for the business people. However, some of them may have negative impact depending on their zodiac sign or ascendant.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn- an explanation

Conjunction means union of two or more planets in astrology, it is basically coming together of two planets in the same house or same sign. Here, Jupiter and Saturn are forming a conjunction in the Capricorn sign. And the most interesting part is that they both are moving backward. This reverse motion is known as the retrogression of planets. So, there would be a point where Jupiter and Saturn both will meet each other while moving in the same sign. Now, let us know the date and timings for this astrological event.

Date and time for Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction

  • Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn: Sept. 18. 2021.

Effects of Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on Zodiac Signs

Below is the explanation what the best astrologers in India have to say about the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This planetary conjunction may either have positive or negative effects as per the placement of the conjunction in the different houses for a particular native. Also, one can talk to astrologer to get time tested effective remedies to curb the negative effects of the conjunction in one’s life.


For Aries natives, the conjunction will take place in the tenth houe and which is supposed to benefit its natives greatly. Working natives may expect promotions and salary hikes. You would remain determined towards your work goals and will take your profession seriously.

Those seeking to change job may switch over their jobs to acquire the desired results. Your position may rise, and you as a person will get admiration for your hard work. Your identity and personality will improve. Aries Students would be ecstatic, and education may be their primary focus at this time. Lovers may take their relations to the next stage and may form formal ties.

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The association of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn will take place in the ninth house of your zodiac. The conjunction will favour its natives. Those working in a professional field may plan business trips.

You tend to get highly spiritual. The transit will give you time to introspect and you may check out your belief system before bringing any changes to your life. Those awaiting legal hearings may get the results in their favour. Taurus students will be supported by luck to get desired results in the exams.

Graduate students may consider pursuing for higher studies. Some natives of the Taurus sign may also plan to visit religious places. While others may take foreign trip or plan to settle in a foreign country.


The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may not bring favourable results for the twins. This would be the phase to see your inner self and improve your flaws. Your life may undergo an abrupt transformation, which may come as a sudden surprise without any preparations on your side. During this phase, you may discover new things and may develop a few hobbies too. Those engaged in research and development fields may grow their interest in such activities. Also, it would be a great time for the jewellers. Unexpected situations may give you sudden gains. Natives may improve relationships with their in-laws. Singles may find a new love all of a sudden.


Cancer individuals may have good times when Saturn and Jupiter will be together. This would be an excellent time to tie a knot. Singles who desire to get married may get a chance to meet love of their life. Lovebirds would be serious about taking their relationship to the next level. For those who are facing problems in business may begin to get relief. It is feasible to start a new business during this time. Legal matters will be resolved and you may get respite for some time. Those opting for a divorce may reach the conclusion.

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Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn would put minimal impacts on the natives of Leo sign. You may continue to progress in your daily life. Your health will improve and you will remain keen on boosting your fitness level. You may take interest in exercise and sports activities. But, your aggressive temper may land you in trouble. Students may have to face tough situation, so they have to work harder. Leo students have to take care of their health. If you had borrowed money in the past then it’s the time to make repayment.


Virgo-bound natives are going to reap the maximum of this conjunction in a positive way. Virgo students may have easy time in academics and they may focus on other activities as well. You may also plan a picnic with your friends. Also, relations with your parents may improve in the coming months. Artists and those engaged in creative fields may enhance their skills. Some of you may indulge in speculation and illegal activities, which may drain your financial status and hence is not advisable. Lovers may have intimate time during this phase. Single natives may tie a knot with the love of their life.


Libra individuals may benefit from the conjunction taking place between Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. You may invest in beautification or renovation of your house or may also decide to buy a piece of property. Also, you will face fewer obstacles in constructing your new home. You may be able to win your spouse’s trust. You may have to take good care of your mother’s health. In this phase, you may buy a new vehicle too. Students will perform well in their studies as they may get support from their teachers and parents. In regards to health, older natives having heart ailments may recover well. Lovers may meet each others’ parents.

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The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn will prove auspicious for natives holding the Scorpio sign. The transit will give you an adventurous spirit, so travelling goals are likely to get accomplished. Your relations with your siblings may become better. During this phase, artists may boost up their creativity level. Even writers will do well and write influential literature or writing pieces. Times are favourable for those who are working in journalism and media sector. Your speech will get impressive and you would be able to communicate well this time. Scorpio students would be motivated to perform well in their studies. Romantic lovers may have trust issues which may spoil the relationship.


Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn may help Sagittarius natives to enjoy a favourable time. Financially, you may come up with new strategies to achieve your financial goals. You may find new sources of income. Those who have financial issues may start getting beneficial results. Your personal life would be quite pleasant, and your issues may begin to diminish. Some celebrations in the house may bring joy into your life. A keen interest in the studies may help you gain excellent results in the exams. In a love life, you may have your partner’s support. Those who are considering remarriage should go ahead.


Capricorn individuals may have a positive impact from the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. A fresh beginning in one’s personal life would be welcomed. You would remain quite serious and realistic. You may possess an egoistic attitude to deal with. You may wish to take control of each and everything. It is also an excellent time to arrange a wedding. You may discuss it with your spouse and put all of your work into it. New love will refresh your life, and you may end up committing at a faster pace. You may make use of the perfect opportunity rather than being lethargic. This could be because there is a possibility that you two may decide to part ways.


Transiting Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn sign may bring mixed outcomes to the natives under Aquarius sign. Those waiting to move to a foreign land may get good news and may plan further. Travelers should take advantage of this suitable conjunction moment as you may have hassle-free outings during this time. Natives with Aquarius signs may incline towards spirituality and in this process, you may inspire others as well. Any old diseases or health issues may crop up by the grace of Jupiter. Students born with Aquarius may not remain interested while pursuing their educational courses.


The upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn will have positive impacts on the natives having the Pisces sign. Investors may find an excellent opportunity to make a new investment. You would be actively investing in new things, to form a solid basis for future benefits. Your past business’s issues may begin to fade, and you may finally see results. Entrepreneurs may have a suitable time to start something new. You may get benefits from your work and efforts. You can expect peace and harmony in your family life. Pisces students may suddenly grow love for sports activities. Meanwhile, it may distract them from their studies.


This union of Saturn and Jupiter may bring unexpected results varying from good to bad. Saturn may keep you closer to success but it demands discipline. Business owners may see stability in their cash flow. Jupiter may help you reduce the negative impacts of malefic planets. These two slow-moving may have an effect on our lives and for that, it’s better to take online consultation to gain maximum of this conjunction. You can contact our team of best astrologers to get your weekly, monthly or yearly reports.

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