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Astrological Statement: Big transits in September-October and effects on Corona

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 11-Sep-2021
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Astrological Statement: Big transits in September-October and effects on Corona

Transits play a pivotal role in the world of astrology. It is a common belief that nine planets and 27 nakshatras have the ability to influence each and every aspect of our life. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the major planets giving us results of our past deeds through their placement and transit as per our kundali. In such a situation, it is even more important to understand that their transit or zodiac changes along with the running dasha affect us during different phases of our life. Not just individual lives but they impact the globe taken as a whole.

September and October are the important months from the point of view of transits. Let us understand the transit of planets from September to October, and their impact on our country, the orld and human life. A talk to astrologer can better clear the picture for a particular individual but this article too gives a general insight. Transit means an astronomical event occurring in the universe, whose effect is seen on the masses. All the good and bad events that happen in our life i.e. all kinds of incidents depend completely on the planetary movements.

A general view of the current transit

Transit means the movement of planets in the present time, in the month of September to October, the zodiac changes and constellation changes of many big planets will be seen. Now let's talk about the current transit. Mars changes its zodiac sign to Virgo, Venus leaves its debilitated sign and transits to its mool trikona sign Libra on 5th September and the third major change is Jupiter's transit to Capricorn on 14th September.

Regarding the present transit, changes will be seen in the coming time due to the change of zodiac and constellation of many big planets. The best astrologers of India have kept a keen eye on these transits in these crucial times of pandemic. At this time, Mars will remain in the state from August 17 to November 29, 2021, and is both the king and minister of this year.

Mars is virility, strength, courage. But in the present time, Mars is combust. A combust Mars will bring decline in the level of confidence. Mars represents commander, police, real estate, so all these qualities will lose prominence.

Our Prime Minister, Modi ji too have strong influence of Mars in his chart, so combust Mars will give tough time and challenges to him. The change of Mars in Virgo signifies mass movement and also reveals some contradictions. There may be border disputes. The situation will be worse in the North West regions.

Combust Mars acts like negative Mars, so terrorist incidents will increase as is evident through the Taliban crisis.

Between September 27 and October 11, 2021, the retrograde of 3 big planets will create a bustling atmosphere all over the world. On September 14, as soon as the guru enters Capricorn, he will form a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga, so first the results of neech i.e. low levels will be obtained, then Raj Yoga will occur, although Saturn will remain in its own sign hence will be in a strong position and the Guru will be in afflicted state, yet the results of the Guru are not too bad to witness. 

Two big planets Saturn and Guru will be placed in the earthy sign and in the Navamsa, the conjunction of Saturn, Mars, Rahu will be in Aries, which is in the twelfth house of the horoscope of India. This placement is indicating fear of the occurrence of some unnatural event.

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Corona fear

Transit of Rahu and Mars on the same degree and transit of Rahu to Sun's nakshatra i.e. Kritika is showing signs of rapid spread of the epidemic. Although the circumstances will not be as bad as before, they will remain under control.

There are indications of worsening of the environment in countries outside India, so due to the change of many zodiac signs, some changes will definitely be seen in the whole world. On October 18, 2021, when Jupiter will become direct, the situation in the world will start improving and an atmosphere of peace will prevail in the world. This will show some improvement in the coming times.

The law and order, military system, justice system will accelerate due to Saturn being in transit on October 11, 2021. Situations of anti-social elements will be controlled. There will be a reduction in the prices of petrol and oil. The planetary transit will be in favor for India in the coming times and India will not bow down under any circumstances, and will have amazing ability to lead.

In the horoscope of Bharatvarsha, there is a difference of Mercury in the Moon. Mercury which is currently transiting in Virgo sign and in the coming time it will also form Budhaditya Yoga with the Sun, so its results will be good, Mercury is transiting in its mool trikona sign, hence business, job New avenues will remain open.

Mercury, which is the ruler of mental consciousness, the ruler of commercial activities will boost great enthusiasm in all these areas. Mercury which gives expertise in management related work, hence the transit of Mercury on the Moon will act to lead the economy towards the right path.

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