Remove Black Magic or Evil’s Eye on You

By: Future Point | 15-Feb-2022
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Remove Black Magic or Evil’s Eye on You

There are several people who often complain that as soon as happiness knocks at their door some bad news immediately takes their happiness away. And in some cases people can’t understand the reason behind frequent failure and obstacles in work. Why does this happen? Why some people can’t enjoy a smooth life even after having all the facilities in life? Why generations after generations you have to face similar kinds of disease or problems in family?

The answer probably lies in our karmic bondage and the planetary placements in our chart certainly indicate undesired situations leading our lives into unbearable difficulties. In a chart there are certain astrological doshas that may create a lot of troubles and major adversities in our lives. However, with a talk to astrologers we may always detect and rectify these major doshas and attract peace and fortune in our lives.

Let’s understand few of such negative doshas attracting misfortune in life:

Kaal Sarp Dosha

Kaal Sarpa Dosha is a highly negative yoga bringing demotion in an individual’s life. It is formed when all planets lie within the axis of Rahu and Ketu. Kaal sarp dosha brings a lot of struggle, sadness, and difficulties in life. None of your efforts seem to bring results and you always wander aimlessly in life.

It may cause failure in business, physical and mental weakness, troubles in marriage, etc. Hence, its detection and rectification through proper Vedic rituals is required to remove frequent obstacles and misfortunes in life. 

Pitra Dosha

Pitru or Pitra Dosha is one of the most negative yoga that talks about karmic debt of the ancestors of an individual. It is a wrath of our ancestors which has to be paid by the individual himself. A person with Pitru Dosha in his/her kundli may face unforeseen and sudden obstacles and diseases in life. This mainly affects the health and longevity of the native. This Dosha is formed when Sun or Moon are in conjunction or they form any connection with Rahu or Ketu in your birth chart. Rahu’s effect on the fifth and ninth house also creates Pitru Dosha in kundli. Hence, this dosha may be the cause of your never-ending troubles. The best astrologer may suggest Pitru Dosha puja which may rectify this highly inauspicious yoga. 

Nadi Dosha

Nadi dosha is checked at the time of kundli milan of the couple and is another most inauspicious doshas present in the birth chart. Those couples who face problems in marriage, progeny or any other problem related to your children may be due to nadi dosha. You may also have to face serious health problems. Hence, it is essential to pacify this dosha in your Kundli.

Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosha is known to many and it definitely disturbs your happy married life. Manglik Dosha is formed due to the affliction of Mars in the Janam Kundali. It is considered malefic, and if it there in the horoscope, then the marriage may not remain blissful. Manglik dosha may cause delay in marriage, health troubles to you or your spouse, fights and sometimes separation and divorce etc. But, effective remedies as suggested by our astrologers may counter the malefic effects of Mangal Dosha in our lives.

Doubt of Black magic and Evil’s eye/nazar lagna

The belief in evil eye is age old and we often notice our elders mentioning this term when we meet something bad or unexpected in our otherwise happy life. Evil eye is an envious glare that is known to bring a curse to our life. Most of the cultures have a belief system of evil eye which may cause misfortune or injury to the person. In India, we call it ‘Nazar Lagna’ and most of us believe in this as at some point in our lives we have come across to this mysterious glare. Jealousy or envy is the major cause behind an evil eye.

Astrological combination for black magic or evil eye:

Whenever Saturn and Rahu are associated in our birth chart, there is a tendency of receiving evil eye or black magic. Even if Rahu is placed in the sign of Saturn, then also the same combination is said to be active. Saturn and Rahu are two malefic planets and out of these two, Saturn is known as karmkarka which judges and punishes us based on our karmas. On the other hand, Rahu is known to carry karmic debts of our past lives through the house it is placed in our birth chart. So, any associations of these two karmic planets definitely activates past karma connections in this life. We fall victim to evil eye so as to repay our karmic debts but at the same time we may save us from such negative dosha by rectifying our karmas. The best astrologer may suggest the karmic remedies based on kundli analysis to remove misfortunes in life.

Common symptoms of Evil Eye or buri nazar

  • Frequent vomits
  • Difficulty in breast feeding or absence of milk
  • Tensions and too much expenses
  • Souring of milk often, food going rotten too soon
  • Constant business or personal losses
  • Impotency and infertility
  • Total body pain
  • Heaviness in body, numbness of hands
  • Heavy eyes and feet
  • Frequent fights in family
  • Stomach ache and dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Too much sweating and negative thoughts
  • No control on speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Abusive tongue
  • Babies crying a lot all the time
  • Saliva dripping
  • Negative thoughts like suicide
  • Getting fainted quite often 
  • Thinking to murder someone
  • Exhaust all the time

General remedies to remove evil eye or buri nazar in an individual’s life:

  • If someone has an evil eye, then that individual should wear a black thread from the temple of Bhairon Baba in his neck or hand.
  • One may regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan to avoid buri nazar.
  • One can also wear Panchmukhi hanumanjis locket.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and apply vermilion at the forehead.
  • Make a roti and bake it from one side then apply oil on the baked side and also apply red chili and salt on it. Now rotate it seven times over your head and keep it quietly at a crossroad. It is believed to bring immediate relief from evil eye.
  • You may also put salt in a bowl in your house to keep away buri nazar.
  • You may burn camphor, guggul and loban together and spread the smoke in all corners of house/office every day to keep away black magic from your surroundings.
  • Burning incense sticks is also an effective measure to remove negativity from your house.
  • One may blow shankh in the morning to do away with any kind of negativity in the house.
  • Women and children may wear kohl to prevent them from an evil eye.
  • People hang horse shoe and nazar battu at the front main door of the house to save the surroundings from evil eye.

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