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By: Future Point | 21-Aug-2018
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Raksha Bandhan is considered as a very auspicious celebrations in Hindu dharma. It is celebrated across India, where the Sister would tie a sacred thread on the wrist of her brother. This Sacred thread is also known as Rakhi, which symbolises, bonding between the brother and sister. In fact, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the full Moon day of Shravan month (usually starts from July 23 – August 22) though the date on which it is celebrated every year can vary. Thus, in astrology the Panchang is used to reckon this auspicious day and time. Accordingly, in 2018, the date of Raksha Bandhan celebration is on 26th August 2018. Further, the auspicious timing of Raksha Bandhan this year is from 6:02 AM to 18:50 PM (ISD)

In Raksha Bandhan the tradition is that the sister would visit her brother’s residence and tie the sacred thread, “Rakhi” as a mark of bonding between them. The word "Raksha Bandhan" has originated from two words that is “Raksha” which means providing a protection to Sister and “Bandhan” which means a bond. In fact, the celebration is to make the brother feel that nothing is more important than the beautiful bond of love and affection by their sister. In return brothers promise his sisters to provide a cover of protection as long as they will live. So, the word Raksha Bandhan refers to the bond of protection that is shared between two people, brother and sister.

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In fact, in Hindu tradition, the celebration of Raksha Bandha is not only extended to the biological brother and sister, but even to appreciate the sanctity and purity of the bind that is shared by two individuals. These two individuals can be any one considering each other as brother and sister. For example: they could be someone working in the same organisation or living as neighbours. Thus, the relevance of Raksha Bandhan is high in Hindu dharma. This is also seen in our Hindu Mythology Mahabharata. We shall discuss this later in the article.

Now, some westerners believe that this is mere superstitious. They should be advised to consider reading the Hindu mythology for a perspective. They find it hard to believe that an inexpensive thread when tied on the wrists of their brothers become so expensive and powerful that nothing can mire their strength. There have been stories in the past relate to the strength of this powerful relationship of brother and sister and of the power of this beautiful bond called Raksha Bandhan.

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Let us see what the Hindu Mythological stories suggest.

Draupathi and Lord Krishna: As mentioned earlier in the Mahabharata, Draupathi, wise of the Pandavas considered Krishna as her bother. The story goes like this, On the day of Makar Sankranti, there was incident in which Lord Krishna cut his fingers. Looking at the oozing blood form his finger Draupathi was hurt and tore off one end of her Sari to tie a knot on the cut finger of lord Krishna. Looking at the great affection of Draupathi, Lord Krishna promised her to protect her life in every sphere. And, this promise of Krishna was immortalized when Krishna came to rescue Draupathi when she was being disrobed (Cheerharan) as Lord Krishna made the sari never ending which kept being extended. And, this is how Lord Krishna kept his promise to protect her sister as long as she lives.

Another story is that of:

Yama and the Yamuna

Once when Yama (Lord of Death) visited his sister Yamuna, she treated her brother with a gigantic feast overwhelmed with joy. She also tied a bond of love on her brother's wrist and overwhelmed with her affection Yama asked her to tell him a wish. And, Yamuna asked her brother to visit her as soon as possible. With this, Yama was so much moved with the affection of his sister that he gifted her with eternal life. It is hence River Yamuna is the longest tributary of River Ganga and it flows all through the year tirelessly.

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Thus, these are some of the stories on Raksha Bandhan and to know more, one can write to us at We at Future Point are a team of expert and learnt astrologers for the past 3 decades.

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