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Rakhi - A Celebration Of Brother-Sister Bond

By: Future Point | 22-Aug-2018
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Rakhi - A Celebration Of Brother-Sister Bond

India is a land of festivities. These festivals are celebrated as a Mark of respect or reverence to the occasion. Therefore, each celebration has its own importance and purpose. One of the celebrations in the country is

Rakhi celebration. The Indian festival of celebrating Raksha Bandhan is seen on the day of Poornima or Full moon day in the month of Sharavan. Though the date can vary every year, but the celebration is carried out on the Month of Sharavan (usually starts from July 26 – August 26). Accordingly, in 2018, the date of Raksha Bandhan celebration is on 26th August 2018. Further, the Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat this year is from 6:02 AM to 18:50 PM (ISD)

So, in Raksha Bandhan, the sister visits the place of her brother and ties a simple but strong sacred thread on the wrist of her brother as a mark of love and affection, which also signifies bonding. In return, the brother promises to protect his sister for life and this reflects in the term Raksha – which means protection and Bandhan means shield (Kawach).

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In fact, the tradition of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, is being celebrated form time immoral. Few of their examples can be experienced in the Hindu Mythology.

Let us see what the Hindu Mythological stories suggest.

Draupathi and Lord Krishna: As mentioned earlier in the Mahabharata, Draupathi, wife of the Pandavas considered Krishna as her bother. The story goes like this, On the day of Makar Sankranti, there was incident in which Lord Krishna cut his fingers. Looking at the oozing blood from his finger Draupathi was hurt and tore off one end of her Sari to tie a knot on the cut finger of lord Krishna. Looking at the great affection of Draupathi, Lord Krishna promised her to protect her life in every sphere. And, this promise of Krishna was immortalized when Krishna came to rescue Draupathi when she was being disrobed (Cheerharan) as Lord Krishna made the sari never ending which kept being extended. And, this is how Lord Krishna kept his promise to protect his sister as long as she lives.

Another story is that of:

Yama and the Yamuna

Once when Yama (Lord of Death) visited his sister Yamuna, she treated her brother with a gigantic feast. She also tied a bond of love on her brother's wrist and overwhelmed with her affection Yama asked her to tell him a wish. And, Yamuna asked her brother to visit her as soon as possible. With this, Yama was so much moved with the affection of his sister that he gifted her with eternal life. It is hence River Yamuna is the longest tributary of River Ganga and it flows all through the year tirelessly.

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Further there are many more examples in the past which marked the importance of Raksha Bandhan. For example: Late Sri Rabindranath Tagore started gathering people for ‘Rakhi Mahostavas’ at his residence, Shantiniketan and propagated the feeling of brotherhood amongst people. He believed this will infuse the feeling of trust and of peaceful coexistence. Raksha Bandhan envisages as a way to harmonize the relationship of humanity. The tradition continues as people tie Rakhis to their neighbours and friends. Thus, the bonding was not merely restricted to blood relations but also to close friends and family.

As time progressed, there has been change in the manner in celebrating the festival of bonding, “Raksha Bandhan”. In the present age, no doubt the basic fabric of the festival remains the same, but there a is certain element of Glamour added to the same. For instance, well before the celebration, new dress is bought by both the brother and sister. This dress is the occasion wear which marks the colour of happiness and job.

On the eve of celebration, the brother and sister would spend time with each other and enjoy various delicacies’. The brother, especially returns an expensive gift to his sister as a mark of affection from his side. These gifts can be jewellery, Gift vouchers, Accessories, Wrist watches etc., In this manner, some element of change has been introduced to suit the present age.

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Sometimes the celebration becomes an extended family get together, where many family members assemble at one venue and celebrate the festival in high and pompous.

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