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Power of Vastu in shaping your Destiny

By: Future Point | 20-Mar-2020
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Power of Vastu in shaping your Destiny

Do you know that you can harness incredibly powerful & positive energies from the universe by incorporating the wisdom of Vastu?

Bring the magic of Vastu in your life and attract unprecedented success & prosperity!

It is perfectly fine to aspire for growth & success in life, so that we may have resources that bring prosperity and add a luxurious tone to our lifestyle. 

We all work so hard to fulfill our dreams and make abundance, an integral part of our lives. However, out of the countless number of people working in the same field, only a few are seen scaling new peaks of success and the rest just keep getting exhausted by the challenges that life throws at them.

Have you ever wondered, why?

This is because, it is not just our hard work that leads us to success, but it is the support of subtle yet incredibly powerful cosmic forces that propel us towards success & affluence.

Remember the universe at large, plays a highly vital & significant role in determining the result of our actions. It is these universal energies that are a prime deciding factor in whether we will stand apart from the herd and make a mark for ourselves or not!

Now the question is: “How do we receive these energies?”

Well, first we need to understand that every structure in the universe attracts specific energies based on its design, both on the outside as well as the inside. 

There are “both positive as well as negative energies” in the universe and as per its design inside-out, every structure attracts and stores the energies that have affinity with it.


Vastu is the architectural science of Gods that makes it possible to create a channel of positive energies towards a structure and retain those energies inside the structure to ensure bliss & prosperity in the lives of people that come in contact with that structure.

The Holy Scripture that holds the sacred knowledge of the science of Vastu is called- “Vastu Shastra”.

The power of Vastu cannot be quantified in words but can only be experienced. Be it a residential building or a commercial one, its Vastu would decide the type of energies that flow towards it and the impact that those energies would have on the people dwelling or working in it.

If the Vastu of a  place is off balance, then it is said that the place has a “Vastu Dosh” or a flaw in its Vastu.

As per the science of Vastu, a structure has pre-designated areas where the five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) reside.

Accordingly, places or functionalities must be established & allocated inside a structure that would interact with these elements in a harmonious manner.

For example, if you establish a kitchen in the area designated for the Water element, then there would be a disturbance in the energy field in that area, resulting in long term health implications.

People who have repeated quarrels in their family or have diseases repeatedly coming to affect them or even unfortunate events like untimely deaths, are often the ones that reside in a place that has Vastu Dosh.

You must have seen businesses that sky rocket with profits while functioning at a particular place even when the people that run those businesses do not do anything extraordinary and also those that go bankrupt despite the owners doing everything right as far as business tactics are concerned.

The answer lies with the type of energies that dwell in those places.

What can be done to ensure a Perfect Vastu?

Well, take the prudent step of buying or constructing a property only after consulting a Vastu Specialist to make sure that the property that you build or the one that is already constructed, qualifies on all Vastu parameters.

But what if someone is past that point and already has a property that has a Vastu Dosh?

To address this very common & pertinent issue, Vastu Shastra prescribes many remedial measures that alter the energy field of a place to achieve the desired results. These Vastu remedies vary as per the goals & objectives of a person and the current state of Vastu of the place in question. 

Make no mistake, these Vastu remedies are extremely potent & powerful and have the strength to ward off negative energies from a place that are wreaking havoc in the lives of people that are associated with it.

Therefore, if a person wants stable & harmonious family relationships, good health and abundant wealth, he/she must consult a Vastu specialist to get Vastu tips for home.

During the ancient times, the application of Vastu was very much prevalent in our society and countless buildings are a testament to this fact. 

Take for example- the temples. Temples were always built after incorporating a great amount of Vastu related research in order to build such a spiritual center that would attract & store highly positive & prosperous energies from the universe, so that whoever comes in contact with the temple would benefit immensely and move higher in life!

This is the reason why today, numerous people are going for vastu shastra tips for temple and incorporating them in their home temples to derive the same positive effects that they get when they visit an ancient temple.

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Shankha or Conch

A Shankha or a Conch is an article that is considered very auspicious, simply because of its unparalleled capabilities to attract energies that promote abundant wealth & sound health along with several other benefits.

It must be noted that a Shankha emanates vibrations that ward off evil energies inside our homes that are meant to harm us.

A conch prevents the natives of a house from all kinds of black magic spells. 

Furthermore, a Shankha speeds up the professional growth of individuals that come in regular contact with it.

However, a Shankha must be brought in a house after consulting a Vastu expert as there are many types of Shankha with each having its own uses & functionalities. 

For example, a person looking to have a growing business should go for one type of Shankha, for someone interested in a job promotion, should go for another type.

Hence, consult a professional to get the right Vastu tips for Shankha.

The two most popular and widely sought after Shankha/Conch are Vishnu Conch and Ganesh Conch. 

People who are primarily inclined to receive Vastu energies that bring wealth & prosperity, buy Vishnu Conch while people who are entangled in legal problems or are looking to get rid of their enemies, go for a Ganesh Conch in Brass.

One thing to keep in mind is that- while it is important to correctly identify the type of Shankha/Conch that is best suited for your goals, it is equally important that you must know how to keep that Shankha so that it continues to attract and spread powerful vibrations.

Again, only a professional can provide you with relevant Vastu Tips for keeping Shankha.

To conclude, we would say that Vastu Shastra reveals highly useful Vastu concepts that have the ability to change the very course of an individual’s destiny. There are so many remedies in Vastu Shastra that if adopted can move the wheel of fortune in your favour and make you achieve the kind wealth, health, success and bliss in your life, that you otherwise would not have thought possible.

We urge you to contact Future Point to book a Vastu consultation by highly experienced Vastu experts. Keep reading online, many powerful Vastu related articles.

It is time that you should act smartly and bring positive energies in your life that are out there in the universe, simply waiting for you to welcome them through the sacred science of Vastu!

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