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Puja room Vastu tips for every house

By: Future Point | 06-Nov-2018
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Puja room Vastu tips for every house

Puja room in the house is one of the auspicious places where we worship God and pray for the fulfillment of our all desires. This divine place of the house should be filled with positive vibes and energies. Vastu Shastra has effectively set some guidelines that help in designing Puja room. One can know the perfect direction for puja room to the design, color, and materials that are ideal for this place. Many people overlook to have a separate puja room due to some space constraints at home but it should not sideline the need to make a place for a deity. Puja room is the place where we get energized with positive vibes and that energy will stimulate our body, mind, and soul. This pious room should be designed carefully as per the Puja Ghar Vastu because when you do meditation, you should gain positive vibes from it. If it’s in the wrong direction then it will not give you any positivity.

As perb Puja Room Vastu Shastra,there are certain parameters regarding Vastu for Pooja Roomwhich needs to be followed, are:

    • Directions:
      The Northeast direction is considered to be the most sacred and auspicious direction of the house. It is said that this is the divine direction. If you do not have space for Puja room in this direction then the east or north is the second best direction for Puja room. If your house is east facing then your Puja room should be ideally located in the north or east corner. Preferably you should face towards east direction while praying.
    • Precautionary steps:
      Puja room is a sacred place and it should not be placed underneath the staircase because it will indicate that people walk over the roof of the mandir. Apart from that, a toilet is a place which contemplates negative energies, so placing the puja unit next to or against the wall of a toilet or bathroom is considered inauspicious.

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  • Rooftop Design:
    Pyramid structured roof is an ideal design for the Pooja room. It is believed that this structure enhances the positive energy in and around the space. If you are constructing a new house and planning to design a separate puja room then incorporating this element into the structure will be easy. Wood and marble made temples are also available in the market which is beautifully carved. Generally, wood carved puja room will cost you Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 20,000 whereas marbles’ mandirs are more expensive.
  • Floor:
    The ground floor is a recommended place for the temple at home. According to Vastu Shastra do not place it in the basement or a higher floor of the home.
  • Idols Placement:
    Do not place statues of god over 9 inches in height or less than 2 inches. It is necessary that air flows freely in all directions around the idol of the deity. Hence, idols should be placed a few inches away from the walls and a slightly higher level than the ground. The feet of the idol should be at chest level when you are seated in the room to pray. The idol should face towards the east direction while praying. The puja room in the west facing houses should have the idol placed facing the north or east wall. Also, ensure that there is no toilet or kitchen behind the wall of the puja room.
  • Color:
  • Always use tranquil and soothing colors in the puja room. White, pale yellow and light blue are the suitable color for painting walls of the puja room. It is said that lighter shades help to reflect the light and make the room brighter. Avoid too dark or bold shades as they will interfere in the silence and calmness of the room. White or cream toned marble is recommended for the floors of this room.

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  • Lighting:
    Design the puja room with a window in the northeast to optimize the natural light entering the area. Diyas and lamps are always present in the room but you can increase the amount of light in the room with the help of artificial lighting.

Vastu tips for Puja room

  • Don’t store anything above the cabinet or slab where the deity’s idol is placed.
  • Never construct/place the puja ghar in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom.
  • Avoid entering the puja room without cleaning/washing your hands and legs.
  • Copper vessels should be used in the puja room for any activity related to Pooja.
  • A triangular pattern of any deity should not be drawn in this sacred space.
  • Agni kund should be in the southeast direction of the puja room. Always offer oblation sacred things to the fire while facing the east direction.
  • Lampstand should be placed in the south-east corner of the puja room.
  • Have two shutter doors of high-quality wood for the pooja ghar.
  • Keep showcases and almirahs towards the west or south direction of walls.
  • The entrance of the pooja ghar must have a sill.
  • Do not carve the wall to get a place for keeping idols.
  • Never keep broken statues of God.
  • Idols should not be directly placed in front of the entrance door of the prayer room.
  • Never put the idols taken from old temples in your pooja ghar.
  • Do not hang photographs of animals and birds in the pooja room.
  • Photos of passed away people should not be present in the pooja room.
  • Never keep a dustbin in the pooja place; it reduces the positive energy of the room.
  • Do not sleep in the prayer room.
  • Don’t keep the objects in the pooja room that do not belong there.
  • Under any circumstances avoid concealing any money or other valuables in pooja place.

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