Simple Vastu tips for the entrance of the Home

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Simple Vastu tips for the entrance of the Home

The main entrance of the house is the entry and exit point of the energies. The main gate of the house is the point which welcomes the family and guests in the house. There are positive and negative vibes present in the surroundings which affect the life of the inhabitants of the house.

We know that positive energy brings happiness and prosperity in our life but negative energy gives pain, problems and health problems as well. If you want to protect your family from these negative energies and increase the level of positive ones at home, you should follow some Vastu tips for entrance.

Today, we have brought some simple Vastu tips for the home entrance.

Main gate and entrance door

According to Vastu, Main gate and the entrance door along the same line is considered to be inauspicious. It will protect the house from direct flow of energy. This also ensures that no shadow falls on the main door.

Direction of entrance

You should choose the right direction for your entrance door. North, northeast, east or west are the best directions for the entrance of the house. As per Vastu rules, these are auspicious directions for the entrance of the house,

Outside negativity

Always place the doormat near the main door of the house. It is believed that doormat absorbs the negative energy and prevents it entering your home. Doormats also wipe the dirt out from the shoes.

Size of the entrance

Entrance door should be bigger in the size than any other door of the house. It is good if it’s open in the clockwise direction. You can also manage the main door in two parts instead of just one, it is more auspicious.

Vibrant surrounding

Decorate the entrance area of the house with beautiful and vibrant things. This gives you and your family happy and good vibes while entering or going out of the house.

Steps on the entrance

If there are steps for the entering in the home, make sure that it should be in odd numbers. Try to avoid steps in even numbers. It should higher than the approach way or pathway. The nameplate is also very important for the entrance of the house. It is said that nameplate invites wealth, prosperity and good health into your home or family.

Corners in the entrance

One should avoid the corners in the main gate or entrance of the home. If there are any corners in the entrance area then constructed it a few feet away. It enhances the prosperity and wealth of the family.

Cleanliness of the door

Always clean the entrance of the house. Make the pathway beautiful so that your mind and soul will be filled with a positive vibe while taking the way to your home.

This direction brings illness

If the door is facing south-east direction then it brings illness, health problems, and anger and court matters for you. Fixed Gayatri mantra stickers on both sides of the door West facing door is also not bad for the youngsters.

What to do for the main entrance

  • Always use good quality wood for the entrance.
  • The main door should not make noise while opening or closing.
  • Have a threshold at the main door. It reduces the chances of loss of wealth and money.
  • Do not use dull or dark colors on the entrance door.
  • Design your main door above ground level.
  • The total number of doors in a house must be in even numbers.
  • Decorate the main entrance with green plants.
  • The main door should be open at 90 degrees.

What to avoid

  • Your main door should not be facing directly to another home’s main entrance.
  • Make sure that your main door directly facing a compound wall.
  • Don’t keep shoes in front of the main gate. Keep them at a side.
  • Avoid keeping dustbin or garbage near the main entrance.
  • Automatic doors are also not good, according to Vastu.
  • Avoid the main door at the center of any wall.
  • Don’t use black color to paint the main door.
  • Do not place the temple directly in front of the entrance door.

By following these Vastu Shastra for home entrance, one can increase the happiness, prosperity and wealth in the house or family.

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