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Installing a Shankh at Home for Energy Vastu

By: Future Point | 24-Oct-2019
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Vastu Shastra is an age-old traditional Indian science of harmony and prosperous living by reducing negative and improving positive energies around the individuals by tampering with the living space. Vastu harmonizes nature’s powerful energy sources, such as – sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic and cosmic energy. Vastu tips play a very crucial role in terms of spreading positivity and auspiciousness.

Installing a Shankh for Powerful Vastu

Shankh comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words "Shum" which means something good and "Kham" means water. It is also said that the word Shankara was been derived from Sankha-kara which means conch-blower (Shankha means conch and Kara means blower). Vastu says that the vibrations emitted by blowing a conch can eliminate the negative energies. Conch shells are considered sacred and Vastu Tips for keeping Shankha at home must be followed thoroughly.

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Energy Vastu With Shankha

  • Shankha shells should be placed in the puja room that should always be designed in the north, the east or the northeast directions.
  • It should be noted that two conch shells should not be placed together for worship at the same place.

Do’s and Don’ts while Installing A Shankh

  • Conch shells used for blowing should not be used for offering water to deities or other puja rituals.
  • Do Regularly cleansing of the conch shells with Gangajal and wrap them in sacred white or red cloth.
  • Worship the Shankha regularly and ensure they are blown into at least twice a day.
  • Do not use the Shankha for offering water to Lord Shiva or Sun.

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Ganesh Conch in Brass

Ganesh Conch is a symbol of Lord Ganesha. It is highly beneficial for overcoming Pitridosha and delay in marriage. It is also considered beneficial that brings good health, blessings of Laxmi and comfort. Worship this conch on a regular basis for overcoming obstacles and accomplish the pending tasks.

Vishnu Conch

Vishnu Conch is the symbol of enrichment of money, wealth, comfort, prosperity and positive energy. Darshana of this conch brings auspicious results like the accomplishment of tasks, eradication of diseases and longevity and the devotee gets a special place in the abode of Vishnu i.e, Vishnulok (Vaikunth). This conch brings the blessings of Goddess Laxmi also.

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Top Vastu Consultant Suggests Vastu tips for home

Vastu Shastra offers numerous ways to better your life path without making any huge expenditure. Every Vastu defect has some kind of remedy.

  • Since the main door is the entry for the energies in the house, so keep it clean and decorated for attracting wealth.
  • The color purple represents wealth, hence painting the walls of the house purple would be beneficial.
  • Placing a mirror right in front of the cash locker is another way to attract wealth.
  • Keeping water bodies in the North-Eastern direction of your house symbolizes the flow of constructive energy.
  • Maintain a free flow of air in the house & for a better flow of fresh air, wind chimes on the entrances ensure the cash flow.
  • Temple is a sacred place where all the devotees worship God so it should be a positive and peaceful place. Vastu Shastra tips for the temple should ensure that there is enough space for the family to sit down and pray. The temple area should have a good and healthy flow of energy.

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