Perfect Kundli Matching made easy through Top Astrologers

By: Future Point | 22-Mar-2019
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Perfect Kundli Matching made easy through Top Astrologers

Well, people in the Hindu culture have been taking the help of Vedic Astrology for the betterment of their lives, since times immemorial. They have the first hand experience of the magic of this ancient revelatory science and know this for a fact that it is possible for a person to take charge of his/her destiny by incorporating the wisdom of Vedic Astrology.

Today we are going talk about the role of Vedic Astrology in arguably the most significant aspect of a person’s life. Yes, we are talking about marriage!

Vedic Astrology lays down certain amazing principles which after being applied on the horoscopes of both the boy & girl, an experienced astrologer performs what is popularly called "Kundli Milan for Marriage" or "Kundli Matchmaking for Marriage". This process is extremely crucial and its importance in the Indian society cannot be stressed enough. Kundli means a Horoscope and Milan means Matching. Hence, Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching is a process wherein the horoscopes of the boy & girl are matched. But matched for what?

Well, for making each & every Marriage Prediction that not only reveals the fate of their marital union in their lives ahead but also gives them a chance to rethink about tying the knot if the planetary situations in their respective horoscopes give a "thumbs down" in terms of the success of their union.

Once the astrologer is done analyzing the Kundali for Marriage of the couple and arrives at a result that deems the couple astrologically fit for each other as life partners, the couple go ahead with ease and tie the knot knowing that the cosmic bodies support their marriage.

So what makes an astrologer come up with the perfect Kundli Matching results every time? Simple, the consistency in following the principles prescribed by Vedic Astrology when it comes to analyzing Marriage Matching Horoscopes of the couple is the very basis of an astrologer’s success in this process. Frankly speaking, this is the fundamental requirement for getting perfect results out of an astrological analysis pertaining to any aspect of a person’s life.

Kundali Matching

What does an Astrologer looks for while Kundli Matching?

An astrologer who is genuinely the Best Astrologer for Marriage, always follows each & every principle of Vedic Astrology with respect to Matchmaking and looks for all possible planetary permutations & combinations to arrive at the perfect result.

An astrologer analyzes the following:

True Nature of both the Boy & Girl

Societal compulsions might hide the true nature of people to a certain extent but when it comes to evaluating the compatibility factor between two people who are willing to live as husband and wife, it is very important to decipher their true & innermost nature as in their personal lives it is this real nature that will spring up and decide the outcome of their engagement with each other on a larger scale of time together.


Every couple wishes to become a parent and raise their child in the best way possible. It is for this reason the horoscopes of both the couple are analyzed to see whether childbirth is signified in their respective horoscopes or not. If there are problems seen becoming a parent then such couples are warned in advance about the incompatibility of their horoscopes with respect to the event of childbirth.


Yes, you hear it right. If any one of the partner has extremely bad positioning of planets with respect to matters of finance in life, then this will have a rub-off effect on the financial state of the other partner, resulting in an overall weak financial situation of the couple as whole which will make it very difficult to ensure bliss & prosperity in this materialistic world.


Same goes with health. If one partner is having negatively signified health in life then this will diminish the prospects of leading a happy and fulfilled life ahead. In case of females negatively signified health by planets creates complications in bearing a child as well. So if such is the case of health as per the horoscope of any of the partner then either the match should be avoided or some appropriate astrological remedies that can ward off the negative health issues should be timely adopted.

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Manglik Dosha

This Dosha (Flaw) is formed by the ill placement of planet Mars in the horoscope and it creates extreme turbulence in the marital life of the couple ahead. Mars is a very volatile planet and Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosh unless treated timely & properly brings bitterness in relationship and in certain unfortunate cases even results in the death of a partner.

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State of Venus

Venus is the natural significator of marriage and love. If Venus is positively signified in the charts of the couple then it gives an assurance of a bright marriage ahead.

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State of Jupiter

Jupiter represents sound health, good finances and also promotes childbirth (expansion of family). Hence it is vital to have a positively placed Jupiter.

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Strength of the 7th House

This is the prime house of marriage as it represents life partner or spouse. 7th house should be free from the presence or aspects of planets that are considered troublesome for marriage such as Rahu, Ketu , Saturn and Mars. Also the Lord of 7th house must not be placed in the 6th house and vice-versa as it creates turmoil in a marital relationship.

Strength of the Ascendant

Last but not the least, the ascendant should not be placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses of a native’s horoscope as it weakens the overall kundli or horoscope.

Guna Milan

Guna Milan is important in marriage matchmaking. It is actually a bundled process which takes into account eight parameters on which the couple’s compatibility is evaluated and those parameters include many of the stated above as well.

These were some in-general things that if kept in mind while analyzing the horoscopes of a couple for marriage, can result in the crucial compatibility score that helps them in knowing what the planets have in store for them.

However there are many other factors that are specific to the actual personal horoscopes of the couple and are to be analyzed comprehensively. Therefore, we urge you to consult with the highly experienced & absolutely brilliant astrologers of Future Point to get a perfect Marriage Match Making analysis and eventually a Favorable Time For Marriage as well!

The astrologers of Future Point suggest incredibly powerful remedies for a happy married life that have the potential of pacifying the negative outcomes from the couple’s match making as per their horoscopes and ultimately enhance their compatibility score to ensure a blissful & prosperous married life ahead! So whether you want Free Kundali Matching or a detailed match making analysis by professionals, Future Point is there to help you!

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