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Horoscope Matching for marriage – Science or Superstition?

By: Future Point | 16-Jun-2018
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Horoscope Matching for marriage – Science or Superstition?

Marriages are made in heaven. This common belief has been prevailing in society since ages. With the passage of time, the so called the advancement in science and technology has enabled Man to climb the steps of progress in life. No doubt the advancement in Science and technology has played a great role to bridge the gender gap. Due to this, Man and Woman work together in office, a boy & girl spend time in their college and so on in social gathering.

The emotional quotient of the duo comes into play quickly and there is instant attraction. It has been very common these days, where a Boy and Girl consider this emotional quotient as normal and a need of their age. They consider the horoscope matching for marriage as a superstition as importance to emotions takes the centre stage.

But is the practice of horoscop matchmaking, kundali or Gun Milan through an astrologer or through any Kundli software is a superstition or it works? Is there no science in this practice? Let us evaluate this fact through the light of our ancient texts.

As astrology or Jyotisha is considered as the eye of Vedas, the ancient texts have thrown enough light on the subject. Astrology has been divided into three parts or Skandhas. These three parts are called Skanda Traya. Skanda Traya are Siddhanta Skandha, Hora Skandha and Samhita Skandha.

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Now in the branch of Siddhanta Skandha the subjects such as: Arithmetic’s, Trigonometry, Geometry and Algebra were introduced. Thus, the great subject called Mathematics was born from Vedas. Now, in the Siddhanta Skandha, there is a topic in Arithmetic named Sameekarana. The literal translation in English for Samekarana is Equation. This topic of equation becomes the foundation in mathematics. No topic of Mathematics is complete without Equations. Further the topic of Probability was also introduced in Arithmetic’s under the Part of Siddhanta Skandha.

Now, in the Matchmaking, our great sages developed the following parameters and assigned them a probability scope or points to evaluate the two horoscope for Matchmaking known as Kundali Milan. The following are the eight paraments known as Ashtakoot Matching which were assigned importance accordingly. These eight paraments if clearly understood one by one, then the answer to the above query can be found easily.

Guna/Topic Life Area Represented Maximum Points
Varna Work life 1
Vasya Dominance of either of the partner 2
Tara Destiny of the Couple 3
Yoni Mentality 4
Maitri Compatibility 5
Gana Gun Level (Individual Quality) 6
Bhakoot Love and Romance 7
Nadi Health 8

From above given table it is very clear that our great sages give importance to every aspect of married life & properly quantify & assign numbers for each area with the plan of attaining compatibility score in Match Making for assessing the probability of compatibility between a boy and girl. Thus, it is very clear, that this part of match making is certainly a science.

However, the ancient texts never said no to love marriage, romance and emotions. Why? Since in the above exercise, one must even take the help of emotional quotient to arrive at a suitable match. It is also not that, one should get the maximum points or score to declare it as a best match. It is always a balance of the above score points or equations which will decide the success of match making.

Thus, if the Guna on Maitri is very strong, certainly the attraction will be high. Therefore, can one blindly reject Matchmaking as Superstitious? The readers can certainly give their inputs.

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Ancient texts never made strict principles of Matchmaking, before getting married. It only provided a scientific method to answer the question of match making.

Still, one will certainly ask, did love marriage happen in the olden days? If yes, did they enjoy happy married life? Many were quite successful. Therefore, the classical authors did not state that match making is a compulsion before entering nuptial knot. No religious Hindu texts would ever say on the stringencies as we also give importance to Advaita Philosophy (A subject of Non-dualism) also.

However, on a situation where Matchmaking becomes a pre-condition for conjugal happiness, then our astrological texts have given the scientific methodology on how to match any two horoscopes for a happy and successful married life.

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