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Meru Trayodashi 2019

By: Future Point | 29-Jan-2019
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Meru Trayodashi 2019

One of the most important Jain Festival, Meru Trayodashi is celebrated to commemorate the Jain Devotee Rishabh Dev who attained nirvana on this day. The festival is celebrated on the thirteenth day of the month of Magshir and is observed in the remembrance of Pingal Kumar. Jain religion holds every living being in the highest order and believes in strict non-violence policies. They prophesized certain principles which when followed by their disciples can help them attain nirvana through simple sacrifices of their vices.

The occasion of Meru Trayodashi marks the day on which the first Tirthankar of the present day, Rishabha Dev attained Nirvana on the Ashtapad Mountain. Thus Meru Traydashi is also known as the day of Nirvana Kalyanaka of Rushabha Dev.

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When is Meru Trayodashi celebrated in 2019?

Meru Trayodashi in 2019 would be celebrated on the 2nd of February 2019, Saturday.

The people of the Jain community believe that one can do good deeds in the current birth so that their next birth cycles do not have to face the consequence of any ill fate. This is the reason why every festival and occasion in the Jain community is celebrated with such zeal and happiness. Their teachings include a doctrine about sacrificing materialistic comforts of our living.

In Jain religion, special importance is laden on the activities and rituals of the Puja. It is believed that we can make our life bloom with sweetness and harmony under the influence of truthfulness and perseverance.

What is Meru Trayodashi?

Meru Trayodashi is the festival of Jain religion that celebrates the Nirvana attainment of their first Tirthankara, Rishabha Dev. Treated with equal reverance like a god, Rushabha Dev attained “Nirvana” at the pious spot of Mount Ashtapad, which gave this day another name of Nirvana Kalyanaka.

How is Meru Trayodashi celebrated?

It is the joyous festival which marks the attainment of moksha of the first Tirthankara of Jain Religion. The disciples of Jain Religion who observe a fast on this day will have to follow the same tradition for 13 years and 13 months. The disciple will also have to make 5 Merus and perform a Jap of

“ओम् रं श्रीं आदिनाथ पारंगतता नमः”
“Aum Rhim Shrim Aadinath Parangataya Namah”

By following the above-mentioned rules a devotee can get the blessings of Pingal Kumar and bring propitious results in his life.

Meru Trayodashi Ritual

The Jain festival 2019 of Meru Trayodashi celebrates the vivid elements of the Jain religion, which include number, mantra, symbols, and the universe related characteristics of auspiciousness. The number 13 has a special connection with the festival of Meru Trayodashi. With how auspicious the day is, we recommend you to take a personalized reading of your Horoscope from an expert Astrologer to know what the year and all its festivals will bring forth in your life.

Just like all the other Jain Festivals, Meru Trayodashi is also celebrated by visiting temples, donating, listening to the fables of the past along with religious songs and stories. It is believed that regular observance of fast, donation, and sacraments will nullify the ill-deeds of the past as well as the present and helps attain peace and prosperity in the life of the devotee.

On Meru Trayodashi the devotee has to follow and observe a strict fast of “Kovihar”, which translates to a fast wherein you can’t eat or drink. If a devotee observes a fast on this day, he/she will have to donate to a monk and then break the fast. However, ideally they have to repeat this fast every 13th day of the month for a minimum of 13 months, and a maximum of 13 years. Following this ritual allows the devotee to nullify all the bad deeds and harbinger prosperity in his/her present life. It is advised that the follower must abide by the rules of Meru Trayodashi ritual as per his/her capacity.

Future Point wishes you a Happy Meru Trayodashi 2019!

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