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Are you having Problems in Business? Get solutions by your Friendly Astrologer!

By: Future Point | 29-Nov-2018
Views : 3805Are you having Problems in Business? Get solutions by your Friendly Astrologer!

Everyone is enamoured with the idea of a business, simply because of the freedom that it provides of 'becoming your own boss'. But people who have not been exposed to doing a business, often miss the fact that - 'Business is a double edged sword'. While it provides freedom from working under a boss, at the same time it carries enormous risk to the capital invested. Also, businesses work on the principle of demand and supply which means that while the potential of returns is huge, so is the risk of making a loss. Fair enough. What about those who are already in a business but facing problems in their business?

The solution is - Business Astrology!

Since times immemorial, the divine science of Vedic Astrology is providing amazing insights into the future and suggesting incredible remedies to alter the course of destiny in your own favour. The branch of Vedic Astrology that deals with analyzing the business prospects in an individual's life is referred as 'Business Astrology' and the

How is the analysis of a Business Horoscope or a Business Kundali started?

Identifying the type of business (Solely owned or in a Partnership):

The 7th house is the house of business partner and if in a native's horoscope, the condition of 7th house signifies an unsuccessful partnership, then going for a business in partnership must be avoided. A brilliant astrologer is even capable of finding out whether one is likely to encounter a fraud at the hands of a partner/s in his life or not?

Favourable Sectors for Business:

Business Astrology also finds out the sectors that as per the role & situation of planets and stars in an individual's life, are favourable in terms of profit and stability.

The Houses that are analyzed for Business

2nd House:

It is the prime house that signifies the bank balance or accumulated wealth in the life of an individual and we all know that a big bank balance can very well be considered as a barometer of success in business. As per business astrology, malefic planets like Rahu (North Node of Moon), Ketu (South Node of Moon) and Saturn present in the 2nd house dents the attributes of bank balance or accumulated wealth in a business person's life. This straightaway means that the person is likely to face tedious challenges in business.

Plus, even the aspect of such malefic planets casts a negative shadow on this house making the business domain, a pool of hurdles in an individual's life. On the other hand, Jupiter is a planet that promotes gain of wealth and Mercury also favours business. Therefore, a 'strong' Jupiter and or Mercury placed in the 2nd house or casting an aspect on the 2nd house enhances the prospects of order gains in business along with better margins.

7th House:

This is also the prime house of business. Therefore, a strong 7th house with benefic planet/s placed in it or casting an aspect on it, is a must for people who are into business. Presence of Saturn in this house gives delays in business orders, clearing of payments etc. as Saturn along with obstacles signifies delays. However, it must be carefully noted that Saturn in the sign of Libra in this house becomes very powerful as Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra.

This gives a positive momentum to the business prospects and overall state of business in a native's life. But, do remember that Saturn being a planet of extremes, gives wild swings both ways. So, one must treat all the negative aspects of Saturn in his/her life by performing remedial measures as suggested by an experienced business problem solution astrologer. The presence of Rahu or Ketu in 7th house on the other hand, create unwanted friction in the business with severe regulatory hurdles from the authorities.

10th House:

Although it is a house of profession in-general irrespective of the nature of profession, but placement and aspects of benefic planets is a must as far as this house is concerned. Because whatever the nature of one's profession maybe, it needs to be supported by a strong 10th house on the positive side.

It is interesting to know that Rahu in 10th house makes a person establish an empire and become a highly known & influential public figure, but it also brings tussle with the administration as well and even leads to the downfall of a native in certain cases. Therefore, a native with Rahu present in the 10th house of his business horoscope must consult with an experienced business astrologer that has mastery on astrology for business success.

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11th House:

How can one ignore analyzing the house of gains, when it comes to determining the state of business or analyzing problems in business? The 11th house decodes the state of business in a native's life. It is said that in most cases, any planet present in the 11th house is more or less beneficial for business.

12th House:

This is the house of expenditures and is a very tricky house to analyze. That's because, on one hand expenditure is an integral part of business as one cannot start a business or run a business without having expenses in the form of investments, payments, salaries, maintenance etc. However on the other hand, if the 12th house signifies expenditure in business far more than earnings/profits from the business, then the business is bound to suffer from capital crisis in the longer run.

Miscellaneous Aspects

A lethal combination:

Planets giving the combined results of 5th, 8th and 12th houses are considered as extremely devastating for one's business as it is the combination of a serious loss in business.

Presence of Kaal Sarp Dosha:

Kaal Sarp Dosha is a severe flaw in the Kundali or Horoscope of a native that is single-handedly capable of destroying the finances in the life of a native (unless treated timely and properly). Kaal Sarp Dosha can bring a tsunami of bad luck and miseries in the business of a native, hence its remedies must be sought from an able astrologer.

And these are just a few things that a business astrologer keeps in mind while analyzing the business horoscope of a native as every person has different sets of planetary situations in his/her life that are to be looked in isolation.

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