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12 Signs: Effects of Saturn Transit

By: Future Point | 28-Dec-2018
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12 Signs: Effects of Saturn Transit

Saturn will be transiting to the sign of Sagittarius from 26th January, 2017 to 24th January, 2020 while retrograding back to the sign of Scorpio for a brief period from 21st June, 2017 to 26th October, 2017.

Following is the effect of Saturn's Transit on all 12 Ascendant Signs during that period:


Higher education during this time will be hard on you. You will not get the advantage or support that you have been hoping to get in legal pursuits during this time. Legal representation is poor during this time. Take care of your father's health as it could decline during this period. You will become cynical about religious beliefs during this period.


This is not a favourable period for matters dealing with inheritances. If there is some money that is due to you, then that money can be delayed. Be careful about your tax filings as this could be a time when you may face a tax audit. Money that is due from business dealings may also get restricted or delayed. Although, it is a good time to put together your financial plans for the future. This is a time when you find some deep seated answers to the research that you are doing.


Look out for your relationship with your spouse as your spouse could have financial or health problems. You need to put in extra hard work to make your relationship work. There could be a break in business partnerships. Things could be more difficult around the workplace for those who are in the job sector.


You may have an issue with your co worker and if you are an employer then your employees may leave you when you need them the most. Saturn can bring forth some health matters that may become serious. Therefore, you need to exercise and have more discipline when it comes to diet and lifestyle. You might have the death of an elderly pet in your house.


Children could leave the home for whatever reasons and you may become lonely during this period. You are likely to loose connection with your children that you once had. This is not the right time to make risky investments. There will be a seriousness about the future in your mind and what planning you have to make for that. You really have to think twice before jumping into anything new. Your ability to create and be creative will be curtailed.


You may feel the need for added security. You may feel like you have to move out of the house. You will have problems with your existing vehicles and Saturn will force you to buy a new vehicle. You may have problems in relationship with your mother and the health of your mother might deteriorate.


Relationships with your brothers & sisters will not be as good as it used to be with miscommunications and separation. You may find that it is time for you to learn more but education or learning during this time will not be easy. Students will struggle in education during this time. You may not feel like going ahead and doing anything new with courage & enthusiasm. Ambition can be at its minimum.


You will become more serious about bringing things together when it come to financial security and will start working harder for the future to make things last. But, there might not be as much money around as you think that you should have garnered. Saturn may cause regrets as to how much money that you have been spending so it makes you restrict your expenditure. You may not feel like communicating much and connecting with people. This may have an adverse impact on your married life.


You would find new responsibilities and feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You won't have the energy or vitality you once had. However, Saturn will make you more mature and you will be blessed with more wisdom & experience during this time. Saturn will likely make you loose weight. You will have more discipline and focus. Saturn will make you work longer during this time. You might feel that you are ageing quicker.


Saturn will bring endings and completion to some long standing projects that need some closure. This could be the time of retirement. Saturn will bring an end to an older cycle of thinking & believing and a new beginning will emerge. You may not be sleeping well at night as you might be worrying about something that needs closure. Also, you may have people talking behind your back, so watch out.


Friends will be leaving your life and you won't have that togetherness with them anymore. They have been draining your energy for a long period of time and you just don't feel supported by them anymore. You may have disagreements with older brothers or sisters and this may lead to separation with them. You are struggling to achieve your goals and ambitions but keep going as Saturn can eventually give great gains for your hard work.


You career is changing. You are working harder as your ambitions are high but your boss is not supportive. You are also thinking about changing job or even becoming your own boss. But one way or the other, you are not satisfied with your career/profession. You are not happy with how you have been portrayed and may be that promotion or hike in salary that you have been expecting, has not come through. But you should keep trying as something will come for sure from discipline and focus.

That was the Saturn Transit effect on 12 Zodiac signs!

However, if you want to know the exact and detailed effects of Saturn's transit upon yourself, then we urge you to get your individual horoscope analyzed by an experienced astrologer.

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