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The Effect of Yantra on Your Wellbeing

By: Future Point | 29-Dec-2018
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The Effect of Yantra on Your Wellbeing

What is a Yantra?

A Yantra is a consecrated form which is truly a divine powerhouse. A Yantra store energies that attract prosperity, success, good health and bliss in the lives of people who come in contact with it. It is a geometrical form or a diagram that symbolizes perfect alignment with the cosmos and acts as a bridge between the Sacred and the mortal! Yantra finds its presence in almost all Tantric practices.

How is a Yantra formed?

A Yantra, on a majority basis, is formed by a very complex arrangement of triangles. In fact, an Equilateral Triangle is the most basic form of a Yantra. However, there are other aspects and forms that are involved in making a Yantra as well such as circle, dot, lotus etc. But, it is not just the construction of a Yantra that provides a doorway to the grace of the Divine.

It is the consecration process that 'awakens' the Yantra and makes it a lively & powerful form. The consecration should be performed in strict accordance with all holy rituals prescribed in the ancient spiritual texts and only people who are well versed with the consecration process, must perform it.

Yantra and Wellbeing

A Yantra is directly linked to the well being of a person. While the mere presence of a Yantra charges up the space in which it is placed, however, one who worships a Yantra and meditates in front of that Yantra, receives countless divine blessings and experiences inner peace and happiness.

The effect of Yantra on a person is beyond words.

Following are the benefits of a Yantra:

  • A Yantra protects from all evil forces and black magic.
  • A Yantra provides abundance in wealth and ensures great prosperity.
  • A Yantra dispels all fears from life.
  • A Yantra bestows sound health upon a person and prevents him/her from life threatening ailments.
  • A Yantra provides peace of mind and promotes spiritual growth of a person.
  • A Yantra grants success in competition.
  • A Yantra blesses the students with a sharp intellect and an enhanced focus & concentration.
  • A Yantra ensures growth in business and protects the business from regulatory hurdles and unjust competition.
  • A Yantra blesses a family with sweetness in relations and harmony among the family members.
  • A Yantra protects from all enemies and makes a person emerge victorious over his/her enemies.
  • A Yantra shields a person from legal punishments and provides a way out of legal battles.
  • A Yantra protects a relationship by securing the element of true love between the couple.
  • A Yantra blesses a person with ample growth opportunities in his/her professional life and provides a rising career.

Types of Yantras

While the main objective of every Yantra is to enhance positivity and destroy negativity from a person's life, but there are specific Yantras that are constructed for specific purposes.

Following are the Yantras for Wealth:

Shree Yantra- It brings the divine grace of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari in a person's life that bestows prosperity and wealth.

Lakshmi Yantra- It brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in a person life to make abundant wealth and secured finances, a permanent reality.

Kuber Yantra- As we all know that Shri Kuber is the treasurer of Heaven and this Yantra blesses us with constant increase in our wealth.

Shri Bhairava Yantra- It brings prosperity promoting energies in a native's household and ensures success in business competition.

Following is the Yantra for Health:

Mahamrityunjaya Yantra- It bestows the healing energies of Lord Mahamrityunjaya and grants sound health to a person and also protects from life threatening diseases.

Following are the Yantras For Education & Learning:

Saraswati Yantra- It enhances focus & concentration and increases the grasping power in students.

Hayagriva Yantra- It blesses with high perception and comprehensive intelligence.

Following are the Yantras For Protection Against Black Magic And Evil Spells:

Sudarshan Yantra- It forms a protective aura around the native and provides protection from all enemies (both open & hidden).

Pratyangira Yantra- It shields a person from malefic energies and black magic spells that intent to cast an evil eye on that person. It protects the native from untimely & unnatural death.

Always Keep in Mind

While it seems very easy to pick and choose a Yantra and start reaping its benefits, there are certain things that must be kert in mind before getting a Yantra.

  • You must get the Yantra from a reliable source that provides only genuine Yantras properly made and consecrated by learned Priests.
  • The type of Yantra must be identified by an experienced astrologer after analyzing your personal horoscope to know which type of Yantra will be best suited to you.
  • You must understand the proper procedure of attending to the Yantra.
  • You must also know the right direction where you can place that Yantra in your home or office.

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Whether it is a Yantra for wealth or a Yantra for business, Future Point will take care of everything.

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