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Manglik & Non - Manglik Marriage & Remedies

By: Future Point | 11-Jul-2018
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Mangal Dosha is formed when Mars (mangal) is located in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth house in the Kundli. Mangal Dosha must be checked in Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, and Sun Charts. A person having the influence of this Dosha is called as Manglik. They have to be married with the person of manglik dosha of opposite sex.

Let’s focus on the Problem in marriage if a manglik gets married with a non manglik. Mars (mangal) is a symbol of self-esteem, energy, ego , respect and also of accidents. So, the person will be surely short tempered and will face difficulty in adapting with their partners and also can have major health issues or trouble equivalent to death.

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Manglik people possess great energy like fire which must be utilized in the right direction or else it might lead to destruction. Mangal Dosha leads to financial loss and also affects marital joy and mental state. If a non manglik wants to marry a mangalik person there are few remedies which can help us. First of all check if the Manglik Dosha gets cancelled or else check whether it is getting neutralized by the planetary position in the horoscope of partner of choice.

For example, if the native is Manglik and in the horoscope there is a beneficial aspect of other planets which can be Jupiter or any other planet or there are certain conjunctions and aspects in the horoscopes by which mangal dosha gets cancelled on itself and the second method is to check the horoscope of the partner this might seem strange but it’s true that the mangal dosha can actually get cancelled through your partner’s horoscope as well.

So it is very important to never ignore if there is mangal dosha and consult a learned astrologer and see if the mangal dosha is getting cancelled which is extremely important as it is a matter of life and death, it is a matter of the marital happiness and the future as well and I would suggest that you should do a complete horoscope analysis for the mangal which means gun milan and graha milan.

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There is always a solution for problems as we all know marriages do happen of manglik to non manglik person.

What are the effects of MANGLIK DOSHA:

1. Manglik Boy/ Girl suffer mental worries when MARS is in first house of Kundli the person generally afraid of Iron and fire. They suffer grievances with wife/husband and children.

2. Mangik Boy/ Girl having MARS in the 4th House of Kundli gets less love from their mother, but career wise they are Courageous.

3. Manglik Boy/Girl having Mars in the 7th House of horoscope suffers a lot in the young age. They suffer so many illnesses & partner may leave early.

4. Manglik Boy/Girl having Mars in the 8th House face lots of different types of problems in life.

5. Manglik Boy/ Girl having Mars in 12th Bhava of Kundli suffers because of laid back attitude, stupid decisions or legal issues.

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Various remedies for the rectification of Mangal Dosh -


2. Fasting is to be carried out on Tuesday & eating only toor Daal.

3. Chanting: Reciting navagraha mantra.

4. Visiting Hanuman Temples ( Manglik Doshas there are so many temples in INDIA.They are in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Assam .

5. Offer prasad of laddu /Boondi/Deserts with hanuman ji ka chola in Lord Hanuman ji temples & Lighten with desi ghee diya.

6. Offer Red Lentil Cereals (Masoor dal).

7. Recite sunder kand of Hanuman ji in front Mahavir Statue.

8. Wear red coral ring in gold or copper metal in anamika finger on Tuesday morning after chanting hanuman chalisa.

It is being advisable to follow these remedies for stiating the ill-effects of Mangal dosha. These remedies are common for all but on the other hand every person has different birth charts therefore it is always better to ask the expert astrologer personally for most appropriate solutions. Visit to contact astrologer of your choice.

Talk to astrologers online to seek guidance and remedies if you are a Manglik.