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Understanding Problems in Marriage with Astrology

By: Future Point | 12-Jul-2018
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“Your path is illuminated by a road-map of stars. I am here to guide you!”

Ambika Devi

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are in your day, look for the things you love, you are the one who determines what your marriage will be. Problems come in every one’s life and you give your best to make your marriage a success . Your relationships with your family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness.

Problems are no obstacle for the power of the astrology and with the help of expert’s advice you can get better and smooth married life.

Now these days’ marriages fail easily, couples get married without astrology matchmaking. It’s not that if the kundli does not match they cannot marry but they can have a blissful married life by just following some simple remedies based on their astrological matchmaking.

You cannot find the solution until you get into the root , let’s stop avoiding the issue and get at the root of the problem with the help of astrology.

The seventh house of the Kundli or birth chart is the house of marriage for blissful married life. When Sun is in the 7th house Rahu or Ketu are in the lagna & 7th house, Mars is in the enemy house, it disturbs married life, if Moon is Papi planet in both house of kundli it spoils marriage life.

Life will be full of one problem after another, and just when you think everything is going along fine, something else will happen to throw you back into struggle and difficulty. So it is very important that the planet which is present in this house must be compatible with the rasi lord or else, be prepared to face difficulties.

Let us discuss one by one and find out remedies for all zodiac signs

Remedies for Aries

Lord sun is responsible for love and affection in marriage for Arian, and now in August 2018 Sun will shift to its own house which will be better for your married life, to get problem sorted from your life Visit Hanumanji`s Temple every Tuesday and offer him Sindoor mixed with Jasmine oil.

To please Lord Shani , visit Shani temple in the afternoon to midnight on Saturdays. Offer mustard oil, Black Masoor or ignite Diya at Peepal Tree in the evening...Today Horoscope Read More

Remedies for Taurus

Due to planet Jupiter problems arise in your life, to get things smooth and remove hurdles. Donate turmeric to a temple for consecutive 8 days before starting anything new and give Jaggery to the cow on Thursdays. As mars is in charge of relationship start fasting for better married life.

Remedies for Gemini

As Mars create misunderstandings, anger and marriage conflicts for Gemini so it is always advised to propitiate Mars. Keep pleasing Venus also as the mood of venus decides your Love life.

Remedies for Cancer

Lord Shani have great impact on Cancerian for the love in your life, and if it is weak position can lead to serious marital problems like divorce it is commendable keep chanting Shani Mantra "Aum Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum".

Remedies for Leo

As seen most of the time due Mercury quandary are seen Love and consistency same as for Leos, but Lord Saturn control the house of love and affinity in your case , Always please Lord Shani. Performing Rudrabhishek or pouring water on Shivalinga on Monday and Saturday is said to be an effective remedy for Shani Mahadasha.

Remedies for Virgo

Mars creating trouble in your path of love, strong impact of Saturn creating love and saving your marital life, as suggestion start chanting Shani Mantra for continuing blessings.

Remedies for Libra

As 2018 seems good for your marital life but if you’re facing some problems it’s because of Jupiter, then apply sandalwood Tilak on your forehead.

Remedies for Scorpio

IT Seems due to weak position of Mercury you are facing some problems in love and prosperity in your marriage. As it said Wednesday is day to worship Mercury for that Clean your teeth with fitkari (this is not for the health of your teeth, but just as a remedy for Mercury).You can also please Venus as it will help you improve marital life.

Remedies for Sagittarius

Strong impact of Shani/Saturn you are facing constant knick-knacks, it is advisable to consume jaggery and chant shani Mantra or donate black clothes on Saturday.

Remedies for Capricorn

Moon is playing a great role for your problems in love and prosperity, Worship lord shiva get Rudrabhishek done every year, Chant Om Namah Shivay on daily basis.

Remedies for Aquarius

Chant Sunderkand every Tuesday and visit Hanumanji temple.

Remedies for Pisces

As Moon is beautiful for Pisces it makes their Love life beautiful, but as villain mercury spoils everything, it is advisable to wear silver and worship Lord Shiva.