Finding & Analyzing a “Love Marriage Yog” in Kundli by Date of Birth

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Finding & Analyzing a “Love Marriage Yog” in Kundli by Date of Birth

Love is a captivating emotion that has the power to add depth and happiness to one's existence. However, love is not the sole ingredient that would ensure a married life which is full of bliss that all married couples aspire to have so deeply within their hearts. You also need to have compatibility, understanding, trust, and respect for your partner. That’s why many people consult Astrology to know if they have love marriage Yog in their Kundli or not.

Kundli is basically a celestial map that holds/reveals the positioning of planets in the Zodiac Belt at the specific time when a native was born. It provides extremely useful insights into various aspects of a person’s life as well as the person’s broad personality, innermost nature and inclinations or desires in life.

However, it also indicates the type of marriage you are likely to have: love or arranged.

Love marriage is when you decide your partner according to your own preferences, emotions, and attraction. Arranged marriage is when your parents or elders select your partner based on their criteria, such as caste, religion, education, family background, and horoscope matching.

Both love marriages as well as arranged marriages come with their own set of pros & cons. But if you are someone who believes in love and wants to marry your soulmate, then you need to check if you have a Love Marriage Yog in your Kundli.


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Finding out the Love Marriage Yog in Kundli or Horoscope 

There are many factors that influence the possibility of a love marriage in your Kundli. Some of the most essential ones are:

Houses Associated with Love Marriage: The main houses that show love, romance, marriage, intimacy, and fulfillment are the 5th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 11th house. If these houses are strong, well-placed, and influenced by benefic planets, then you have a high chance of having a love marriage. If these houses are weak, afflicted, or influenced by malefic planets, then you may face obstacles or delays in your love life.

Planets Associated with Love Marriage: There are certain planets that play an essential or rather deciding role when it comes to love marriage in the life of a person. These planets are-

  • Venus- It is the natural significator of marriage, love, beauty and attraction.
  • Mars- It signifies passion, courage and desire.
  • Moon- It signifies emotions, feelings and intuition.
  • Mercury- It signifies communication, intelligence and wit.
  • Rahu- It signifies unconventional, rebellious and a defying attitude.

If the above mentioned planets are strongly positioned in your Kundli, then it means that you have a strong Love Marriage Yog in your Kundli.

Signs Associated with Love Marriage: Signs associated with the water element which are- Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, signify or promote love marriage. Since these are water signs, they represent emotions, sensitivity and depth. If these signs occupy or aspect the houses of love and marriage in your Kundli, then you are likely to have a deep and passionate relationship with your partner.

Aspects: Aspects are the angles formed by the planets with each other or with the houses. They show the influence or interference of one planet on another or on a house. Love marriage is promoted by conjunctions and or planetary aspects such as trines (120 degrees), and sextiles (60 degrees). These are harmonious aspects that create positive energy and compatibility between the planets or houses involved. The aspects that hinder love marriage are oppositions (180 degrees), squares (90 degrees), and quincunxes (150 degrees). These are challenging aspects that create conflict and disharmony between the planets or houses involved.


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Factors Affecting Love Marriage Yog

The existence of a Love Marriage Yog in an individual’s Kundli is influenced by several crucial factors. Let's explore these factors in detail:

Placement of Venus

Venus, the planet that signifies love, beauty, and romance, is a major factor in assessing a Love Marriage Yog. The possibility of love marriage can be indicated by its position in the 7th house or its connection with the 7th lord. A strong and well-placed Venus enhances the chances of a love marriage.

Influence of Moon

The Moon is the symbol of emotions and it significantly affects the issues of the heart. If the Moon is placed in the 5th house or forms a favorable connection with the 5th lord, it indicates a romantic and emotional nature, increasing the possibility of a love marriage.

Role of Mars

Mars symbolizes passion, desire, and physical energy. Its influence on the 7th house or the 7th lord can signify a strong attraction towards a potential partner and a higher likelihood of a love marriage.

Aspects of Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion, casts its influence on various aspects of life. Its positive aspect on the 7th house or the 7th lord can bring blessings and support for a successful love marriage.

Impact of Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, are known for their karmic influence. Their placement in the 1st, 5th, or 7th house can create unusual and unconventional love relationships, leading to love marriages.

The Importance of the 7th House in Vedic Astrology

Marriage and partnerships are represented by the 7th house in the Kundli. A well-placed and strong 7th house, along with its lord, increases the likelihood of a love marriage.

Consideration of the 5th House

The 5th house is associated with love, romance, and creativity. A strong tendency towards love marriage can be indicated by its relation with the 7th house or its lord.

Analyzing the “Dasha” or Planetary Period of Operation

Dasha periods, also known as planetary periods, play a significant role in determining the timing of events in one's life. Favorable Dasha periods of planets associated with love and marriage increase the chances of a love marriage during those periods.

Combining Multiple Yogas

In Astrology, multiple yogas can interact with each other, forming a powerful combination that enhances the possibility of a love marriage. An astrologer carefully examines these yogas and their interplay to make accurate predictions.

Other Influential Factors

Apart from the above factors, the presence of benefic planets in the 5th, 7th, or 11th house, the strength of the 7th lord, and the influence of other houses and planets also contribute to the determination of a Love Marriage Yog.


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Interpreting Love Marriage Yog

Astrological interpretations are complex and require expertise. The presence or absence of specific factors is not the only criterion for identifying a Love Marriage Yog. An experienced astrologer analyzes the overall combination of planets, their strengths, aspects, and interconnections to provide accurate predictions.

Seeking Professional Astrological Guidance

To gain a deeper understanding of a Love Marriage Yog in your Kundli, it is prudent to consult a professional astrologer. An experienced astrologer can analyze your birth chart, consider multiple factors that are present, and provide personalized guidance and insights about your love and marriage prospects.


Discovering the potential for love marriage in one's life through the analysis of Kundli by date of birth can be enlightening. Astrologers utilize various factors such as the positioning of Venus, the influence of the Moon, the role of Mars, aspects of Jupiter, the impact of Rahu and Ketu, the significance of the 7th house, and the examination of Dasha periods to offer valuable guidance on love and marriage prospects.

It is important to note that Astrology serves as an immensely helping & time-tested occult science  that provides highly useful insights and suggestions that people take into account to achieve their objectives. To explore the Love Marriage Yog in Kundli by date of birth, you can utilize Leostar Astrology Software.


Is Love Marriage Yog the only factor that determines a love marriage?

Ans. No, Love Marriage Yog is merely one of the factors that indicate the likelihood of a love marriage. There are various other factors that must be looked out for by an experienced astrologer to arrive at meaningful conclusions.

Can Love Marriage Yog change over time?

Ans. Yes, the planetary positions and their influences are not static. As time progresses, different planetary configurations can come into play, potentially altering the presence and strength of a Love Marriage Yog.

Is Love Marriage Yoga applicable to all individuals?

Ans. Love Marriage Yoga is applicable to individuals whose birth charts show the presence of relevant planetary combinations and factors associated with love and marriage.

Can Love Marriage Yog be stronger in certain birth charts?

Ans. Yes, depending on the strength and placement of planets, the combination of yogas, and other factors, a Love Marriage Yog can vary in strength from one birth chart to another.

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