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Astrology & Relationships: Navigating Love with Kundli Matching

By: Future Point | 26-May-2023
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Astrology & Relationships: Navigating Love with Kundli Matching

Kundli Matching is a time tested and result oriented process in Vedic Astrology which significantly helps in determining the compatibility between two people who wish to tie the knot and enter into the marital domain of their lives. It helps in predicting the success of their relationship and provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses they possess. This article will delve deep into the world of Kundli Matching and explain the importance of Vedic Astrology in relationships. We will also explore various tools like Love Calculator and Vedic Astrology Course that can help you better understand your compatibility with your partner.

Introduction to Kundli Matching

Kundli Matching, also known as Horoscope Matching or Guna Milan, is a traditional Indian method used to analyze the compatibility between two individuals based on their birth charts. The process involves comparing the positions of various celestial bodies in both the charts and determining if they are favourable for a long-lasting and harmonious relationship.

Significance of Kundli Matching in Relationships

Kundli Matching holds great importance in Indian culture, especially in arranged marriages. It is believed that a successful and prosperous marriage depends on the compatibility of the couple's birth charts. This compatibility is assessed through various parameters such as the mental, emotional, and physical compatibility of the couple. By analyzing these parameters, astrologers can predict the overall quality of the relationship and suggest remedies to improve it further.


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How Kundli Matching Works

Kundli Matching involves calculating the compatibility score, also known as Guna Milan, between the prospective bride and groom. The score is based on factors called Kootas and there are eight in total hence they are called the Ashta Kootas (the eight factors), each carrying a different weight. The total score is out of 36, and a minimum of 18 is considered essential for a successful marriage. A higher score indicates a better match and a lower score indicates potential challenges in the relationship.

The Ashta Kootas in the process of Kundli Matching or Kundli Milan

As discussed above the Ashta Kootas are the parameters based on which the compatibility between the boy & girl who intend to marry is calculated. The Ashta Kootas are as follows:

  1. Varna
  2. Vashya
  3. Tara
  4. Yoni
  5. Graha Maitri
  6. Gana
  7. Bhakoot
  8. Nadi.

Each Koota has a particular value and contributes to the ordinary compatibility score.

Varna (1 point)

Varna refers to the occupational classification of the couple. It indicates their social compatibility and helps understand the couple's ability to adjust to each other's lifestyle. There are four Varnas – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra.

Vashya (2 points)

Vashya signifies the physical compatibility between the couple. It helps determine their level of affection and attraction towards each other. Vashya is classified into five categories – Manav (Human), Vanchar (Wild Animals), Jalchar (Aquatic Animals), Chatushpad (Small Animals), and Keet (Insects).

Tara (3 points)

Tara measures the couple's destiny and fortune. It is calculated by comparing the birth stars of both individuals. A higher Tara score indicates a more favourable destiny for the couple.

Yoni Koota (4 points)

Physical intimacy is a part of the marital domain of a couple and the koota called Yoni helps to assess the couple’s compatibility as far as sex is concerned. It helps decide their stage of intimacy and pride in their bodily relationship. Yoni is classified into 14 categories, each representing a specific animal.

Graha Maitri (5 points)

Graha Maitri signifies the intellectual and spiritual compatibility between the couple. It is determined by comparing the ruling planets of their birth charts. A couple that has a high score of Grah Maitri is likely to have considerably good levels of mutual understanding.

Gana (6 points)

Gana assesses the temperament and nature of the couple. It is classified into three categories – Deva (Godly), Manushya (Human), and Rakshasa (Demonic). A higher Gana score indicates a more compatible temperament between the couple.

Bhakoot (7 points)

Bhakoot represents the couple's overall compatibility based on their ascendant signs. It helps decide their stage of happiness, prosperity, and mutual grasp in the relationship. Bhakoot is classified into seven categories, each representing a specific ascendant  sign.

Nadi (8 points)

Nadi is the most critical Koota in Kundli Matching, as it signifies the health and genetic compatibility of the couple. A higher Nadi score ensures a healthy and prosperous progeny.


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Love Calculator: A Modern Approach to Kundli Matching

In today's digital age, the concept of Kundli Matching has been simplified with the introduction of online tools like Love Calculator. Love Calculator makes use of superior algorithms to determine the compatibility between two humans primarily based on their names and other details. It provides an accurate and quick assessment of their compatibility, making it easier for individuals to navigate their love and relationships.

Vedic Astrology Course: Learning the Art of Kundli Matching

If you are interested in understanding the nuances of Kundli Matching and wish to master the art of predicting compatibility, enrolling in a Vedic Astrology Course can be an excellent option. Many reputed institutes/organizations like Future Point and Indian Astrology, provide life-changing and immensely beneficial courses that cover a number of factors of Vedic Astrology, including Kundli Matching.

Benefits of Taking a Vedic Astrology Course

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Kundli Matching and other aspects of Vedic Astrology.
  • Learn from instructors who have absolute mastery over their occult domain and are subject matter experts.
  • Enhance your decision-making abilities in relationships.
  • Help others in understanding their compatibility with their partners.
  • Carve out a rewarding career for yourself as a Professional Astrologer. 

How to choose the Best Vedic Astrology Course?

When deciding on a Vedic Astrology Course, think about elements such as the syllabi, the experience and skills of the instructors, the duration period and fees. Look out for user reviews and the past record of the organization or instructors who are delivering the course.


Kundli Matching is an essential aspect of Vedic Astrology that helps individuals navigate their love and relationships. With tools like Love Calculator and opportunities to learn through Vedic Astrology Courses, individuals can better understand their compatibility with their partners and make informed decisions in their relationships.

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