Last Leg of Guru Chandal Yog: Which Signs are Safe & Which Aren’t?

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2023
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Last Leg of Guru Chandal Yog: Which Signs are Safe & Which Aren’t?

As per the principles of the sacred occult science of Vedic Astrology, Jupiter which is also known as Guru or Brihaspati is a naturally benefic planet and Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is a malefic one. 

The reason being, Jupiter is the planetary manifestation of Brihaspati who is the ‘Guru of the Gods’ and Rahu is the ‘Immortal & Conscious Head of a Demon’ who was cut off from the body of the demon by Lord Vishnu during His ‘Mohini’ incarnation.

Therefore, it is seen to a large extent that the influence of Jupiter on a house or sign in a horoscope and thereby on what they signify, is positive whereas, the influence of Rahu is primarily negative & troublesome.

Planetary conjunctions produce very intense results in the life of a person in the area/s that they primarily affect as per their position in the person’s horoscope. Now obviously, not all planetary conjunctions are favourable to a native. Some conjunctions are so negatively charged that they cast disturbing effects on certain domains of a person’s life as per the house/sign that they take place in.

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Guru Chandal Yog in Aries 2023

Guru Chandal Yog is one of the most negatively intense planetary conjunction which gets formed when Jupiter and Rahu conjunct in a sign. This conjunction provides negative results on the areas/domains of life that are signified by the sign and more importantly- the house of the horoscope in which such a conjunction takes place.

The Guru Chandal Yog is in effect as we speak in the sign of fiery sign Aries and has entered its last & most intense leg that will continue till 30th October 2023 when Rahu will move out of Aries and will transit into Pisces.

This malefic conjunction will cast its negative effects on people born with certain ascendant signs. However, the Guru Chandal Yog will be ‘considerably’ positive for people with certain ascendant signs as well.

Rahu Graha Shanti Puja: A Remedy Par Excellence

Rahu Graha Shanti Puja is a powerful Vedic Ritual which is an excellent remedy to ward off or pacify the negative effects of malefic planet Rahu. At a time when Guru Chandal Yog is in effect in the horoscopes of all, it is only prudent to contact Future Point and book the Rahu Graha Shanti Puja to be performed in your name by a highly learned priest.

For now,  let us explore the brief effects (both positive as well as negative) that the Guru Chandal Yog is likely to cast in its last & intense leg (till 30th October 2023) on people of different ascendant signs and also look at some in-general remedies that people could perform to reduce the negative effects of this malefic planetary conjunction.

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People with the following 9 ascendant signs will face the negative side of the Guru Chandal Yog:


The Guru Chandal Yog is formed in the 1st house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Self, Personality, Outlook and Ego. You will become over assertive & dominating when presenting your point of view. This will make it difficult for you to convince or get along with others around you. You will lose clarity in what you believe in and end up having a confused & counter productive approach.

Remedy: Donate money and or resources to an old age home.


The malefic conjunction is present in the 12th house of your horoscope which basically signifies Jail, Hospitalization, Foreign Settlement & Expenditures. Your finances are at a very vulnerable state wherein one bad financial decision or uncalled-for expenditure can land a devastating blow to the financial domain of your life. What may initially appear to be a common or small health issue could spiral into something big & concerning.

Remedy: Help migrant workers with whatever you can and as per their needs.


The troubling Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is formed in the 10th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Profession, Name, Fame, Power & Position. You will be at loggerheads with your colleagues in your workplace and this will put you in the bad books of your seniors. You will lose patience very quickly and this will cast a negative shadow on the future prospects of growth in your career.

Remedy: Feed ants at a natural place (e.g. beneath a tree) and practice pranayam.

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The Guru Chandal Yog is in the 9th house of your horoscope which signifies Fortune, Higher Education, Spirituality and Foreign Travels. You will become restless and would find it hard to maintain a peaceful state of mind. A complacent attitude will deviate you from your academic goals & objectives. This is a time when you are likely to squander real opportunities of long term growth because of making a bad judgment call.

Remedy: Donate money, eatables, blankets, pillows, bed sheets or other articles of use to a spiritual center or ‘Ashram’.


The malefic Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is affecting the 8th house of your horoscope which signifies Accidents, Sudden Gains & Loses, Inheritance, Longevity, Occult Sciences and In-Laws. You might face sudden monetary losses due to a risky investment call. Chances of injuries on an outdoor adventure are quite high, so be extra cautious. Any fresh or ongoing disputes related to inheritance or parental property will disturb your peace of mind and you might lose hope with the way things will pan out for you.

Remedy: Donate money or other resources to a Widows’ Home.


This malefic planetary conjunction is in the 7th house of your horoscope which signifies Marriage, Spouse, Business and Partnership. Things will turn for the worse on the marital front of your life with frequent bickering & heated arguments destroying the bliss & harmony in your relationship with your spouse. Your business in terms of profit margins is unfortunately expected to take a hit with a sudden change in the regulatory framework that your particular business segment comes under.

Remedy: Feed Cows and help a Cow Shelter in need with funds/resources.


The Guru Chandal Yog is in the 5th house of your horoscope which signifies Comprehensive Intelligence, Love, Children and Speculation. Sadly confusion will be the new normal state of your mind. You are at a risk of making one bad decision after the other that will cost you dearly. You will find it hard to trust those around you and this will create fissures in your relationship especially with the person whom you are in love with. If you are a parent then your relationship or understanding with your children will deteriorate as you won't be able to devote much time to them.

Remedy: Donate stationery & books to needy or poor students to propitiate Guru Brihaspati and get His blessings.

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The problematic Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is in the 4th house of your horoscope which signifies Mother, Home, Real Estate, Vehicle, Comforts, Primary Education and Fundamental Intelligence. You will be tempted to foray into the sale or purchase of some real estate but things will not not turn out to be as planned for you. The relationship with your mother will be turbulent just like her health. Similar to real estate dealings this is not a good time to buy a vehicle. You are likely to incur painful expenditures for renovation in your home. Chances of a change in residence are also high with you not being satisfied with the new location.

Remedy: Helping a cleaning person with what he/she needs will propitiate Rahu and thereby result in a relief from the malefic effects.


The Jupiter-Rahu trouble is brewing in the 2nd house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Family, Accumulated Wealth, Speech and Food Habits. You are at a high risk of developing a food or beverage addiction that will negatively impact your health & well-being. You might end up with a big hole in your pocket by getting lured into some hollow idea of making quick money. The rudeness & harshness in your speech will alienate you from your family members and put you at the risk of getting bad advice from those outside your family who don’t really wish well for you.

Remedy: Donate money & resources to an Orphanage to seek the blessings of Jupiter for leading a harmonious life in your family.

Now let us look at people with the following 3 ascendant signs who are likely to have positive effects of the Guru Chandal Yog:


The Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is formed in the 11th house of your horoscope which signifies Gains, Realization of Desires, Friends, Elder Siblings and Social Networking. You will get a new & promising opportunity from someone in your social or friend circle that will open up the doorways of growth & success that you have been long looking for. Gains both financial as well as in terms of reputation & social standing are in the cards for you.

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The Guru Chandal Yog is present in the 6th house of your horoscope which signifies Job, Enemies, Competition, Disease/Ailment, Loan & Litigation. In case you are entangled in any legal or court battle then this period will be positive for you. You will get positive planetary support if you are appearing for a competitive exam during this time. Things will turn positive for you in the job sphere of your life with chances of a promotion that has been long overdue.


This planetary conjunction is in the 3rd house of your horoscope which signifies Courage, Struggle, Short Travels, Communication, Younger Siblings and Documents. You will complete some long pending tasks that were acting as bottlenecks in your professional space. Some short travels are on the cards that will be cumbersome but will bear rewarding outcomes. You will tackle a leap towards the path to success with your courage and conviction during this time.

So, this was all about the positive as well as negative outcomes that one can expect from this last leg of Guru Chandal Yog as per his/her ascendant sign. Perform the remedies suggested with full faith and lay down a promising foundation of celestially supported growth & success in the times to come!    

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