Decode Your Cosmic Blueprint with Leostar Astrological Software

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2023
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Decode Your Cosmic Blueprint with Leostar Astrological Software

In our technology-driven times, even the ancient art of Vedic Astrology has been transformed by computing innovations. Among the Professional Astrology Software programs today, Leostar by Future Point stands out for its unparalleled depth, accuracy and versatility. Let us explore how Leostar can optimise Vedic Astrology practice for professionals and make kundali analysis accessible even to beginners.

Understanding What Makes Leostar Unique

Leostar seamlessly integrates extensive research on astrological calculations and predictive principles spanning decades, with optimized modern software technology. This creates an intelligent end-to-end platform that automates the complex process of Vedic birth chart analysis and interpretation in the most efficient and accurate manner.

By handling the intricate astro-computations to generate personalized forecasts automatically, Leostar simplifies yet elevates the art of kundli reading for both seasoned astrologers as well as enthusiasts. Some standout features that make Leostar the top choice of astrologers include:

Vast Janam Kundli Database

Leostar comes preloaded with the largest repository of over 3000 detailed janam kundlis of famous personalities across various fields, time periods and geography. This expansive database of birth charts adds tremendous depth to the astrological study as it allows identifying patterns based on personality traits, professions, demographics etc.

Range of Customizable Reports

Leostar provides extensive personalized reports offering predictions on diverse aspects like career, relationships, health, auspicious timeline, personality based on numerology, beneficial gemstones etc. The forecasts and interpretations are generated automatically and presented in simplified formats for the user.

Multiple Chart Generation Options

One of the key features of Leostar is that it offers astrologers different Vedic chart types with regional variations thereby adding significant ease to their analysis. Users can create North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala style charts as well as Navamsa, Chalit, Divisional, Sarvatobhadra and Ashtakavarga charts.

Advanced Interpretation Tools

The software further automates analysis of generated charts through Ayurvedic Assessment, Yoga Analysis, Vimshottari Dasha, Graphic Charts, Transit Predictions and other advanced astrological interpretation tools. This significantly enhances efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

Leostar offers an intuitive interface that allows easy management of data like creation, matching, storage and retrieval of horoscopes for quick comparison. Charts and reports are also fully customizable.

Ongoing Innovation

Leostar continually upgrades its capabilities by incorporating the latest research on astrological content, utilities, features and computations to simplify practice.

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Key Applications of Leostar Astrology Software

Horoscope Creation

Leostar allows quick and accurate creation of Vedic Janam Kundli or birth charts simply by entering the date, time and place of birth details. The kundli provides a profound foundation for astrological analysis.

Life Predictions

Leostar offers comprehensive forecasts regarding major life events through Vimshottari Dasha Predictions, Annual Forecasts, Detailed Kundli Analysis, and Planetary Transit Reports.


It evaluates marriage compatibility between the prospective bride and groom's horoscopes by analyzing the 36 Guna score, longevity of the couple, analyzing any doshas present and other key astrological factors.

Identifying Remedial Measures

The software identifies and suggests suitable astrological remedies like mantras, puja rituals, gemstones, yantras etc. to strengthen the positive planetary influences in an individual's life and ward off the negative ones.

Muhurta Selection

It helps determine the most auspicious day, time and planetary positions for commencing important ventures like higher education, marriage, house construction, business launch etc.

So Leostar provides astrologers and enthusiasts the most comprehensive, efficient and accurate Vedic Astrology Software platform powered by ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology.

The Bottom Line

The profound science of Vedic Astrology has guided humanity for millennia by revealing the intimate connections between celestial motions and life on Earth. In present times, the revolutionary Leostar software has elevated astrological practice by integrating ancient wisdom with modern technology. Its unrivaled features simplify the complex process of Janam Kundli interpretation to provide personalized and accurate guidance conveniently.

Leostar empowers contemporary knowledge seekers to automate astro-analysis. Whether you are an enthusiast curious about your cosmic blueprint or a practitioner serving clients, Leostar opens the doorway to self-discovery and destiny.

So embark on your astrological voyage today and leverage Leostar's capabilities to steer your life path in harmony with the wisdom written among the stars since creation. The heavens await to unveil the mysteries of your existence.

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Q: What is Leostar and how does it help with Vedic Astrology?

A: Leostar is a professional Astrology software program that automates the complex process of Vedic birth chart analysis and interpretation. It provides accurate and personalized forecasts based on astronomical calculations and principles.

Q: How does Leostar help in kundli reading?

A: Leostar simplifies yet elevates the art of kundli reading for both seasoned astrologers as well as enthusiasts. It handles the intricate astro-computations and generates customized reports on various aspects of life. It also allows users to access the largest database of Janam Kundlis of famous personalities for comparative study.

Q: How can I customize the reports generated by Leostar?

A: With an Astrology based software like Leostar you can customize the reports in-accordance with your requirements. You can choose from different regional chart styles, languages, dasha systems, ayanamsas, house systems etc. You can also edit the report content, layout, font, color etc.

Q: How can I purchase and activate Leostar software?

A: Leostar Astrology Software can be purchased through the online medium by visiting the official website of Future Point which is the parent organization that has created this software. Immediately after the purchase and confirmation of payment a serial number and a unique activation code will be provided to you. You need to enter these details in the software to activate it. You can also contact the customer support team for any queries or issues regarding installation and activation.

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