Which Planets & Houses signify a Career as a Chartered Accountant?

By: Future Point | 08-Aug-2023
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Which Planets & Houses signify a Career as a Chartered Accountant?

Making a career in the field of accountancy involves a specific bent of mind. One needs to be both good as well as quick at correctly applying various complex mathematical & accounting functionalities. 

A Chartered Accountant is a professional who is considered to be at the very top career spot in the accounting field. Being a Chartered Accountant or a C.A is a professional title which is well respected in the society and opens up great earning opportunities.

A Chartered Accountant is a person who could easily land up with a promising job in a reputable organization or firm. Furthermore, a C.A could also flourish by being self employed and offering private consultancy. But, you need much more than just hard work to become a Chartered Accountant and that too a successful one.

Yes, we are talking about the support of incredibly powerful celestial bodies in the form of planets!

Get your Online Kundli or Horoscope thoroughly analyzed to find out whether a successful career as a Chartered Accountant is signified in your life or not.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology or Astrology (as it is popularly known) is an ancient occult science revealed by the holy sages of India, thousands of years ago. 

The sole purpose of this occult science was to empower humankind with timely information that would help in making informed & rewarding decisions in life. 

This incredible science works on the fact that planets are the celestial bodies that cast phenomenal impact on our lives and by understanding or anticipating what the planets are signifying for various domains of our lives such as education, profession or career, health, marriage, travel etc., we can chart a course of action for ourselves that will yield the best possible outcomes for us with minimum friction.

The process of an occult or astrological analysis begins by constructing the kundli or horoscope of an individual. A horoscope is basically a cosmic blueprint that holds the positioning of the planets in the cosmos at the time of an individual’s birth. 

It is the job of an experienced astrologer to decode what the planets are signifying for different areas/domains of life and what are the remedial measures or pathforward that if adopted by the individual in a timely manner would propel him/her towards success!

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Career through Vedic Astrology

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology there are certain planetary positionings & the involvement of some houses in the horoscope of a person that play a significant role in affecting or rather shaping up the career domain of the person’s life. It is this planetary or house combination that an experienced astrologer analyzes to identify the most favourable field/s of career for a person.

An astrologer also looks at the Dashas (planetary periods of operation) that are or would be prevalent at a time when the person will be actively engaged in the career domain of his/her life. 

It would help in identifying the major planetary Dashas that will be casting their maximum impact on the career sphere of one’s life to ascertain whether the choice of career will be in-harmony with the planets prevailing in the major Dasha periods or not.

Houses that are favorable for Career

There are many houses in a horoscope or kundli in Vedic Astrology that are analyzed for ascertaining the state of one’s career in life. Remember, planets only give the results of the houses that they signify. So, if a planet is signifying the combination of houses that provide negative results for a domain of life such as career, then the native will face problems in the career domain of his/her life when that planet is in operation.

Similarly, if a planet is positive for one’s career then whenever the particular planet comes into operation, it casts a beneficial influence on the career domain of the native thereby extending positive cosmic support that leads to growth & success in the professional sphere of life.

Broadly speaking, following houses (among other things) are linked with ‘gains’ in Career in a horoscope:

  • 2nd House: It signifies Accumulated Wealth & Bank Balance.
  • 6th House: It signifies Job.
  • 7th House: It signifies Business & Partnerships.
  • 10th House: It signifies profession, name, fame, power & position.
  • 11th House: It signifies Gains & Realization of Desires.

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Houses & Planetary Combinations for a Successful Career as a Chartered Accountant

When it comes to pinpointing a specific field or professional branch of career, there are certain house combinations that either the majority of planets or at least the planet/s that are in operation at the time in a person’s life when his/her career is slated to take off must signify.

Furthermore, there are certain planets that govern specific career fields therefore, if such planets signify the house combinations required for a particular field then the prospects of making it big in that respective career field increase manifold.

So what are house combinations that promote a successful career as a Chartered Accountant?

The answer is- 2nd and 11th house.

This house combination must be signified in the majority of planets as per the horoscope of a native and especially by those planets that will be operational on various Dasha levels particularly at the time of the beginning of the career phase of the native.

Other factors that further strengthen the chances of becoming a professional C.A include the combination of 2nd & 11th house being signified in the Nakshatra & Sub-Lord levels of a planet which will make this house combination incredibly strong & highly effective.

Aspects of planets that are signifying positive house combinations of becoming a C.A on the planet/s in various levels of Dashas also enhance the prospects of becoming a professional C.A.

Mercury is the planet that signifies or governs the field of accounting, trade & commerce. Therefore, it is important to have a positively placed Mercury in the horoscope. If Mercury signifies the combination of 2nd & 11th house and is also in operation at a  

It must be kept in mind that just like there are positive house combinations for career there are negative ones too that if signified without the positive combinations, outright negate the prospects of having a successful career in a particular field. Interestingly, if a planet signifies both positive & negative combinations for career then the end result is always friction & failure in achieving the goal.

So, what are the houses that negate success in a career?

The answer is- 6th, 8th and 12th house.

Now, any of the above mentioned houses alone present in the planet, nakshatra or sub-lord level cannot do much harm. But, trouble arises when these houses start to club with each other and form combinations such as 6th & 8th,  8th & 12th, 6th & 12th or the worst which is 6th, 8th & 12th.

So what should one do if he/she has planets that signify negative house combinations for marriage?

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Horoscope Specific Remedies

When an experienced astrologer analyzes the horoscope of a person and finds out that the planet which governs a particular field of career is negative or majority of planets as per the horoscope are not promoting the prospects of having a successful career in a field of the person’s choice then the astrologer recommends certain powerful occult remedies.

These remedial measures are suggested after taking into consideration factors such as the original state of the horoscope and the intended outcome or the goal of a person.

So, in case you are planning to make a career as a Professional Chartered Accountant or are already a C.A but facing a lot of hurdles in achieving the growth & success that you desire, then get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by one of the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point and know the best path forward to success & prosperity!

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