Exploring the Planetary Health Connection for Wellbeing

By: Future Point | 02-Aug-2023
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Exploring the Planetary Health Connection for Wellbeing

Vedic astrology reveals fascinating links between the cosmic bodies or planets and our physical and mental wellbeing. By studying planetary positions in the birth chart through a free Kundli, we can understand health inclinations and vulnerabilities. Let's explore this profound planets-health connection.

The Concept of Medical Astrology

Medical astrology, also known as Jyotish Ayurveda, is a specialized branch of Vedic astrology that studies the correlation between celestial bodies or planets and human health and wellbeing.

 It provides a framework to understand how the energies emitted by planets can influence the various organs and physiologic systems in the human body.

This is based on the premise that each planet governs specific tissues and functional aspects due to the cosmic radiation they emit. By analyzing the janam kundli or birth chart through tools like dasha periods and planetary transits, a medical astrologer can identify upcoming health patterns and vulnerabilities.

They can then suggest customized remedial measures to strengthen the horoscope like wearing gemstones, mantra chanting, yagyas etc. This helps restore balance where certain planets are afflicted and causing ailments in their corresponding anatomical areas.

In essence, medical astrology offers predictive insights and guidance regarding health and vitality through the cosmic-planetary connection.

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Generating Your Natal Chart for Analysis

Getting your birth chart or natal chart is very important for medical astrology. You just need to provide accurate details about your birth date, time and location on a good astrology website.

They will instantly generate your free kundali or horoscope online. This will map the precise positions of the planets at the time you were born. The astrologer can then understand how each planet influences different parts of your body and mind based on this.

Accordingly, they can suggest healing rituals, crystals, mantras or diet advice so that you remain healthy and maintain balance. Afflicted planets indicate potential health vulnerabilities.

So your accurate personalized kundali offers the blueprint to determine wellbeing tendencies and take proactive care. Getting your free natal chart made is very useful for preventive healthcare.

Understanding Planetary Correlations with Anatomy

As per Vedic astrology, each planet is associated with specific anatomical regions and physiological functions within the human body. Let's see some key correlations:

The Sun and Heart

The Sun represents overall vitality and its placement affects heart health, spine, bone marrow and general wellness. It has a strong influence on digestive power, hemoglobin levels and leadership qualities.

The Moon and Mind

The Moon governs the brain, mental functions and emotional balance. It shapes fertility, sleep patterns, hormonal secretions and early life nutrition from mother.

Mars and Muscles

Mars signifies vigor and muscle tissue like cardiac muscles and voluntary muscles. It impacts blood circulation, energy levels and courage.

Mercury and Nerves

Mercury rules intelligence, communication, skin and nervous system including neural networks, hands and locomotive organs. It influences memory, wit and analytical abilities.

Jupiter and Liver

Jupiter's position determines liver health and functioning, cholesterol levels, ear/nose/throat ailments and immunity against disease. It also signals fortune, wisdom and morality.

Venus and Reproductive System

Venus signifies beauty, arts and governs hormonal balance, fertility, reproductive system, kidneys, eyes and cheeks. It determines success through relationships and luxuries.

Saturn and Skeleton

Saturn denotes longevity and affects bones, teeth, joints, ears and chronic ailments like arthritis. Its placement reflects discipline, hard work and renunciation.


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Dosha Elemental Associations

The trigunas or three doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha are also linked to specific planets and their elemental qualities.

  • Vata relates to the air and ether elements and is associated with Mercury and Saturn.
  • Pitta relates to the fire element and is associated with the Sun and Mars.
  • Kapha relates to the earth and water elements and is associated with the Moon and Venus.

So any imbalances can manifest as related illnesses. E.g. weak Saturn can cause Vata aggravation leading to anxiety, insomnia, constipation etc.

Transits and Health Events

The transit of planets over natal positions in the birth chart affects wellbeing over specific periods. E.g. Saturn's saade saati causes health issues indicated by Saturn and planets it aspects. Weak planet periods also require care.

Divisional Charts Reveal More

The D-charts like drekkana and navamsha offer deeper health insights. E.g. issues relating to children's health manifest in the 5th divisional or pregnancy challenges in the 7th divisional chart.

Key Houses for Health Indications

Some houses like the 1st, 6th and 8th houses play a major role in health matters. The lagna and its lord indicate physique and vitality. The 6th house relates to diseases and immunity. The 8th house denotes longevity and chronic illness.

Planetary Combinations for Health Analysis

The planetary alignments in the janam kundli can reveal a lot about potential health events. Certain special combinations or yogas forewarn about specific vulnerabilities. For example, Harsha Bhanga yoga signals proneness to accidents and injuries for the individual while Kala Sarpa dosha negatively affects mental health and thinking.

Similarly, alignments of rahu-ketu or mars with Saturn can create health challenges. By thoroughly analyzing the auspicious and inauspicious planetary combinations present in the horoscope, an expert astrologer can foretell the nature of forthcoming health events. Identifying such alignments related to diseases enables proactively taking care through mantras, diet and gems.

Guidance from Medical Astrology

With disease correlations known, specific rituals, mantras, herbs, crystals and charities can be suggested to strengthen the afflicted planet and avert health crises. E.g. chanting Surya Beej Mantra fortifies the Sun protecting heart health. Donating red lentils appeases Mars and wards off excess anger/aggression.

So Vedic astrology provides actionable guidance to take proactive care as per upcoming health vulnerabilities shown in the birth chart.

Key Remedial Measures

Some common remedial measures suggested in medical astrology include:

  • Wearing suitable gemstones that empower weakened planets/doshas
  • Chanting Beej mantras to energize planets linked to affected organs
  • Yagyas and pujas to balance excess/deficient planetary energies
  • Herbs and diet aligning with planet and dosha qualities
  • Donations and charity to strengthen planets and reduce malefic aspects
  • Yoga postures to open energy channels and boost vitality


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When to Seek Astro-Guidance on Health

It is wise to consult a learned Jyotish Vaidya through a 'talk to astrologer' service during the following situations:

  • Going through major illness or surgery
  • Facing unexplained health troubles
  • Planning pregnancy and childbirth
  • Difficulty in conceiving
  • Chronic disorders not alleviated through treatment
  • Facing sudden recurring health setbacks
  • Mental health issues, addiction, insomnia

So in summary, Vedic Astrology provides a profound framework to anticipate health trends and take necessary measures based on planets-health connections visible in the janam kundli.

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