Consultation Made Easy: Talk with Astrologer for Solutions

By: Akhil Pathak | 05-Aug-2023
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Consultation Made Easy: Talk with Astrologer for Solutions

Countless people strive with genuine diligence to succeed and lead a happy, healthy, wealthy & peaceful life. However, only few accomplish their goals and realize their desires in life while the rest or the majority get bogged down by the inevitable challenges & obstacles of life.

Does this mean that one should not work hard and in a diligent manner?

Absolutely not! In fact, it is impossible to taste success without hard work, dedication and discipline. So, how could one ensure success?

Well, one must understand that dedicated hard work alone is not sufficient to achieve success as there are certain subtle yet incredibly powerful factors at play that decide the overall outcome of our endeavours. Without those subtle factors being in our favour, our hard work can be compared to the act of swimming against a strong currant. You can try as hard as you want but the end result will hardly be in your favour.

So, what is it that plays a decisive role in ensuring maximum or optimum rewards for our efforts in a particular domain of our life?

Well, the answer is- The Law of Karma & Celestial bodies in the form of Planets & Stars! Talk with Astrologer and know which is the best course of action or path forward for you as per what the planets are signifying in your horoscope or kundli.  

Vedic Astrology: The Truly Empowering Occult Science

Vedic Astrology or Astrology is an occult science that was revealed by holy sages of Bharat (ancient India) so that humankind could harness the positive or conducive energies of certain planets to lead a life of minimal friction and enhance the prospects of success in a significant manner.

But, how is all that possible?

Well, the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology as per their placements in our horoscope or kundli cast a phenomenal impact on various domains of our lives such as Education, Career, Finance, Health, Marriage etc. In fact, their effects are so profound that it would not be an exaggeration to say that planets literally shape up our entire life to a great extent! 

Karma: A Seemingly Never-Ending Accumulation

Well, just as the cycle of birth & death goes on, so does the accumulation of our karmas. We as souls, keep on doing new karmas over countless & repetitive lifetimes that we go through and those karmas keep getting added to a karmic baggage that we always carry along.

Now, in every lifetime, a portion of karmas from our karmic baggage gets distributed among the nine planets and the kind of results that those planets provide in various domains of our life is directly proportional to the nature of our karmas that they hold to be accounted for.

Planets provide us the results of a set of the karmas from our past life that they hold. However, they do that at the time of their major & minor periods of operation in our lives which an astrologer determines by analyzing the Vimshottari Dasha from our horoscope or kundli. 

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How Does an Astrologer Really Help?

An astrologer after performing a comprehensive analysis of a person’s horoscope decodes what the planets as per their positioning are signifying for particular aspects of the person’s life. This way suppose a person wants to know the favourable stream of education or a career field that would be conducive to attracting maximum opportunities of professional growth and development, then the astrologer would identify the stream or field that is supported by planet/s that are positively signified for the person’s growth.

Similarly if you are suffering from an ailment or get under the weather too frequently due to a weak immune system, then an astrologer would find out the root planetary cause that is resulting in a deteriorated state of the health domain of your life and would suggest you the occult remedial measures that will ward off the effects of planet/s in operation that are not signifying a good health for you.

However, rude it may sound but the truth is that if you put in all your time & energy into something that does not have the support of positively placed planets of your horoscope then chances of achieving success in your endeavours will always be very bleak. Moreover, if the planet/s that are ill-placed in your horoscope are in operation at the Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha level, only timely remedial measures that are in-accordance with the troubling planetary issue at hand would pacify the negative effects and provide you the much sought after relief. 

Remember, it is the sheer effectiveness of Astrology in steering the life of a person away from problem and towards ease & success, is what has made this incredible occult science widely prevalent in multiple cultures of the world for centuries now.

So, now the question remains- From where can a person seek the best astrological or occult guidance?

Future Point: Your One-Stop Destination for the Best Occult Guidance

The ability of an astrologer to perform a thorough, meaningful & useful analysis of a person’s horoscope depends upon the experience that he/she has backed with a satisfied clientele.

Future Point is an organization that has been providing incredible occult based consultancy and education to thousands of people all over the world for decades now. The organization is led by Dr. Arun Bansal who has over 42 years of experience in providing life-transforming guidance to countless of his clients from all across the globe. He is a highly respected name in the entire astrological community and is well renowned for his wonderful nature and unparalleled horoscope analysis skills.

The remedial measures that are recommended by Dr. Bansal are highly potent as they are derived after a careful analysis of a person’s horoscope and are in-line with the practical goals & desires of the person. It must be noted that not all remedies are for everyone. Recommending a particular remedy or a set of remedies requires in-depth understanding of a person’s horoscope, the fundamental problem faced and the intended goal or objective. 

Furthermore, Future Point is a name that has a track record of providing authentic articles that are a part of occult remedial measures such as Rudraksha, Gemstone, Yantra and Puja.

Therefore, if you are looking to find out the best possible way out of an existing challenge/problem or are looking for the guidance that will empower you in making informed and later rewarding decisions in life, then contact Future Point to speak to one of their highly experienced astrologers who are true masters of their respective occult domains such as Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading and Vastu.

Contact Future Point for getting the best Astrology on Call services. Stop swimming against the tide or walking blinded at the mercy of fate and benefit from the ancient & sacred wisdom of Vedic Astrology and other complimentary occult sciences!

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