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Do you always remain scared and restless? Look for Guru Chandal Dosha!

By: Future Point | 06-Oct-2022
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Do you always remain scared and restless? Look for Guru Chandal Dosha!

In Vedic Astrology, many negative doshas can create problems in someone's life. Guru Chandal Dosha is one such negative dosha in a horoscope. If you are not getting success in your endeavors, are financially unstable, facing frequent losses, get no fruits despite too much hard work, remain restless, or things don't fall in place in life for no reason. Look for Guru Chandal dosha in your kundli!

What is Guru Chandal Dosha?

The Guru Chandal dosha gets forms with the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu in the horoscope of a person. One may easily check the presence of this dosha through online kundli. The planet Jupiter is a dev guru, and at the same time, Rahu/Ketu are chandal in astrological language. So, the coming together of Guru and chandal gives birth to Guru Chandal dosha.

How a sattvic or religious teacher/guru will feel in the company of a chandal? Jupiter, the most benefic planet of the horoscope, feels the same when in the company of Rahu or Ketu. These planets are opposite and don't feel comfortable in each other's company. This results in a decline in the signification of both the planets and Jupiter being benefic is at more harm.

Is Guru Chandal Dosha always bad? 

Guru Chandal dosha can get formed in any house of the birth chart. And it will depend on the zodiac sign falling in the house of the formation of Guru Chandal dosha in a kundli. This dosha mostly brings malefic results to the native, but it also proves beneficial in some cases. It is the case when the planets Ketu and Jupiter are in a good position in the birth chart. One has to talk to an astrologer to identify a positive or negative dosha in the kundli. Jupiter with Ketu may still bring good results if these are together in a good house and favorable zodiac sign. But Rahu with Jupiter, irrespective of the sign and house, gives adverse results only. Benefic Chandal dosha is known as "Ganesha yoga," bringing auspicious results for the native. Pt. J.L. Nehru has Ganesha yoga and serves as the best example of this yoga.

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Do Rahu and Ketu give the same results in conjunction with Jupiter in the horoscope?

There is a difference in the results when Jupiter is with either Rahu or Ketu. It is because Rahu is a worldly planet and gives excessive desires for worldly or materialistic pleasures. Rahu also gives deep sexual desires beyond moral or social limits. The person doesn't hesitate to establish an illicit or immoral relationship to fulfill his sexual needs. Rahu is a head and thus signifies countless desires in mind. Whatever you feed in the mouth of Rahu is always less because there is a lack of a body to retain it. It is why Rahu is never satisfied and always keeps looking for more.

On the other hand, Ketu, though the demon, has sattvic tendencies and leads the person towards a spiritual path. Ketu is just a torso and has no head. In that case, it lacks direction as it doesn't have a head and can't see. Ketu keeps on searching for everything in depth. Thus, digging deeper inside helps the person to know the real truth of life. Rahu shows materialistic hunger, whereas Ketu stands for spiritual hunger inside a person.

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in the birth chart of a person. However, it may become malefic depending upon the lordship of the ascendant. But still, it is the most auspicious results giving planet. Jupiter is a karaka of certain things like religion, wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, fortune, duty, benevolence, marriage, children, and other good things. Strong Jupiter in the birth chart is an asset for a person! One may also enroll in an astrology course to know other amazing facts about your life given by planetary placements.

When Jupiter, the sattvic planet, is under the influence of the demonic traits of the planets like Rahu and Ketu, its natural significance gets harmed. Jupiter gets under affliction and can't give full benefits of its position in the birth chart. Ketu still matches some of the traits of Jupiter as far as spirituality and religiousness are concerned; otherwise, there is no match between these planets.   

General Traits of the planets involved in Guru Chandal dosha

Females under the influence of Jupiter are highly religious and spiritual. They are duty-bound and prove to be an ideal example of every role in life. She is a good wife and a good mother. Males with strong Jupiter are honest, truthful, noble, and ethical. They are always ready to help others and take good care of their families. They rarely speak in a harsh and annoying tone and don't get into conflicts easily. The natives with well-placed Jupiter are peacemakers and give valuable guidance to others. 

Rahu is mostly related to dirtiness. But it is interesting to know those female natives under Rahu's influence are fond of cleanliness. They have a special love for high-end things in life. If other things support them, they spend exorbitantly on their high lifestyle. Rahu has immoral tendencies, and the females feel attracted to men even after marriage. Male natives, with the effect of Rahu, become selfish and sensual. They get attracted to every kind of woman. They may marry out of their caste and establish sexual relations out of the social norms. 

Ketu gives a sense of self-value and independence to the natives. The female natives under Ketu's influence are generally independent and self-made personalities. They may lose their spouse early, either by divorce or death. Male natives are philosophical and religious. They search for deeper meanings in life but are not loyal to their partners. These are generally fond of divorcee or widow females.

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Characteristics of Guru-Chandal Dosha

  • The dosha can fetch either good or bad results depending upon the position of the house and the sign it gets formed.
  • The astrologers mainly check the position of Jupiter to consider the dosha as malefic or benefic.
  • The best astrologer has to analyze other planets' roles to understand Guru Chandal dosha's true effect.

What results do we get from Guru Chandal Dosha?

Following are the results of the Guru Chandal Dosha-

  • Financial instability, restlessness, and too much anger in the native.
  • There is a decline in religious tendencies, and the person usually ridicules their religion. They sometimes may follow other religions as well. 
  • These people always behave differently from the social norms. They don't believe in stereotypes.
  • There may be problems in the education and career of the person.
  • The native changes jobs frequently and is not stable in one place.
  • Indecisiveness is visible in natives' behavior.
  • Arguments with learned people and father.
  • Complex health problems, especially high blood pressure, jaundice, asthma, tumors, liver problems, chronic constipation, etc., may trouble the native.
  • A negative mindset gives restlessness to the native.
  • The native becomes rigid and stubborn.
  • There are chances of imprisonment.
  • Inclinations towards unethical and immoral activities.

Remedies for Guru-Chandal Dosha

  • The person should perform Guru Chandal dosh nivaran puja.
  • One can worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Wearing appropriate rudraksha after an astrological consultation will be highly beneficial.
  • Wearing gemstones of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu may help.
  • One can also worship Lord Ganesha and Maa Saraswati to control the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu, respectively.
  • Don't feel awful to the lower class or sweepers. Give them their due share of respect.
  • Respect elders, Brahmins, learned, and all teacher-like figures.
  • Donate articles related to Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu. But we suggest making donations strictly after a visit to an astrologer as it is better to know which planet requires donations and which asks for wearing gems.
  • Recite Guru Beej Mantra, Rahu Beej Mantra, and Ketu Beej Mantra to soothe the bad effects of the planets.

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