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You May See and Cure Your Forthcoming Diseases with Astrology

By: Future Point | 06-Aug-2022
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You May See and Cure Your Forthcoming Diseases with Astrology

You may know all the hidden things about your life through your birth chart! All aspects like education, marriage, love affairs, career, health, spouse, children, foreign tours and settlement etc. can be seen through the horoscope. 

If we particularly talk about the health of a person, then no medical diagnosis can give you better indications than your own kundli or birth chart. We see people suffering from various diseases not even heard a few years back. Every day, some new or the other disease tends to attack people in the most gruesome manner. Can Astrology explain the reasons behind bad health of a person? Can astrology tell which diseases a person is likely to get affected? Can astrology predict the time period of illness?

The answer is YES!

Know your health by your birth chart  

In Vedic Astrology, all planets and houses have their own natural significations which they exert at their occupying place or the occupants respectively. In the health horoscope of a person, the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are concerned with the health of a person. The maraka houses i.e. 2nd and 7th house are also seen to know about the health of a person.

The 6th house- it is the main house of diseases and enemies. Diseases are the biggest enemies for a person.

The 8th house- it shows hidden diseases, surgeries and accidents

The 12th house- it shows hospitalization, confinement to bed due to long illness, medical bills

The 2nd and 7th house- they show death like effects and give troubles in relation to the health   

Now, there are certain rules to diagnose a health problem in a kundli:

If malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are sitting in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses, they save the native from diseases. However, they should not be weak here else they may not fight against the diseases for the native. Malefic planets are known to fight against the specifications of a house. Since, it’s a bad house so the bad specifications would be fought against.

The benefic planets should not be placed here as they are known to enhance the specifications of a house. Nobody wants enhancement in diseases. But if they are weak, they can’t increase the effect. A planet has to be strong to give effects.

The connection of the planets with the house of diseases and the connection of the lords of the house of diseases with other houses or lords give rise to various planetary combinations for diseases.

If strong planets are sitting in the 2nd and 7th house then also they may give diseases as per their specifications. For e.g. a strong Moon in the second house may give diseases of eye as the 2nd house denotes eyes and the Moon is a karaka of eye diseases as it reflects light.

Rahu at the same place may give deformity in teeth or smoking habits etc. so, the diagnosis changes as per the placement and strength of the planet.

But one thing is there, any connection of planets with these houses give diseases. A healthy person has well placed 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Diseases given by different planets  

Sun: Heart, stomach, head, right eye (male), left eye (female), back, immunity, vitality, sinus, bones, joint, high fever, migraine etc.

Moon: Chest, lungs, brain, cough, blood, left eye (male), right eye (female), body fluids, insomnia, and asthma. 

Mars: Blood, nose, thalassemia, itching, gall bladder, female genital diseases, chest, bone marrow, knee problems, bile, hemoglobin etc.

Mercury: Skin, nervous system, face, ear problems, thyroid and mental disorders etc.

Jupiter: Kidneys, liver, pancreas, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, memory loss, heart, tumor

Venus: Nerves related, throat, face, throat glands, cheeks, infertility, impotency, ovarian cysts, urine problems etc.

Saturn: Muscles, legs, teeth, physical weakness, hair, joint pain, gastric problems, arthritis etc.

Rahu: Rahu gives undiagnosed disease, cancer, ulcers, breathing problems, stammering problems, cataracts etc.

Ketu: Insect bite, mysterious diseases, physical weakness, abdomen diseases etc.

Diseases given by different zodiac signs

Aries–Brain, Head, Face 

Taurus– Neck, Throat, Lips

Gemini- Hands, Lungs, Arms

Cancer–Breasts, Ribs, Stomach, Chest 

Leo– Heart, Spine, Sack, forearms. 

Virgo– Intestines, Fingers, Lower spine, spleen 

Libra–Skin, Kidneys, Lumbar region 

Scorpio–Anus, Bladder, Nose, Appendix 

Sagittarius–Thighs, Hips, Nerves, Arteries 

Capricorn–Joints, Knees, teeth, skin 

Aquarius–Ankles, Legs, Circulation of Blood 

Pisces–Toes, Feet, Lymphatic system 

Diseases given by different houses

FIRST HOUSE- the ascendant or the first house is everything about you! It’s your physical appearance, ability, nature, skin and self-image. The 1st house shows your general health. A strong and well placed ascendant lord gives good health to the native while placement of bad planets in the first house may bring diseases to the person. A weak first house may give head ache, skin problems and mental problems. 

SECOND HOUSE- this house is a maraka house for diseases and gives problems related to the face, eyes, teeth, throat, nose, ear and speech. It may give bone fracture, fever, heart diseases, stomach-related problems and eye diseases. 

THIRD HOUSE- the third house rules arms, shoulders, collar bones, hands, vocal chords breathing pipes and neck in a body. The third house may give wounds, cuts, itches, low stamina, blood pressure related diseases. 

FOURTH HOUSE- the diseases related to breasts, chest, digestive system, hormonal problems and lungs. 

FIFTH HOUSE- the diseases related to stomach, pancreas, intestines, heart and spine are given by the afflicted 5th house. Being 12th to the 6th house, it may reduce diseases as well.

SIXTH HOUSE- the sixth house may give problems in back, hernia, constipation, acidity and appendix. The problems of kidneys and below navel region are associated with this house. Astrologers in Delhi mainly use this house to know about the overall health of a person.

SEVENTH HOUSE- the seventh house gives diseases of ovaries, cyst, lower abdomen and uterus. The dasha of the planet occupying or owning this house may give sexual incompetence if afflicted majorly. 

EIGHT HOUSE- the eighth house gives diseases in anus, pelvic area and external sexual organs. The house affects longevity and is also responsible for surgeries and accidents. 

NINTH HOUSE- the main area is your thighs and joints that may be affected with the affliction of the 9th house. It gives weakness, stomach ache, bone related diseases etc.  

TENTH HOUSE- the tenth house may give problems in knees of the native. Joint pains, wounds, stomach ache are the sufferings given by this house. 

ELEVENTH HOUSE- this house is responsible for diseases in the left arm, buttocks and ears. It may also give pain in the legs and lower part of the body. 

TWELFTH HOUSE- it is the house of chronic and long duration diseases. The diseases generally make the native confine to the bed. The affected body parts are feet and left eye. Sleeping disorders, insomnia, unstable mind and allergies or other problems in feet are given by the 12th house. 

Thus, the best astrologer suggests that by looking at the afflicted houses, zodiac signs and planets, possible diseases can be diagnosed for a native. The dasha period indicate about the timings of occurrence of any disease. Timely precautions may save the native from the complex diseases; she/he is likely to suffer in life. Astrological remedies help to remove the ill-effects of the planets and thus ensure a healthy life to the native. However, persistence in following the remedies is required.

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