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Ketu planet is often called shadow planet, which means Ketu is fruitful or malefic when sitting with other planets. Ketu is called a black hole and is considered to have no physical identity and hence not an actual planet. Ketu is considered important in Vedic astrology because if placed correctly with other planets in a birth chart, it can give beneficial results else it can be quite harmful to the native. As per Vedic scriptures, Rahu and Ketu are called the head and torso of a demon Swarbhanu and hence called inauspicious planets. They also affect the sun and moon and make solar and lunar eclipses occur. 

The native will be short-tempered and feel detached from the materialistic pleasures of life. Ketu can cause mental problems, anxiety, lunacy, and also criminal tendencies. the person can be spiritual too. 


Ketu if placed correctly, natives will experience the following benefits:

  1. Ketu present in a birth chart makes the person gifted with spirituality which helps in achieving goals in life. He will be kind and helpful.
  2. It also increases longevity and gives the native several business and career-related opportunities.
  3. It is said that if Ketu is in a favorable position in the horoscope, the person might have past life knowledge and also transcendence of knowledge within.
  4. Ketu makes the individual ethical and smart.
  5. Good Ketu helps students to achieve bigger in life. They are also better in academics in comparison to others.
  6. If Ketu is positively placed in a horoscope, the individual will be skilled, attain wealth and be successful in his/her career. Financial stability and a powerful personality are Ketu’s benefits one will get.
  7. The person will be blessed with great fortune. And if their thoughts and intentions are pure, they will surely attain great benefits in life.
  8. Individuals will automatically be leaders and have a magnetic personality.


Ketu if placed in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th, and 12th houses are known to give positive benefits to the ascendant. Online astrologers can also help you find positive Ketu.


When Ketu is not placed auspiciously in the horoscope of an individual, then it is called Ketu dosha. The person may have to go through the following sufferings:

  1. The native will be addicted to drugs and worldly pleasures. He will be a victim of Substance abuse and addiction
  2. Procrastination
  3. Ketu when misplaced in a birth chart, develop traits like dishonesty, Low self-esteem, eccentric behavior and cannot master anything in life.
  4. Will have not-so-good career prospects in hand and usually finds himself with financial instability.
  5. Skin disease, joint pains, weak nerves, loss of hearing, mental disorders, and even problems in childbirth are common medical issues one might face.
  6. The person will have health and hygiene problems with emotional instability. 
  7. Ketu's negative effects are mental disorders, impulsive behavior, and poor concentration.
  8. A weak Ketu placement often leads to accidents and surgeries, anxiety, and loss of major business opportunities.
  9. The stress levels are quite high.
  10. Repeated feet and knee injuries are common effects of Ketu.
  11. There is a chance that the native may lose his father and husband's wealth. 


  1. Chanting the Ketu mantra 108 times regularly helps relieve Ketu dosha.
  2. Donating warm clothes, blankets, and umbrellas to those in need proves beneficial.
  3. To keep off the evil effects of Ketu, one must venerate lord Ganesha on regular basis. Worshipping Ganesha helps to find a solution to all the problems.
  4. To treat inauspicious Ketu present in the horoscope, one should take care of dogs. Feeding dogs every day calm the bad effects of Ketu. 
  5. Wearing darker colors like black and brown when leaving for work proves beneficial. Stop wearing grey colors and to be good in the eyes of Ketu, start wearing more whites and yellows on daily basis.
  6. One must donate black dal and mustard seeds to the needy on Thursday reduces the negative effects of Ketu.
  7. To remove the negativity of planet Ketu, offering sweets to people who are homeless is quite a powerful remedy.
  8. To keep off the negative effects of Ketu, one should wear gold.
  9. Being spiritual works wonders and keeps the negatives at bay. Meditating daily is also very helpful to reduce the negative effects of Ketu.
  10. A honey-filled vessel in the kitchen is considered auspicious by the experts and reduces the malefic effects of Ketu.
  11. Serving food to old, fathers, and grandfathers with full zeal is often believed to reduce the negative effects of Ketu. Also, perform pitra shraadh for better results.
  12. Respect everyone and do not humiliate anyone. Elders or youngers. Be polite and humble with all humans.
  13. Ketu is said to affect mental health the most. To cure that, natives must donate milk and sugar to needy ones.
  14. To survive the malefic effects of Ketu, drink a glad of milk with Kesar or saffron every day. Apply a tilak of saffron and Chandan regularly and see the difference.
  15. With a weak Ketu placement, a native has a higher chance to get deceived by people. One must be very careful before trusting anyone.


For spirituality and moksha, Ketu has a great significance. Ketu may be considered a negative planet but if treated well by good and expert astrologers and with good intentions and thoughts, one can see how negatives will turn into positives. Following the above remedies will not only make Ketu happy but also give you the chance to stay happy and healthy. If anytime you feel Ketu is affecting your peace, you should talk to the astrologer. There are many best astrologers that are available online and offline to wave off the malefic effects of ketu and make your life harmonious and joyful.

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