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Is Vastu of your Restaurant affecting your business?

By: Future Point | 10-Jan-2019
Views : 2305Is Vastu of your Restaurant affecting your business?

Every business comes with its own set of challenges but nothing can be more challenging & cumbersome than running a restaurant. Restaurant business demands incredible involvement and comes with a plethora of factors that cannot be overlooked. Even a mistake can result in serious consequences for the restaurant. Such as non-compliance of guidelines issued by the concerned regulatory authorities, improper resource management in the kitchen or simply lack of customer acceptance for the cuisines offered. Even if one manages all of these perfectly, the uncertainty in profits that a restaurant has because of fluctuating prices of food and other commodities never stop upsetting the owner.

Solutions to ensure growth and consistency:

All structures with a defined set of the boundary in this cosmos have an energy attached to them and as per the type of their architecture and internal designing, they further attract and store different types of highly influential energies into them. These energies in a subtle yet incredibly powerful way, affect every aspect that goes on in that structure. This cosmic science of architecture is called 'Vastu'.

If the restaurant can be changed in any way in terms of architectural construction, then its good and can benefit a lot. Even if it cannot be changed, still the arrangement of functions that happen inside the restaurant can be aligned in such a way that it removes all Doshas (flaws) caused by an imbalanced Vastu attracts & stores positive energies. Also, there are specific remedies that can be performed as per the structure of the restaurant that welcomes beneficial energies into the restaurant and rectifies the existing Vastu Doshas (Defects).

The academic branch compiled by the sages of India that houses the knowledge of Vastu is called 'Vastu Shastra'. Every structure has designated places for different elements like Earth (Bhoomi), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), and Space (Aakash). Construction and arrangement of a restaurant in accordance with the energy principles of Vastu that ensures a healthy relationship between the five elements brings success, wealth & prosperity from the restaurant business. However, if the restaurant is not functioning in accordance with Vastu, then no matter how diligently & perfectly one manages to run the restaurant, everything will have a momentary impact on the surface and deep down the restaurant will generate losses and hamper the investments.

Placement of important section as per the Vastu Shastra:

Four most important sections in a restaurant that, if made Vastu compliant can have tremendous gain are:

Main Entrance:

This is the primary area where any type of energy flows into the restaurant. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the main entrance in such a way that it welcomes positive energies that result in gains and wards off negative or evil energies that put a serious impact on the profits.


This is the heart of a restaurant that needs to be in "perfect" harmony with both the fire as well as the water elements. If the kitchen is arranged and functions in a way that disturbs these two elements then expenses in raw materials will always exceed, end-profits will decline and there can be a risk of mishap in the kitchen.

Cash Counter:

This is the place where investment finally gets manifested into profits and this place must be chosen in the best area of the establishment in terms of the presence of prosperity promoting energies. The sthaan (place) of the cash counter should attract the auspicious blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera who are the Gods of treasurer. An unfavorable placement of a cash counter might result in the draining of all profits and loss-making or inadequate sales.

Seating or Take Away Arrangement:

If this place is in perfect harmony with Vastu then it subconsciously induces the temptation of coming back to the restaurant over & over again. Therefore, apart from the Vastu of the kitchen (along with the taste of the cuisines of course), the Vastu of seating and/or take away areas results in maximum sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

These are just a few Vastu angles that need to be put perfectly in place in a restaurant. Apart from these, there are countless other super-effective remedies & suggestions that are offered on the basis of the location, menu and importantly name of the restaurant that enhances the auspicious powers of Vastu in the restaurant. The color of walls, the type, and design of crockery, paintings on walls, etc. considerably enhance the positivity of Vastu in a restaurant that results in an exponential growth in profits.

So, it is prudent to take the advice of a Vastu Consultant to get Vastu Dosh remedies for a smooth and prosperous restaurant business. Future Point provides Vastu Consultation based on Vastu Shastra for all businesses, whether it is Vastu Shastra for Shop, Restaurant or simply Vastu for Home Entrance, consult with Future Point’s Expert Vastu Consultants.