How to Get Promotion in Job by Astrology?

By: Future Point | 09-Jan-2019
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How to Get Promotion in Job by Astrology?

For people in the job sector, promotion is always of paramount significance.

Promotion ensures a rise in their salary that allows them to make key financial decisions and plan their future accordingly.

It is this promotion that gives them the courage to go for the few aspirations that they have been harbouring in their hearts for so long.

But we all know that getting a promotion in our jobs is no easy feat as the competition to get that raise in position & pay is always brutal, plus the promotion opportunities are themselves very few.

Therefore, one thing is clear that only hardwork and deserving credentials are not enough to land with a promotion because had that been the case, then promotion would never have been such a rare and occasional achievement for employees.

So, what exactly can ensure a promotion or growth in terms of pay & position in the job?

The answer is "Astrology"!

Yes you heard it right.

Astrology is capable of bringing truly incredible & unbelievable avenues of growth & success in the life of a person that are well beyond the realms of his/her imagination.

The planets have a huge influence in our lives and play a key role in shaping up the very course of our destiny.

Astrology is the ancient and divine science by which the will of the planets in our lives is revealed.

An astrological analysis paves the way of deciphering and deriving remedies by which the negative planetary effects in our lives can be pacified and the positive ones can be enhanced to ensure success & prosperity in all our endeavours.

What is analyzed as per Astrology to ascertain a Promotion in Job?

For analyzing the job or career part of an individual's life, astrology has a special & dedicated branch to ensure maximum accuracy & precision.

That branch is called "Career Astrology".

It is Career Astrology under which an astrologer performs the horoscope or kundali reading for career of an individual.

The astrologer that practices Career Astrology is also called an Astrological Career Consultant.

Speaking in-general, following should be in a strongly positive state in the horoscope of a person to signify a promotion in job:

  • 6th House
  • 10th House
  • 11th House
  • Sun
  • Saturn

6th house is the house of subordination or job, hence it must be in a strong and favourable state in the horoscope of an individual to ensure promotion in job and a growth oriented job tenure in life.

10th house is the house of career and it plays a decisive role in bringing any upsurge such as a pay hike or a promotion in the job of an individual.

11th house is the house that signifies realization of desires and getting a promotion is the only desire that a person doing a job ever have. Hence, a strong 11th house makes sure that the person lands up with a promotion in his/her job.

Sun represents authority, power, position and therefore favours promotion. So the condition of Sun in the horoscope of a native is directly related to the promotion aspect in job.

Saturn on the other hand, while being the polar opposite to the characteristics of Sun, is equally important when it comes to promotion in a job. This is because Saturn represents service and in job we do offer our service to the company.

Situations that create problems in getting a promotion are:

  • Placement of the Lord of 6th, 10th and 11th houses in 8th and 12th houses of the horoscope.
  • Presence of malefic planets in the 6th, 10th and 11th houses.
  • Conjunction of Rahu or Ketu with Sun.
  • Conjunction of Mars with Saturn.
  • Aspect of Rahu or Ketu on Sun.
  • Aspect of Mars on Saturn.
  • Placement of the Lord of Ascendant in 6th, 8th or 12th houses of the horoscope.

An experienced astrologer decodes the horoscope of a native by applying all the relevant principles of career astrology in order to derive remedies that specifically treats the problems associated with the career or job aspect and strengthens the houses and planets responsible for bringing a promotion in the job.

These remedies vary as per the different planetary situations in the overall horoscope of the native.

Since there are a lot of permutations & combinations involved, it is prudent to get your horoscope thoroughly and comprehensively analyzed by an able astrologer to get highly effective remedial measures that if performed timely, can result in that long awaited & well deserved promotion in your job.

Future Point since decades, is providing remarkable solutions to its clients all over the world in the form of incredibly powerful remedies derived after carefully analyzing the job horoscope by date of birth and other birth details of the client.

The highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Future Point have an enviable track record of making astounding predictions along with suggesting life altering remedial measures that have the potential of charting a new course of success in the life of a person!

So, whether you are looking for a promotion in your existing job or a government job prediction by date of birth and other birth details, Future Point is the only name that you should trust.

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