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Best Advice for How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

By: Future Point | 20-Sep-2018
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Best Advice for How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

Two people willing to spend their life together in this world, tie themselves in the holy union of marriage.he alliance of marriage becomes even more special for people who take this beautiful step after falling in love first.Marriage of such people is therefore referred to as a 'Love Marriage'.

But in certain societies like the Indian society, majority of marital unions are often arranged by family members rather than being love marriages. Therefore, a proposal of a love marriage in many cases raises concerns of the boy's or the girl's or even both of their family members, especially the parents, resulting in their non approval for the love marriage. One reason for the resistance of most of the parents towards giving their acceptance to love marriage is the fact that they have been witnessing almost all marriages (including their own) by arranged means since decades.

So, breaking that mould of tradition is not something that they find themselves comfortable with. Another reason for this resistance is the level of concern for the well being of their children that the parents of both the boy & the girl have, and that's perfectly understandable as the parents have seen this world a lot more than what the young couple have.

Now, the couple intending to tie the knot together often do not understand this concern of their respective parents and simply make up a conclusion that their parents are against their love marriage because they do not care about their feelings and just want to keep up with the tradition of arranged marriage.

Well, this is not so.

All the youth must remember, that the only people who care the most about your well being in this world, are your parents and nobody else. The only problem in case of love marriages, is the inability of both the couple and their parents to arrive at a same page, which can be easily resolved by making the right kind of efforts especially from the couple's side. It would be unfair on the couple's part to expect their respective parents to disregard their age-old belief system, their tradition just at the first instance of hearing about their children's decision to go for a love marriage.

Why are the parents so enamoured by arranged marriages and avoid love marriages?

Rather than trying to figure out why their parents are against their love marriage, the couple should understand, why their parents are so comfortable with the concept of arranged marriage, as the real answer lies there itself. Since centuries Indians have been taking help of the ancient and divine science of astrology before entering into the marital aspect of their lives.

It is simply because of the amazing benefits that astrology provides through the process of Horoscope Matching or Kundali Matching, as it is called in Hindi. Astrology or in this case, marriage astrology reveals the future of the married life by analyzing a number of factors signified in the horoscopes of both the boy and the girl.

This is the main aim of a Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching process that Indians are going for and benefiting from, since centuries. Ever wonder why the rate of divorces have always been extremely low in India? Well, that's because Indians take the help of astrology to reveal the hidden aspects that are likely to play out in the future married life of the couple and incorporate suitable remedies that if timely taken, can remove a problem that is slated to rise in the future to come.

This way, they architect the married lives of their children in way that is most conducive to bringing bliss in their life and reduce or remove the problems that are expected to affect their marriage at a later stage. Among the countless benefits of horoscope matching, the most important ones that have always appealed to majority of people are:

Marriage Astrology

Determining the Compatibility Factor in Nature:

A couple has to go through a number of phases in their life and different phases make them react differently. If they do not have a compatible nature among themselves, then what could have been easily dealt with, will become a situation resulting into bickering. Horoscope Matching reveals the true nature of both the individuals and finds out whether their nature is compatible with that of each other or not, in order to lead a harmonious marital life.

Manglik Dosh:

The Manglik Dosh (Flaw in the horoscope due to the ill placement of Mars) is on its own capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of the couple as far as aspects of health, finances and harmony are concerned. In certain cases unless treated timely and properly, Manglik Dosh even result in the death of a partner.

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Child Birth:

Horoscope matching also reveals the condition of childbirth signified in the lives of the couple and it is of paramount importance as far as leading a complete and happy married life is concerned.

So what is the conclusion?

There are specific astrological remedies for marriage related problems that if adopted can do wonders to all the problems signified in the charts of the couple. Therefore, the boy & girl that wish to tie the knot must sit with their respective parents and listen to their objections calmly. Then they along with their parents should consult a love marriage astrology specialist to get a detailed analysis of where their future stands as a couple.

There are many remedies that can be done to avoid any problems (if at all present) and when the parents would hear about that, we are sure all their doubts and differences about love marriage would go away as in the end all they want is their children to be happy. So, don't wait and contact Future Point to consult with their highly experienced astrologers who are the best in the industry and achieve a marital celebration that has the blessings of your parents alongside!

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